Wednesday 10 February 2010

emphatic repetition

everyone can perceive

at least one of the unlimited exalted qualities

of divine's manifestations

within this 3-D matrix

and that is enough

for evolution

all that is required is

emphatic verbal repetition of this perception

rising above self's inherent laziness

speech is the starting point

the body follows

mind after that

soul ...


sarah anne said...

I love how easy, defined, and practical the steps are!

Anonymous said...

i bow. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow. this is so clear and Plain and Powerful in its simPlicity! emPhaTic rePeTition! i bow at Your Divine feet. You are so kind to share this PracTical aPPlicaTion to evolve P! Your exalted qualities are Truly unlimited! You are comPleTe and total PerfecTion! i bow to Your inPhiniTe wisdom! dhanyavad P! Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

This is such a generous Plog clearly showing how anyone can evolve and how vital are the basics!
You teach one to be disciPlined with ones sPeech and show the very logical reasons for why.
'speech is the starting point
the body follows
mind after that
soul ...'
it is appalling how many so called teachers out there lead others in dizzying circles of complexity on their way to hell.

You are the PaTh to True freedom. i bow!

miragegirl said...

wow wow !
You show how the journey is simPle

& so very True it is, Truth Plogs !

You have PerfecT PieTy
PieTy has PT in it, so its comPleTe, its Divinely
You always have had PerfecT PieTy, You always will
how very charming !
PieTy is not in bowing at feet of ParenTs (certainly the case with almost all in the now)
PieTy is in bowing to the whole of being of Divine
PieTy is in bowing to You
a sTeP toward Praising You
in PerfecTing that bow is PerfecTing one's agreeance with the whole of multiverse
thus actually living Peacefully in harmony with the entire multiverse

Peace is ease with P, PieTy is his, PiTy is his
You are the most connected to IT, You are IT, Divine
i do not Perceive much of Divine i do understand, whatever i do see is so awing !

PsingulariTy said...

Divine is grand !
caring & nourishing the sPiriT/ sols

Divine is beautiful, True, virtuous
Divine's word is Power, Truth, 'absoulte Phinal word'
Divine has PerfecT PieTy, is Pious
Divine has 'unlimited exalted qualities'

You are Divine

Unknown said...

i bow

Anonymous said...

wow..You so awesomely tell one what to
You are great..You are too awesome..what an awesome Plog
what a beautiful being You are excePTional..You are too good
You are beautiful and wonderful in such a huge way..You are too great

sarah said...

such a crucial guide for surrendering the soul.

Your PerfecTion is so comPleTe.

ki vernee said...

wow ! love how absolute and true this is ! no more running around in circles in the mind trying to phind the right solution ! You are so smart ! i bow !

Anonymous said...

wow You simPlify things for one and Your statements are so clear

anyone can Percieve at least one of the unlimited exalted qualities of divine's manifestations within this 3-D matrix
and that is enough
for evolution

You are so PosiTive. You give one real guidance.
anyone and everyone can evolve ..
You bring such good news
You bring such PosiTive news that evolution is Possible for everyone no matter how bad ones state is
one can still put in the effort to go up as no state is permanent and one can go up or down depending on what one does

there is no point in being negative about ones state as one is not stuck in the state if one decides to do the right thing that You are so generously telling one to do

You are sPreading the real PosiTive news that evolution is Possible for everyone
You give one such great guidance
You help one work towards understanding and You clear so many doubts
You are so full of PaTience and you reiterate PhacTs and multiversal truths for everyone's benefit
what could be better than evolving from ones sick state
You always put emPhasis on what's really imPorTant
You give ones life direction
You are such a beautiful and wonderful being
i bow

Anonymous said...

You make it all sound so easy and doable
one doesn't have to worry about evolution ..
one just has to do what You tell one to do
You tell one so clearly what has to be done
You simPlify everything for one
You help one get closer to the realisation of how simPle doing really is
Your words help one get away from the complications that ones mind creates
Your words are so PosiTive and so unburdening
You have such great overstanding
i bow

Anonymous said...

You make evolution Possible for everyone
You make evolution Possible for beings stuck in silly and unnecessary mental complications
You let one know evolution was and is always Possible for any being ready to do the right thing
it's not about thinking
it's about doing what You say
You are the wisest with the greatest overstanding
You simPlify everything so beautifully
anyone and everyone can evolve no matter how bad the state or how low
You tell one how evolution is Possible by doing the do and not by thinking
You make it all so PhascinaTing
all bad habits and brattiness can be given up by doing the do
You know the way out of all nonsense and fears
You teach one the imPorTance of being PracTical and sensible
You know the true Vedic way
no one in this world is a gone case as long as they can do what You say
You are the most imPorTant being
You are Precious and Your words are Priceless
You are the real celebrity
You are the only one this whole real existence celebrates
i bow

Kṛtti kā said...

