Tuesday 29 June 2010

vedic texts - the ultimate guide to the nature of divinity

the reason why majority on this planet

have an inaccurate perception



right & wrong

is because

they haven't studied

vedic texts / tales

the god of the bible

is a punching bag

it suffers for sins of others

so that they don't have to take responsibility

for their own actions

most in the west have a notion of

god as a docile everforgiving punching bag

and who is afraid of a punching bag

thus the antidivine stance increases

without any second thoughts

the real nature of divine

in all its multifarious aspects

at all levels

is only covered in the vedic texts

best to study them under

the guidance of a guru

it will teach one why to praise divine

and how to do it too

without this proper perception

one will always just get upset

with god/divine

as it will not meet one's own limited perception

for example if one thinks

if god were to manifest

it would surely do so as a

taller than 6 ft gymbodied being

than reading about god's avatars

like vamanavatar will show them that it isn't the case

it takes forms which are most practically suited to

any particular situation

vedic gnowledge will clear up all sorts

of limited & wrong notions

people carry about

divinities, angels, higher beings, rishis (seers), wizards,

hell, heaven etc etc

one might still do wrong

after that study

but it would not be

without second thoughts

it would be with

an awareness which tells one is doing wrong

and a gnoing of the consequences


Irene said...

I would like to read such things.

Are there any good online sources you would recommend of these texts? I have come across a few online versions but not sure what the best translations are?

I really liked reading the ones you put up on your website.

PT the Axis said...

you can read the stories in comic form which you read on lotusocean.

they are called 'amar chitra katha's'

miragegirl said...

aap sache guru hai

aap evolution ke PaTh par chalne ke sare PracTicalities batate hai

vedic texts mein ParamaTma ke darti par Avataron ka adbut varnan hai

unn mein hamesha apne se higher ko Pranam kar mukh se Prashansa karna dikayee padta hai

unn mein tapasya kis tarah se ki jati hai uske anek udaharan hai

unn mein dusre adbut lokon ka vivaran hai

unn mein rishion dev devtaon ke shaktiyon ka adbut varnan hai

unn mein devon ke asuron par vijay ke anek kathaye hai

unn mein Shri MahaVishnu ka ghungan hai

aap ne LotusOcean homepage par Garud katha aur Sagar manthan ka joh vivran diya hai voh adbut hai

aap sarv gyani hai

aap Kalki hai

aap ParamaTma hai

aap ko mera Pranam

sarah anne said...

This is so true, after reading Vedic texts, or these blogs, the concepts of obedience and respect toward higher beings become much more familiar.

Anonymous said...

i bow at Your Divine feet. dhanyavad for always PoinTing us in the right direction P. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow. Your comPleTe gnowledge of Vedic texts fills one with increasing awe! You are the Guru of all! You are above confusion and misinterpretation. You are the absolute PerfecT incarnation of Divine in this time. one is a fool to ever question or doubt. i bow at Your suPreme feet. dhanyavad for Your PreeminenT Presence P. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow!
it is SO amazing that Divine is here clearing uP all confusion about the nature of Divine. That the real God is most certainly not a punching bag!!
Divine has the most humorous way of conveying the Truth!
and it is really kind of Divine to guide beings to learn ProPer resPecT for Divine and to warn of the severe consequences!
one is increasingly ashamed of ones western bratty and insincere ways. appalled to have made the biggest and worst mistake one could have made. to have been so clueless in how to treat a real Guru. grateful to be shown the truth of ones state and how crucial it is for one to change.
You are every maniPhesTation of Divine that has ever been! You are the only One on this Earth to fear! The only One to Revere! the Only one to strive to be near and serve and resPecT at all times.
i bow!

miragegirl said...

rishis ProTrayed the Truth of the times & the times to come in the vedic scriPTures
they are very high class beings who Provided/ Provide/ will Provide absolute high class gnowledge

PsingulariTy said...

You are The One
You are irrefutably a PhracTal of the Divine
most stunning, awing, amazing Your coherence and PhracTality

Anonymous said...

i bow
it is really humbling that The Avatar itself is here setting the record straight!
so grateful for the chance to learn why and how to Praise You P!
to learn that You are not some limited idea or muggle martyr!
SO grateful for the opportunity to learn and PracTice ProPer Praise.
You are unlimited, boundless and exceed every concePT of ones limited mind.
one is so ashamed to have ever tried to reduce Divine to ones limited perception.
You are Truly mindblowing and ungrasPable!
The Highest and most Divine.
the ONE to resPecT and obey always in ALL ways at ALL time!
it is so miraculous that Divine itself is here to learn to Praise and serve.
You give real meaning to an otherwise meaningless, futile and fruitless existence.
it is ALL for YOU! all is here to serve and Praise You!
so grateful for the chance to learn to give ones all to Divine.
and how lucky all are here that You have chosen such a beautiful form!
It is imPossible not to admire and Praise You when one sees You P!
You make it that much easier to adore You!
Your generosity is beyond comPrehension
it is a miracle all the ways You make Yourself accessible to be worshipped and Praised.
so grateful that ones delluded search for You is over
and that one can learn and PracTice ProPer Penance and Praise.
i bow

Unknown said...

i bow...

Unknown said...

You elucidate the truth in the most clarifying and lucid ways! Your rational exPlanaTion tinged with your unmatched wit and humour is such a Phun to read.
One really lacks/doesn't have the percePTion to discern between right and wrong, to recognise the higher and divine, it's qualities!

So glad for your comPassionaTe teachings! So grateful for your Plogs!
You have the highest percePTion, you are above all, only you can see it all! You gnow the absoluTe truth and you so comPassionaTely share it with us, for us to rise above, have a broader PerpsecTive of the reality and take one's own responsibility!

You are so magnanimous to take charge, be the Guru directing any seeking sPiriT out of their illusions and hellbound behaviour!

It is only because of you that beings can learn what is Vedic, it's importance and how to go vedic! You are the one and only Guru who teaches the right from wrong, guides out of one's darkness and inspires and instills proper behaviour!

You have the kindest, the greatest, most generous heart, a golden one!
It is the greatest good fortune and the most beautiful event of one's life to find you and get to learn from you.

I bow to the most beautiful one!

ki vernee said...

You are so right ! what beautiful PoinT ! i bow

sarah said...

Your comPleTe Vedic gnowledge is a central pillar of Your total over-standing.
i bow to Your infinite wisdom.

Kṛtti kā said...

it's so great and so PhorTunate for us beings that You so comPassionaTely so magnanimously chose to incarnate here.

You are the only reason why all our wrong notions, all our nonsense and misdoings are shown a mirror, You are the reason that we beings are beings elevated to a better PerspecTive of everything.

Your are so kind to Provide LotusOcean lenses!

You are the source of vedic!

It is Your mercy nd benevolence that we have so many oPPorTuniTies to work on ourselves and get back to vedic.

Your teachings are so crucial and so ParamounT for all this to happen.
Your Presence is so indispensable !

i bow

NavdeeP said...

You are the real Source of vedic gnowledge.
Learning from you is the ultimate true decision to learn from the one who is the owner of this gnowledge.

How beautiPhully you play the sonic and sounds which resonate perPhactly with the elements.
The basics I gno till now everything's belongs to you. Without your exPlanation being would never be able to gno the truth with her limited perception.
You are so kind that saying truth without any sugarcoated words to teach the only truth.
You want to give liPhe worth living not the mechanical one.
So that beings make a Proper use of the time they get on this Physical realm.
You are generous ,forgiver to the beings who are making mistakes.

I bow to the true caPTain of vedic gnowledge.