Friday 16 July 2010

just names ?!

there are some

who after reading

'who am i'

have stated that

its all just names

and the question still remains

just names ?!

'captain kirk ' is not just a name

it is a whole set of qualities

like the ability to make critical decisions

under pressure situations

'krishn' is not just a name

it brings with it a whole picture

of that particular avatar of divine

in 'who am i'

its shown

how the avatar that is PT

manifests all the divine qualities

attached with those names

in the right here right now


Sofi said...

Prashant ... I know - every name is important, it expresses the essence of a person, some attributes etc .
I like myself to give new names of people close to me.
Always directs me intuition and feeling ...
That is why I called you SHINE ... is a name I felt in my heart and I heard in my soul

PT the Axis said...

shine 's' phine ...
all those details
still need to be understood

JacLee said...

After discovering "sun" in my given name, I now cherish that small part of something larger that was given to me that always caused pain and torment.

Finding a New Sun is a great blessing, finding the REAL New Sun is something that will always be my treasure.

asha Pi arTi said...

whoever says that is jealous stupid and in denial. not to mention foolish & uncaring of their own lack of soul... Your Plogs are full of soulality and comprehensive Truth.

the examples You give show how multifarous super and tangible Divine is to us now... all the qualities & character~istics we have valued, looked up to, enjoyed, tried to imbibe, looked for, and shared... it is all practical and so logical !

scientific sincere seekers are nothing but grateful for the Truth to be enlightened to us by You.

* bowing out of respect *

sarah anne said...

When people say things about others that are more applicable to themselves (projection) it is a major indication of narcissistic personality disorder, as is devaluing anyone who will not be their source of narcissistic supply. Many find NPD and the cycle of idealization/devaluation/revaluation and all the other shit too overwhelming.

You handle muggle mental health issues with so much style, ease, and wit it is a massive inspiration.

In a world with too many empty posers randomly ascribing themselves titles, You are the only %100 real deal.

You are so un-phased by any amount of projections and devaluations from meaningless people, and despite it are still graciously providing meaning to the world.

Your compassion is truly limitless.

Anonymous said...

i bow. You are all of the names listed and beyond P! You are indefineable, ungraspable, inexplicable and completely and utterly PracTical! You bestow True bliss with your Presence and True gnowledge with Your objective view. i bow and Praise all that is You. all that is Truth. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

miragegirl said...

You are the most beautiful
You are 'every hero'

PsingulariTy said...

You have Divine qualities in You which are ever PresenT and can be seen if one has eyes oPen
You have 'unlimited exalted qualities'
You are every Hero

You are The Sun King, the NewSun shining bright with brilliant Plog truths, with youtube high vibrational maniPhesTations, with fb news uPdaTes... sPreading 'rays of the Sun' for everyone

You are The Axis, the Prime ResidenT, the PresidenT
Your birthday is understood as judgement day by the church & church goers (& others too now)
You are PasT, PresenT, PhuTure
You are Mahakaal
Kaal Hari ~ KalaHari
the Prime Meridian around which time oPeraTes...

You are The Real Rainbow Warrior
You have already caused the maniPhesTations of brilliant innumerable rainbows in the sky. they are full half circles to two at a time, to three even at a time to Your name PT itself inscribed by rainbows ! and it is not just rainbows, its sunbows as well, rainbows in waterfalls, streams as well, rainbows through Prisms intensiPhied on Your energy as well...
inPhacT You are so colourful that You are the most brilliant Rainbow there is !
a kundalini active being must be able to see more of the beauty

You are The Red Soil Child. You were 'born on a Tuesday night'. Only You in the entire world has Played a Mars tune in a Mars land ! in the whole entire world ! You have blessed the corals Yourself, You gave/give meaning to what is sacred. 'sac~Red' in saaounnd and sPeak and act...
You are The MarTian, The most Bold, The Bolt, Vajra !

You are Tri~Vedi with Tri~gyan
tri~shool, tri~lord, triPiTaka...

You are GarudNarayan
with BirdBrain, You are the Enlightened Being with kundalini comPletely active
with a Bird's eye view, the All Gnoing, All Seeing One
You are The PenT Man, who actually gnos how to rePenT & has given an understanding of what is the real science, that it is imPlosion...

You are the Piscean Prince who has Played with fishes, dolPhines, whales...
whales always come and great You, dance with joy on Phinding You near

until one is One, there is always a steP uP of beauty that is invisible to the lower that the higher can see easily
with the One, all the beauty is ITself
You are Mohini HermaPhrodiTe, The World Dancer

You are PrashanT, the Peaceful One

and so much more

if one Pays attention to what You do, there are so many 'unlimited exalted qualities' that are visible in You that one can be busy all their liPhe Praising You. it is the 'reality as it is'

a few of Your names ~ Rain Maker, Mahendra, Satyavachana, caPTain PT, Mud Man, Aquarian Man, Pahana, ShivNarayan, MahaVishnu, Jade Prince, Lord of the Ring, TroPical storm God, Real Highlander, Real Alchemist, Rishi PT, Ardra Rudra, Transdimensional Communicator, Phi, PT the ET, saneT. The PoinT

PsingulariTy said...

uPdaTe, uP the daTe May 21
care & concern for your Judgement day multiverse is saying

Unknown said...

i bow

ki vernee said...

wow ! You are so imPressive ! i bow

Anonymous said...

yes You have so many beautiful and wonderful qualities
You are caPTain kirk
You are PeTer Pan who can take children of this earth flying to never land where there's no pain and death if they follow You..PeTer Pan could fly and You are bird tribe ...the mermaids are attracted to You..You rescue the lost boys of this earth and teach them how to live a PracTical life..You have all the qualities of PeTer Pan and You are so beyond all the story books
You're so beautiful, creative and wonderful
Your world is a world of beautiful colours and Phun
i bow

Kṛtti kā said...

You embody all heroic qualities! And You are all that Your name means and much much more... Your name initials PhracTality is so mind blowingly amazing in every way ~ You are The Axis (Pole) around which all sPin, You are The One who can helP beings cross this Plane! You truly are PersonificaTion of all good godly virtues!
i bow /\

Turbulent Conqueror said...
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