Thursday 1 July 2010

the most natural thing

there are those

who believe in coming

down hard on their self

the self trying to discipline

its own errant unevoluting ways

is a contradiction in itself

rather than a realistic possibility

any real evolutionary discipline is not possible

without the focus

being on praise of the higher/divine

discipline is easy & automatic

for those who

learn to enjoy the bliss

which comes through doing whats natural

and nothing is more natural

than praising the higher/divine

it is an automatic impulse

only smothered by deliberate evil

inculcated over thousands of generations

all the beings in any era

ancient or recent have

only gotten to soul evolutionary discipline

through praise of divine

and those closer to it

than themselves


asha Pi arTi said...

Yes I agree ! what a great perspective ! being natural simple and using the basic instinct is so important. not doing so is truely detrimental !

it is so beautiful and compassionate of You to reiterate discipline dedication and devotion to divine again and again in as many ways as is necessary to get the Point across !

one has to do the do for real, it is the only way to evolve.

sarah anne said...

keeping the focus on praise of the higher instead of on one's own flaws is so much healthier, more useful, and more conducive to positive social interaction as well.

it is so sad to have to re-learn what is natural, and so patient to teach.

Anonymous said...

i bow. the phreedom found through True discipline and Praise of Your Divinity is beyond compare. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow!
Your gnowledge is beyond comPare!
only You who live and gno and embody these truths can write them!
Your guidance is vital!

'any real evolutionary discipline is not possible
without the focus
being on praise of the higher/divine'

so insPiring to learn that this Praise and focus becomes
'easy & automatic' once one learns
'to enjoy the bliss
which comes through doing whats natural'

Divine is so generous to reignite the natural Praise that has been smothered over millennia! to reawaken the real bliss produced through Praising You. the bliss which nothing external, nothing of this world can Provide. only You! only Divine!

i bow!

miragegirl said...

'evolutionary disciPline' is disciPline to be humble to higher/Divine
wow ! Praise of Divine disciPlines one

Your Plogs are comPleTely PracTical !
You are Divine !

miragegirl said...

is to be enchanted by You !

miragegirl said...

You are Divine !

PsingulariTy said...

You are Divine

asha Pi arTi said...

well exactly 6 years to the day it has taken to admit that one's self can not control and discipline itself and that if one listens to You more and recites Your EPIC PLOGS more often one would not have to take that long to agree that PBS - Praising Bowing and Service is * THE ONLY WAY *

Your suPerioriTy and comPassionaTe words are so aweing and magnificent and essential !

so glad You are here and that You do and say everything that You do !

it is so Phun to read Your words out loud ... it is truely natural and enjoyable exercise in speaking Truth ... and saying what is which is what Praise is !!

You are so Praiseworthy and resPecTworthy ! You are so Beautyfull inside out P !!

i bow

Unknown said...

i bow...

ki vernee said...

wow ! You are so right ! i bow

Anonymous said...

Your words are so beautiful and eternal!
how sacred and sanctifying Your words are
so great to get a chance to say something about Your beautiful and wonderful words of wisdom! how beautifully You write with such great aPlomb. how imPacTful and amazing Your words are. Your words, Your music and Your Divinity is what one can hold onto in this dark forest of never ending confusion, fear and uncertainty..Your words are most soothing and stabilising..Your words are insPiring and reassuring..You truly show the way out. You answer age old questions so comPassionaTely
You bring one back to the beautiful and natural world
You are amazing beauty and grace
You are so gnowledgeable
You are such a beautiful avatar
You are the most beautiful miracle
it's so miraculous that You are here and so beautiful, helpful and comPassionaTe
You reveal such PhascinaTing PhacTs and expose all lies!
You are too amazing for words
You are such sweetness, beauty and charm
You are so much gnowledge
You are all the good qualities all in one
You are interesting and brilliant beyond imagination
You are always right
You are so kind and comPassionaTe to be so accessible
You are so merciful
these are such great and beautiful words
i bow

sarah said...

this one is so nice to read. Praising You results in PleasanTness from every angle.

ankita said...

Your words are the most beautiful, sacred and clarifying words ever
You are such a refuge for beings
You are so full of good and great qualities that are so PraiseworThy
so kind of You to show the natural way of being..its so much Phun
You Divine sweet PasTimes are such a joy to put attention on
You make life so beautiful and worth living

Your words and revelations are so ePic
You're so kind to show beings a way out of deliberate evil inculcated over thousands of generations

so lucky to have this PresenT moment sent by You to get a chance to read Your Precious Divine words lucky to be alive to get to see all Your Divine glory
i bow
i bow

Nithya Gopalan said...

You are the Highest being ...
You taught us the Purpose of Life...
i Bow 🙇‍♀️ down to to your PheeT...!!!
i Bow to the ParamaTman...!!!
i Bow to the Kalki Avatar...!!!

ankita said...

so great to be alive to get to read these immortally wonderPhul, clear words of beauty kindness and comPassion. . so very meaningPhul ...You are suPremely PraiseworThy and it's such a great good PhorTune to come across You and have a body with tow legs two hands and a mouth to Praise You and serve You..You are so kind to give all that is needed to evolve. ..mulriverse is definitely not a fascist regime and very giving. . so kind of You to show one the right way of being, to not misuse what has been given to one so generously! the elemets, bhoodevi who make it Possible for us to have food and live are Praising You there's all the reason and more for beings here to Praise You. . You are a true merciPhul golden heart to allow all this time and sPace to change and align with what is meaningPhul true and real. . You're comPassion is endless
You are the most beautiPhul miracle
don't ever want to loose the sight of You.. so great to be under Your chatrachayya .. You shower all the wonderPhul giPhTs. .You are the most beautiPhul Precious Presence and the only real Guru amd guide..You are so kind to wake one uP... even serving You for an eternity would still be less... Your Presence here is so PosiTive, uPliPhTing and encomPassing. . there is no beginning and no end to Your glory .. hoPe to always be in connection with One like You... so kind of You to show the way
i 🙇