Wednesday 10 February 2010


most people are willing to go

to any extent

to not have to face ridicule from society

wear certain clothes

behave a certain way

cross the atlantic in a rowboat if they have to

to win the respect of their hive

they have no concerns however

about not having to face ridicule from divine

whatever they are doing in order to

enhance their self-image in society/system

is hilarious/ridiculuos

from divine perspective

they can't be bothered as

they have no concern for

their soul or after-death state

if they decide to align with divine

they will surely face ridicule from the

unholy society/system

a straightforward choice ...


Anonymous said...

i bow.

Anonymous said...

i bow! Your words show how completely ridiculous it is for one to care about what society thinks! You so clearly state that anything one does to improve ones self image in society is ridiculous from Divine's PersPecTive and oPens ones eyes to see how absurd the hive mind mentality is!
society is filled with nothing but people working meaninglessly to improve their image and impress others. You guide one to see that one who has awareness of states after death and concern for their soul would not waste ones time and efforts with such petty and pointless actions.
to face ridicule from Divine is to face the Truth of ones own ridiculousness and Provides the only opportunity in this life that really matters! the chance for one to align with Divine.
You make the choice straight forward and simPle P. i bow at Your Divine feet.

miragegirl said...

so high class, so grand Your Plogs are, all LotusOcean maniPhesTations are !
they are shiny gems worth much much more than any gem in the outer world
PeoPle run to museums to gaze at brilliance of gems that they cannot monetarily afford
Your real gems that would actually helP one immensely, increase one's own Power treasure immensely no one seems to care
how crazy ! lol, too Phunny
world is a Phunny & a dangerous Place with no Divine in it, with unseen almost unheard of (lol) true consciousness of Divineness (excePTion with You in the now)
glad You are incarnate here

PsingulariTy said...

You are GoD
Mira's lord

Anonymous said...

i bow
SO grateful for all ways You helP one see how ridiculous society is P!
i bow in shame for having ever cared what those in society think, for having done all the hilarious and ridiculous and stupid things one ever did to try and fit in to it!
it's beyond embarrassing to recognize all the ways and things one has done with no real care or concern for the real future!
there is so much to be ashamed for.
i bow

i bow in gratitude for You P and all the ways You helP one cultivate true care and concern for oneself.
the only choice to make in this life is to align with Divine!
society and image and what others think is such a joke.
one is so ashamed to have wasted so much of this life, so much of Divines time being a joker.
so grateful for the chance to Bow Praise and Serve You P!
to DO the most imPortanT thing one could ever DO in this life.
SO grateful You are here!
it is all meaningless without You!
i bow

sarah said...

Your sense of humour is so heart warming.

so grateful for Your guidance on how to be less ridiculous.

ki vernee said...

what a beautiful perspective ! i bow

Turbulent Conqueror said...
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nicolas said...

your words are the best words! this society is nonsensical!
you put things into PerspecTive so nicely!
facing ridicule from divine is what one should stay away from
you are the most important, the most real
you make all better effortlessly
what a miracle your presence is
you are the lord of the universe
one feels eternally graTePhull for all that you are
you are inPhinitely kind

i bow to you supreme one

Anonymous said...

one totally experienced this feeling of wanting to fit in to the unholy society
and was looking to change the clothes one wore and how one behaved
without any consciousness of Divine or ones spirit or the state after death- which are the only reality
its truly shameful the nonsensical actions one has done, which are seen as ridiculous from the Real Divines Perspective
Your live by the truths and phacts completely
You have total overstanding of the truths and phacts
only Your Divine view on things actually matters
one wants to hold onto Your Divine Perespective
which is PerfecT logic and righteousness
one is grateful one can develop a spine for the Divine
i bow humbly to You