Sunday 25 July 2010

science & spirituality

many would be surprised


there was a time

when science & spirituality

were one

the schism was artificially created

only by the introduction

of false science and false spirituality

the false science

cannot tell you

why an apple falls to the ground

real science can

& will tell you that it is

through golden mean symmetry based suction

that golden mean can be found

in the conch held by


the lord of this multiverse

from a spiritual standpoint

real science will also

tell you how

old growth forests are

rich in coherent charge density

which nourishes your biology & spirit

real spirituality has always

revealed the same

through all its tales

where the soul-upliftment activities

were carried out in old growth forests

sci-ence = cutting up of the essences

that is spirit-uality-singularity


Anonymous said...

wow! Your ability to condense existential concepts silly scientists write massive books on and philosphers babble around for centuries without ever getting to the crux of the issue, which You always do, blows ones silly little mind. :) dhanyavad P. i bow. Narayan! Narayan!

Unknown said...

Your brilliance is unparalleled. You can take anything esoteric, hi-tech, or obscure and illuminate the subject in such a way that even the mediocre can wrap their head around.

miragegirl said...

if the reasons for Your Performing any act are revealed even to a very small extent one can not helP but cry in understanding ones own lowness & seeing Your highness

You are absolutely benevolent
You take care of one more than any normal ParenT takes care of its new born
grateful to You for all You do for one

You are absolutely comPassionaTe, sweet sweet lord of the multiverse, You could only be Divine

You are Divine

Unknown said...

i bow

sarah said...

You are such a demonstration of how learning is comPrehensive. You have mastery over every subject and show the very very strong interconnections that can't be coherently disconnected. Your mastery is next level.

Anonymous said...

what a revelation
how beautifully You exPlain the most wonderful and PhascinaTing Vedic PhacTs
You know the truth and the reality and You tell it in the most wonderful and PhascinaTing way
You have the real gnowledge!
how beautifully and comPassionaTely You share the truth about the beautiful Vedic multiverse
You are mind blowing
Your consciousness is so much beauty
Your consciousness is beautiful, beautiful , beautiful!

why an apple falls to the ground..
through golden mean symmetry based suction!
You make the multiverse sound so beautiful
You gno what's it about
the scientific PhacTs You share seem to have such a beautiful PoeTic touch
You are so brilliant and beyond one
one can hardly understand anything even after a lot of straining and You have all the answers so effortlessly !
You reveal the truth about this multiverse
You reveal it all and so wonderfully
You are true greatness
You are too beautiful, comPassionaTe, sweet and magical for words
You are the most magical and soulful being
You are incredible
You are the sweetest comPassion
You are the truest, greatest being
how beautiful, comPassionaTe and wonderful You are!
i bow

asha Pi arTi said...

wow this is so Beautyfull ! You are so coherent, one sees it in everything You do and say and how Nature responds to You , it is really great to have a living breathing aweing coherent example of all that is spoken about in myths legends sciences occult sciences esoteric hermetic and plain layman terms even !! You are the real liberator from religions and other spiritual blockers and really help to increase one's power and raise one's spirit to a soul !

so glad You are here and that one can learn from You !!
You are such a great Teacher, making everything so phun !

Your shining blaring Higherness and coherence could not be more apparent really !

I bow

sarah said...

You are the transcendent aPex where science and sPiriTuality are united.

Shruthi said...

What an amazing P-log! Only you show that everything is connected and how! Your gnowledge of this multiverse and its interconnectedness is so complete and PerfecT. You gno the human body inside out and so kind of you to share that gnowledge with beings here. You are Narayan himself, the lord of the multiverse. You're the best. One humbly bows 🅿️❤️🙏