Friday, 12 February 2010

the quest for the pathetic

females of this planet

tend to go for the pathetic amongst males

in the hopes of the praise

it will bring into their boring lives

also presence of something pathetic next to them

makes them feel better about themselves

there is a catch though

they want something pathetic

but not ugly, decrepit & psychotic

ugly they can overlook

through their intense practice

of ignoring reality


psychoness is scary

it bursts all their pity bubbles
which they shouldn't be having in the first place

they can't seem to understand

why all these come together in the same package

lotusocean clarifies

the very same psychological disturbance

which emanates from an antidivine stance

( P-atheist being the root of pathetic

not believing in P or not believing in a Divine Axis)

is responsible for

patheticness, decrepitness, uglyness and psychoness


Anonymous said...

Lol! P atheist!!! PerfecT and mindboowing explanation! i bow in fits of laughter. dhanyavad for your Divine humor and wit P. it is without a doubT the Phinest to ever exist! Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

Your scriPTures are the most vital and PotenT Truth! You see things exactly as they are and PoinT it out with such ePhicient candor!
Your PersPecTive is the only sane and logical view and most needed reality check!
i bow!

Anonymous said...

You Truly have the most humorous and sobering PersPecTive P and helP one laugh at the ridiculous state of males, females and oneself on this PlaneT constantly!

'ugly they can overlook
through their intense practice
of ignoring reality'

So grateful to have Your unlimited beauty to admire and Your PerfecTion to focus on! You are the most Divine reality shift!
You actually helP one improve ones state and avoid
wasting ones time with pathetic company and constantly embedding oneself deeper in hell through stupid actions. You teach one how to utilize this life rather than waste it!
i bow!

bb said...

all the atheists i have seen have shown psychoness

there is a Tv indian show that depicted Parvati as rolling on ground for Shiv
ParvaTi is not stupid
ParvaTi is grand ! she is Devi !
its the stupidity of the production gang that desires females to roll on ground with happiness for them, they wish they would find a female that is like that even with their stupid psychotic being !

in the same world where ugliness creeps, there is Divine beauty shown through vedic scriPTures
there is Divine beautiful You in the now !

quest to connect more & more to Divine is real quest ! one that frees one ! helP me get out of 3D to a higher realm Please !

PsingulariTy said...

You are GoD
the most beautiful !

Unknown said...

i bow

Anonymous said...

wow. P is magnificient

ki vernee said...

wow ! such a great PoinT ! You just overflow with truth !

nicolas said...

you are so great P! The best of all, truly! i am so graTePhul that you are here on the Earth!
i bow to you, ShivNarayan

nicolas said...

Yes! what a PoinT! you are legendary!
you break down words and expose the core meaning of them like no other can!
you are the real legend, the highest of all
you make this world better effortlessly
you are a divine genius
liPhe has absolutely no meaning nor substance without you!
you are the real axis of the world

i bow to you supreme lord