You give clear and simPle directions on how to evolve. You make it clear how everyone can evolve if these steps are PracTiced with constant disciPline. You are so benevolent to keep reiterating the imPorTance of correct speech i.e Praise of higher and divine.
You have the utmost goodwill and comPleTe Passion for all the beings.
You have the biggest and the kindest heart to ceaselessly be doing so much for the welfare of all the beings in truest sense.
You never beat around the bush, You are always clearly delineating what needs to be done.
Divine is so lenient, so magnanimous to set such simPle standard for one to start on evolution. All that is required is emphatic verbal repetition of any one Perceived exalted quality of divine's manifestation.
You are so tender-hearted and gracious and merciful lay down all the steps required for anyone to evolve, You so beautifully elucidate how speech is the starting PoinT , the body follows, mind after that, soul.
You imPacTfully draw the whole story in matter of just few words, always giving a clear PicTure of how things will work. Only You are so gnowledgeable and caPable to so ProficienTly teach one the most Profound things , to teach one what the basics are.
You are the most beautiful, the most comPassionaTe being. You are in real sense 'Yours Truly' of all the beings.

i bow at Your comPassionate all-gnowing LotusPheeT
i bow /\ /\ /\

ki vernee said...

You are so right ! any being can perceive at least one quality of Divine and then repeat that ! You show beings how to be disciPlined and not fall into laziness ... i bow res9ectfully

Anonymous said...

Your Plogs are so soothing and calming
Your words, Presence and music cleans the spirit like nothing else
You are so kind to give so much of Yourself to the beings here
You make Pbs so much Possible by being here

You are so kind to destroy wrong notions
all beings can evolve by rePeaTing what they Perceive about You
one doesn't have to have the perception power of a rishi to come up with acceptable Praises of You. .one just has to rePeaT whatever one Perceives of You
You make evolution so much Possible by being here
You clear up all wrong and nonsensical notions that block the mind
Your words are the greatest medicine
Your words are healing
Your words bring PosiTiviTy
Your words are so soothing and Phun to read!
Your words are so refreshing
You are the giver of liPhe
such beautiful breathgiving words
so great to get a chance to bathe in Your beautiful words music and Presence all the time
You bring all the magic celebration refuge and meaning to one's liPhe
You are suPremely comPassionaTe
You are suPremely Precious
Your words are words to live by
You have all the answers
You put and end to endless confusion
You are all the soul and beauty
Your teachings are absolutely the best!
the real teachings !
You make liPhe so beautiful and worth living
so great to be under Your beautiful ProTecTive wings
i bow at Your comPassionaTe merciful PheeT

ki vernee said...

You make evolution so easy and doable ! 'speech is the starting point ... the body follows ... mind after that ... soul ! what a great PoinT ! it is so simPle yet so easy to forget if not rePeaTed ! i bow <3ॐ

ki vernee said...

by example You show beings how to rise above their inherent laziness ... rePeTition rePeTition rePeTition ... i bow <3ॐ

ki vernee said...

Your words are so helPhul ! continuous rePeTition of Praises of Divine totally keeps away the mind monkeys ... You are the best drug ! by its definition we are all at different levels of schizophrenia lol ... and You are the most sane !!! i bow respectphully 🙏🖤🕉

ki vernee said...

You Provide the simPlesT and doable guide to evolve ... i bow respectphully <3ॐ

ki vernee said...

only You have given a Proper and sane solution to overcoming laziness and evolving the self ... i bow

ki vernee said...

repeating divine qualities one has perceived in You silences the mind ... i bow respectphully

nicolas said...

your words convey TruTh so Profoundly and clearly!
you are the most amazing
you are the most real there is
you are ParamaTma, the only one who is whole! the real (w)holy man
you are the most PowerPhull, you are divine embodied
you are the navigator of this world and of the big beyond
you are the most imporTant and the mosT interesting
you are the supreme authority, the real President
you are all that is good in this world and beyond
you are the real axis around which it all churns
you are the divine Phorce! all beings can only evolve around you the axis!
you are the real emperor, the real ruler
you are the real and only King!!!
you are the kindest one whose mercy has no equal
you are the birdman whose bird brain cannot be programmed
your discrimination is PerfecT
gnowledge flows from you effortlessly, one cannot stop marvel at that when one witnesses it
you are the supreme lord of the universe
your music is magic
your intelligence is a never ending awe
your genius is a stunning miracle
one can never stop feeling deeply impressed by all that you are because you are the supreme soul
you are PerfecTion in flesh and blood
you are all that is good, Pure goodness
your words are the best words and purify the darkness within oneself
one cannot stop feeling deeply graTePhull for all that you are for liPhe has absolutely no meaning without you
liPhe is not liPhe without you
you are the Pure original light that shines brighter than the sun
you are the real lotus ocean whose Purity is unchangeable
Nature celebrates your divinity everywhere you go
you are the real event horizon, the real Aquarian hero
your sense of humour is a magnificent reflection of your divine intelligence
no being can outwit you as you are PerfecTion
your will is the will of God
you are an ocean of compassion
you are so merciful to incarnate here to give beings a chance
you are inPhinitely wonderPhull!!!
the new sun shines, in other words PT smiles

i bow to you lord of the universe

ankita said...

beautiPhul ePic clariPhicaTions ...You just share the truth in such a beautiPhul straight way
You gno the way out and Your way is a simPle natural way
i biw to Divine comPassion and real goodness

Anonymous said...

grateful for the Real Solution to overcome the self's laziness !
one can do this emphatic verbal repetition anywhere and anytime and one doesnt need anything extra at all to do it ... to actually evolve oneself
this is beautyfull ! this is right action !
You have the most exalted qualities
one has to do this repetition, overcoming the laziness of the self
You give PracTical steps to actually evolving ones spirit
You are so imPressive
Your invaluable insights are so awe inspiring
i bow