Wednesday 21 July 2010

twice born

first birth is from the

physical mother

that everyone has

very few gno or aspire

for anything else

thus remaining firmly tied in the

knots of dependency and obligation

there is however

a second birth

not an outof

but an into birth

it is a birth

into divine

divine becomes

the mother, father, everything after that

no obligations

remain to the physical mother, father

relations etc etc

only when one is twice born

does one become a brahman

a gnower of brahmgyan ( multiversal gnowledge )

truely free


a* said...

This is such an inspirational and beautiful compassionate PT Log! Your words are so reassuring and comforting that one is on the right path and does not have to feel guilty about anything if one is going towards Divine !! :)

sarah anne said...

That is so beautiful

i bow

Anonymous said...

i bow. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow!
what imPacTful and intensely beautiful words!

'divine becomes
the mother, father, everything after that
no obligations
remain to the physical mother, father
relations etc etc'

i bow to the One who was born into Divine, the One who is Divine! the One who is truly free!

miragegirl said...

You are The twice born One

most beautiful One, the 'All Gnoing One'

giver of Truth, Truth itself

wow ! You are born into Divine

Divine You are !

so grand !

Unknown said...

i bow

Astro said...

only when one is twice born

does one become a brahman

a gnower of brahmgyan ( multiversal gnowledge )

truely free.. Thank you PT. I bow to thee... Aeioum..

ki vernee said...

wow ! brilliant ! so beautiful ! i bow

Asha P said...

wow so Beautyfull and clarifying
You convey the facts and give one THE real way to be born into Divine
You are my everything now
so reassuring as my life in my own hands thru my decisions and the decisions of those one called family did not go so well at all
things without Divine are completely chaotic with the blind and trapped depressed and scared leading the confused arrogant and unhumble and vice versa bc it is all a lie !!! no one out there admits they do not gno until its dire ! and its really dire out there for everyone now ! You have created such a connected world too so that no one can plead ignorance either
am so grateful You are here P
Your integrity and example are so inspiring
You are my Hero
You are so freaking cool
ULTIMATE guitar wizard and sonic alchemist and ONLY ONE that nature responds to
You are the best Judge and the only one that one is truely obligated to !!
i bow ❤️

Kṛtti kā said...

This is a very beautiful Plog!

Only You could have exPlained what twice born really means, what brahmin really means! And one can only trust Your words to be authentic and true!

You are twice born!

You are the foremost amongst the brahmins!

You are the gnower of brahmgyan!

You are the one who is truly Phree!

i bow at Your lotusfeet /\

Data said...

these words light up my life!!! You are the giver of the most profoundly beautiful information & being a recipient of this gnowledge is my greatest honor!!! Your divine guidance and comforting presence are much appreciated & i bow deeply to you Master Teacher PT🙏🏾🌈🤗

asha Pi arTi said...

⭐️ this is one of my favourite Plogs, one just can't stop reciting it bc its so liberating !! Your words are so helpful and kind !

You are so beyond Twice Born even, it is amazing to be able to learn from You !

You are so kind to be here and guide one about the Multiversal Law !
You are the Only One who has taught about Brahmgyan bc only You truely gno it !
You are so humbling and so comPassionaTe to tell what You gno

the kindest action is to tell the Truth and Your integrity is Phenomenal !
You have the largest Heart, the Truest Soul, the most enlightened and enlightening Blissfull Way ... You are really the best example of Pure Class !!

I bow to You, You are my Everything, Divine Incarnate totally Angelic One
You are the whole world's saviour, by guiding and teaching about what is Real
You are the Only One who can saves millions from going to hell if they listen
otherwise You can send them all to deeper in one fell sweep too ! You are so Powerful
You are so comPassionaTe and kind !!!!

I bow 🌟

lana_33 said...
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NavdeeP said...

you are true Brahman!!! Your Teachings are eye oPening. your are helping this being to loosen all the knots(which were till now giving me just pain ). you are showing the true PaTh. you are suPreme.I bow to you O DIVINE. you are sending your words to save this being.

jagatsevak said...

you are the HighesT Being. The Twice Born incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The SuPreme ParamaTman made phlesh. Sri Kalki AvaTar.

you show the true meaning of the Veds, the right PaTh to live on this Plane-T and the Proper way to cross.

being born again in the evoluTionary love and gnowledge of Divine is the greatest birTh one can experience through your Grace.

jagatsevak humbly bows at your wholy LoTus PheeT, dandavat Pranaams