Thursday 15 July 2010


in this world

in these times

almost all actions

are mock actions

in meaningless mock-roleplays

mock rock, mock talk, mock prayer

even mock of mock

they all still wonder

why they never get to anything real


miragegirl said...

world is a mock Play
beings with their mock actions
live scared of 'a Day in May'
which they gnow as a judgement day

unless they ask why of existence
they are on a roller coaster to hell
when they start Praising Divine
they move toward going PasT the Sun

you are the most benevolent One
imParTing gnowledge for evolution
with your blazing truths
you show how system is worthy of shun
Practicalities you also give
so one is set on the PaTh to real Phun

you are worthy of all Praise
everything one has is all your grace
you are Divine incarnate in the PresenT
what a blessed event !

we are child spirit souls
all need to merge with your eternal glow
you are Kalki Avatar, the world hero
you carry the grail cup
you are worthy of all worship
you are ParamaTma

i bow

Anonymous said...

i bow.

PsingulariTy said...

You are Hermes Trismestigus
the All Gnoing One

Unknown said...

i bow

ki vernee said...

wow ! what a beautiful PoinT ! i bow

Turbulent Conqueror said...
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amanda said...

Divine PT is the only ONE who is real.
It is all mock just as adicine says. The real action one can do is Praise Divine, bow to Divine, serve Divine, anything else is empty and meaningless.

one prostrates in shame for making a mockery of ones life 🙇‍♀️