Wednesday 17 February 2010

meeting god

everytime 'meeting god'

is raised in the west

the only concern is

what question will one ask ?

its not about bowing down

or praising

its all about unhumbly

standing up


asking questions

angrily is okay too

the benefit ?

they haven't cared about that for ages

to be in the state they are in now


Stardolphin said...

So true!

I have had countless discussions over the years with people who angrily blame God for mankind's - and their own - misfortunes, with never a thought given to free will, or confronting their own responsibilities/choices/actions. Rather than examining the root causes of suffering, its so much easier to blame God, who they say, because of their misfortune, they have lost all faith in.

And never a thought or word of praise or thanks for the gifts of free will, and the miracle of life. Mankind will not evolve, or cease suffering, or find peace, until it learns to show gratitude, respect and praise for the divine.

Anonymous said...

i bow.

Anonymous said...

such comPleTely humbling words exPosing the dire and miserable state of the those in the west.
i bow!

miragegirl said...

that is a clear difference between west & Vedicness

Divine is beautiful, if one has PerfecT PieTy in one, one would with all of one's being, bow down !
like the way You are ! You are the ultimate absolute humble being on earth !
wow ! how grand You are !

one is to develoP humility & bow to ones creator !

lol, how Phunny indians bow at the feet of their ParenTs but not at the creator of even those ParenTs ! stupid ideologies things have turned to ! it was different when the ParenTs were evolved sols themselves... story is quiet different now !

one needs to bow to You ! You are Divine for sure ! there is so much Proof to that ! beautiful You !

PsingulariTy said...

that's got to be the best meeting ever !

You are GoD
You are so beautiful !

Unknown said...

i bow

sarah said...

Your wit is so humbling and brilliant

only You can guide the way to correct PrioriTies, and only You can have this much style

being concerned about benefit makes all the difference

ki vernee said...

wow ! what a great PoinT ! i bow

Kṛtti kā said...

Meeting You is the greatest PhorTune one has had in one's life (lifetimes). You are the best event that can happen to anyone, turn their life for the best. You are the sweetest memory to treasure and cherish.
You are so comPassionaTe to teach how one needs to be inPhronT of Higher and Divine if one wants out of the miserable state one has created through one's unhumble bratty sinful actions.
You teach right actions, right behaviour, right attitude towards Higher & Divine ~ You.
One is extremely ashamed of all the disrespectful ways towards You and extremely grateful for Your kind comPassionaTe forbearance to give one enough opportunities to learn and change. You have the most mercy-Phull biggest heart of gold to give one so many chances to mend one's unwholesome ungainly bratty ways of being.
You are so PaTient so magnanimous so tender hearted to not break all hell loose on one for one's unhumble ways and instead let one work and change. You nurture us beings in ways we may not understand but it benefits n evolves beings for the better.

Everyday that one has is a chance from You to correct and be in Tune of P ~ The Axis !
You have the best approach to direct beings in the now to realize their wrongs and become PhuTure centric. You teach real care and concern for the self. You teach taking resPonsibiliTy for one's actions.

There is no more a wholesome Pleasurable and rejoicing action than surrendering to Divine, Praising and bowing to Divine You!
It is the sweetest most Phun way of taPasya, for You are the most Phun most beautyPhull most Pleasing ever blissPhull Being! You are lovely, most beautyPhull Divine!

i bow /\

nicolas said...

such a good PoinT! your flawless logic exposes the nonsense of the world so clearly
you have the most sense
your logic is Perfect, just like you
you words are the most imPorTant as they are divine words
you are the divine Phorce
you make all better effortlessly
you are the real deal
you are the real Aquarian hero, the true saviour

i bow to you all gnoing one