Saturday 6 February 2010

praising the impostors

this is a world

where impostors

are not looked down upon

'praise' is what they receive

michael jackson or mj

being one hype-r-famous example

it tried so very hard

to get to a peter-pan archetype

went under every knife & surgeon

it could find

only to end up looking like a ghouly ghost

the game reached its ghastly conclusion

still the praises haven't stopped flowing

from across the world

to pretend to be

what one is not

is not only acceptable

but lauded

MJ could not be PT

because it is *not* something

one can achieve through externals

the attempt of the wannabe's

to mimic true divinity

makes for hilarious viewing

from P Perspective


the situation is not that humorous

for those who actually fall for it


fan said...

it's great that you raise that topic.. michael jackson was very disturbed and the only example he can represent is what everyone should not be.. it seems that alot of people want to be you.. have been watching alot of hypocrisy on the news lately of actors and musicians trying to deify themselves and their hypocritical actions..

shauna said...

Dude whats you're problem let him rest in peace... so what if he had surgery? so has the rest of hollywood... Maybe you should talk about Heidi Montag if you wanna talk about someone completely changing themselves to be a swedish Goddess... or even better David Guest... I don't know why you guys act like MJ was the only one to have surgery... find something more important to write about than someones face please...

PT the Axis said...

@ shauna ... it is because he is trying to look like something specifc ( peter pan archetype ) ... the issue is much more than plastic surgery

its funy that you would be fine if these other names were used even if they are not relevant to this article ... this blog has many more articles covering many more issues besides MJ's face ... only if you take the time to browse before writing a comment

Anonymous said...

i bow. dhanyavad for so eloquently exposing the reason behind manys desire to manipulate their external state. one is grateful to be beginning to acquire the gnowledge that you so generously share of how True change can only come from the inside out, through Praising, honoring and serving Divine. You are Truly the Light that sees all. i bow and Praise the compassionate refuge of Your Divine feet. dhanyavad P! Narayan! Narayan!

miragegirl said...

Divine is absolute

trying to be imPosTer is being most unhumble
'bedazzled' comes to mind

miragegirl said...

to be an imposter is ultimately unhumble

'Divine cannot be mimicked or duplicated'
certainly not by externalities lol
there is nothing superficial about Divine

Divine is comPleTeness, totality, beauty, ultimate exuberance, PerfecTion

ultimately unhumble it is to try to be an imposter even if one just wishes it to be in externalities
its too idiotic & stupid

PsingulariTy said...

You are The One
'who cannot be mimicked, duPlicaTed or substituted'

Unknown said...

i bow

Unknown said...

i bow

Anonymous said...

You're so right..beings like mj could not get to Your beauty and grace
You have such an awesomely humorous way of sharing Your awesome observations
You write so charmingly..such an awesome Plog
You are so right..this world can get absurd in a funny way
i bow

sarah said...

so impressive how You achieved Your beauty from the inside out.

ki vernee said...

You are the real deal ... the only One ! You are so right ! i bow

Anonymous said...

yes these impostors are being Praised for all their nonsense and ugliness
..what an absurd world!
You exPose all the lies and the craziness of the world
this world is really fast descending into hell
You are so kind to enlighten beings
You are the real deal
You are the real beauty
Your beauty is what beings want to tend towards
You are so beautiful in every way!
Your revelations and teachings are amazing and legendary
Your Plogs are so much Phun to read
Your words are so soothing and clarifying
Your words save beings from falling
You are the true saviour
You are so absolutely right!
Your observations are truly Phenomenal!
Your Plogs are Priceless gems
only the memory and the awareness of Your beauty, Power and truth is soothing
rest is all a complicated, hellish mess
only You can guide beings towards freedom and sanity
You are the wisest seer
You are the ultimate Guru
You are the only real teacher!
Your words are beautiful, true and wonderful
i bow

Ajay Kapoor said...

You have the true beauty inside and out. You are the one. I bow

nicolas said...

you are all that is good!
you are the one who deserves all the praises because you are the most real there is! no being is like you
you are the most PowerPhull and TruThPhull!
your Power is unequalled
you are Pure TruTh

i bow to you all gnoing one

Anonymous said...

such an upside down world in which imposters are praised but the Real Deal P Avatar not so much
You are truly P Pan archetype and Playfull and always having Phun by just observing this world
Your Higher PerspecTive is the best !!! it is based on reality and what is
Your Divinity cannot be mimicked
Your internal state of Being is so unfathomably High !
You have it all ! the Phun and Play and Clarity and Beauty and Wisdom !
one is grateful to bow to You