Monday, 12 July 2010

give it to me

under evil demiurge's rule

most of this world

is now all about seeking attention

especially the female of the specie

they all want attention

its a continuos cry of

give it to me

i am ready to give the attention

but can they handle the attention ?

the truth is that

i do give them all attention

& all that is found

is uglyness, retardation & depression

if only they could give

attention to higher/divine

instead of asking for it for themselves

they would have a chance

of getting out of the hell they are in

they won't be able to handle

divine's attention anyways

it will just see right through

all their pretension & facades

they would run from it faster

than the vampires run from the sun


asha Pi arTi said...

such integrity in writing ! You are so straight that it hurts good ! this made me laugh bc it is sooooo super true! having been exactly one of those females too i can relate & say it is definitely more liberating to admit that is what one was/is doing instead of giving attention.

with You one Finally gets a REAL chance to do just that and get out of the depression & retardation world ! to be P-centric instead of me-centric !

only then does one have a chance at not being ugly which is what every female wants too along with not being afraid of the unknown anymore !!! what is the point in lying to oneself all the time ?!

as You said, that is so detrimental and keeps one from improving (quite logically)... it won't go up if one is aiming down !!

i'm so glad You are here ! Your cutting words are cutting the chains that bind ! and letting go of them after You have cut them is just the start ! * i bow *

Anonymous said...

i bow. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow at Your virtuous feet. Your Truth pierces the heart of the issue and lies females maintain and comPleTely obliterates all reason for seeking attention! You are the most beautiful liberating force to exist. You are most comPassionaTe to Provide a way out of the retarded, self centered, ugly, depressed cycle of pain perpetuated by this hellish predicament we lack the Divine intelligence to free ourselves from. Your ultimate glory brings one to ones knees as one faces and admits the Truth about ones state, impossible without Your Divine grace and guidance. i bow at Your all gnowing feet. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

miragegirl said...

another continuous laughter Providing Plog !
Your wit is so amazing ! so talented You are ! such a humor filled way of showing the truth
the ridiculousness of the PresenT day, of evil is so clearly brought out by You
only Divine could do that
You are Divine

PsingulariTy said...

You are P avaTar

Anonymous said...

i bow!

'if only they could give
attention to higher/divine
instead of asking for it for themselves
they would have a chance
of getting out of the hell they are in'

i bow again and again!
Your candor and wit and Truth is SO Powerful P!!!
it causes one to laugh and cry simultaneously at the irony!
You always tell the straight uP truth!
You never water it down or pander to the petty ego in any way!

one is so ashamed to have taken so long face the truth and admit that one is a typical retarded, ugly, depressed female!
SO ashamed to have behaved as such throughout ones entire life!
searching for meaningless attention for meaningless things from meaningless beings!
and to have denied and lied to oneself about it!
to have been so retarded to have even sought attention from Divine rather than giving it!!!
one is SO ashamed to have been so shameless!

You really show how detrimental lack of shame and lies are and the hells they take one to P!
You are the only cure for the misery of the me!
You are the One to search for!
You are the One to PuT ones attention on!!!
one is so ashamed to have run like a coward from Your PuriPhing eye!
to be allowed to be in Your Divine Presecene, to have ones lies exPosed and exPunged by Divine is the luckiest opportunity one could ever have!
it is only through Your Grace that one can be transformed and become real!
only Your oPinion is valid!
only You have the objectivity and gnowledge to gnow what one needs!
only You can helP one break free of the sick societal programming and their foolish way of pretending to live!
You are the One who gnows the way out of hell!
You are the One who gnows how to really live and how to really die!
You are the One who gnows everything!!!

it is always just as You say P!
only You can give one a real chance of breaking out of the hell one is in!

it's really generous that You Provide so many ways for one to PuT ones attention on You
It is really amazing that You are here!
the entirety of ones little life is meaningless until one come to gnow You exist P!
there's nothing about ones self, ones life or incoherent way of being worth holding on to and staying stuck in!
How blessed all are that You are here!
that You give the chance of lifetimes to Pay attention to the only being worth Paying attention to!
i bow!

Unknown said...

i bow

ki vernee said...

You are absolutely right ! i bow

ki vernee said...

You are absolutely right ! i bow

sarah said...

Your logic Provides so much imPeTus to imPlement ProPer behaviour

Turbulent Conqueror said...
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Nithya Gopalan said...

You are the highest being ...
You are the divine being ...
You are the PerfecT being ...
i give my attention to you ...
i Bow to PT’s PheeT !!!
i Bow to the ParamaTman!!!

ankita said...

wow ..You have all the solutions ..beautiPhully written ePic words of truth ..You are suPremly PraiseworThy all the time
simPly have to PuT the attention on Divine without taking it on ones state or whether one is appealing to higher and Divine or what to do to be more appealing to higher and Divine ..
one can just simPly PuT attention on higher and Divine withoutbtakinf it back to oneself or anybody else.. .beacuse only putting attention on Your beauty and Praising it brings soothing uPliPhTment, nothing else!
one can do what one can do... do the basics, put attention and do PBS without asking questions or having a hurried attitude to get answers. have PaiTh that all answers come through PBS ! You are the most beautiPhul being in all existence and Your Presence here is so crucial
and You give all the keys
You are so kind hearted
You are truly the most wonderPhul being one has ever come across
i 🙇 bow

ankita said...

Youre so kind to helP one see that it makes so much sense to put attention on Divine instead of wanting it for oneself ..wanting attention to feel good about oneself in a make believe world, just so that one doesnt have to do the work to imProve. ..fooling oneself and others... it's funny so many pointless actions beings engage in so that they don't have to face PhacTs and work to imProve...its so silly to want the attention and Praise of dumb beings as if anything they say and do even matters! and its so silly to want Divine's attention when one can enjoy by putting attention on Divine who is charming and comPleTe and Phocus on service which is PhulPhilling ..You make so much sense
one bows

Ankeeta said...

such an excellent and relevant and witty P log! the last line is ePic - it sums it all uP... You are the sun of truth that has risen on the horizon... You are the One i humbly always want to follow and never steer away from

gopa said...

Most attention worthy One, you have all the divine qualities. You are so humble to give your Precious attention to beings who do not deserve it or understand its value. We do not even have enough wisdom to give ProPer resPonse to it.
But you are so kind to teach us everything from scratch. You know exactly where we stand and how far we have fallen. So merciPhully you teach us the abc's of the way uP.
The Power of attention is the only thing we own you have said. Not only do we waste that Power, we also, especially the females, have the audacity to exPect and demand attention for ourselves. It is so PhorTunaTe that you are PresenT here to PoinT out the errors and clear things uP.
One is ever graTePhul to you and bows to you.

veena said...

P~You shoot straight up and it pierces through the being. Your statement "I am ready to give attention but can they handle it" is so ePic and top notch. It's like hitting the nail on the head.You are so witty with a Divine Sense of Humor. It's true that us females cannot handle your attention. We are so imperfect, unsorted ,depressed and that is so shameful. P~ You always say "energy goes wherever attention goes".Putting our attention on a perPhecT being like you is energy well spent~the only right action a being can do to get out of the hell. P~ You are the only one worthy of all the attention.You are so kind to be here to uPliphT females. We are fallen sPiriTs desperately in need of a Saviour. P~ You are our only Saviour. one humbly bows down to you.