Monday 14 February 2011

if this ain't love ...

a very popular rant

'if this ain't love

than why does it feel so good ? '

nothing very complex or mysterious going on here

as they would like to make it sound

it feels good ( temporarily )

simply coz

one gets attention & praise

if one is averse to

giving attention to
and praising high & divine

one will try & feed off any little

attention & praise they can get

why does eating a toffee feel good ?

well it just gives a temporary sugary taste & rush

after that it leaves bitterness in mouth

& an ache in the tummy

a kid can't tell

whats wrong with a toffee

simply because it is ignorant of

the nature & constituents of a toffee

& of course its effects

its the same with this so-called


which has nothing to with

evolution ( evol-love )

it is just a way of

falling into deeper hell

based on manipulated momentary trigger impulses

steeped in ignorance

of function & outcomes


adimanav said...

your wisdom shines brighter than any supernova. best writing on the planet.

asha Pi arTi said...

wow this is so straight and clear and to the Point !

great example and explanation... Your the best and it really feels good to Praise !

I bow.

miragegirl said...

brilliant !

nothing matters but Praise of divine on path to evolution

you are divine incarnate on earth

i bow

sarah anne said...

It is so true, no matter how hard one tries to fall in love, real feelings are an impossibility. It forces one to conclude that rising in love is the only option.

asha Pi arTi said...

:) what a phunny example.. You have the best way of educating !! love it !!

that final paragraph gives me chill bumps it is so kickass precise and cool... Your words are s-words ! You are a ninja with language... one is struck before one even gnos it is so smooth swift & stealthy !

Dhanyavad for Your ignorance killing ways P, You rock !

I bow !

Anonymous said...

Your objective and PracTical evaluations of petty muggle problems that are blown way out of ProporTion is incredibly educational and entertaining. i bow. dhanyavad for sharing these invaluable glimpses into Your Divine mind and insight P. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow! You are an absolute and complete genius P!
one couldn't agree with asha more! You have the best way of educating! it's completely kikckass!
Your way with words is remarkable! they are a straight uP, undiluted, heavy dose of Truth after Truth after Truth! they completely defeat ones baseless ego, slaPPing one into reality, showing one how Petty and insignificant one is. They Phully exPose the ignorant ways one searches for temporary fixes to feel good!

the unreal can not survive in Your Presence! it's imPossible! You are the blazing, undefeatable, undeniable Phires of Divine Truth!
i bow!

Anonymous said...

i bow!
Your Plogs feel SO good to read again and again and Praise P!
and it feels SO good to read Praises of You too!

it really is just so remarkable the way You exPose the lies and bullshit programming about 'love'
the way You exPlain the Truth of what real evol-love is!
How PoTently You do away with ignorant beliefs!
so ImPressive and amazing it is the way Your words obliterate every false idea the faulty systems structure is built on and bring it crumbling to the ground!
so amazing the way Your words PainT such a vivid PicTure of reality!
when one reads
'if one is averse to
giving attention to and praising high & divine
one will try & feed off any little
attention & praise they can get'
one immediately sees what a real life horror story this place is!
how hellish beings are here!
dead vampires and zombies shamelessly feeding off each other with false praise and grotesque ways!
it's really sickening to see! even more so to be immersed in and participate in!
it makes one shudder.
only You are intelligent enough the have seen through the evil demiurge programming and actually done something about it!
one is so ashamed to have spent so much of ones life oblivious to it P!
You are so kind kind to oPen ones mind to see the Truth!

You, the highest and most Divine are the only One deserving of Praise!!!
True Praise can only take Place when one is Praising You!
You are the only being who is Truly self sustaining!
the Sun of all suns!
the One who's Phire burns inPhiniTely!

only You can helP one grow uP and rise in love
instead of fall for 'the manipulated momentary trigger impulses'
once one has the fortune of being exPosed to Your Beauty! Your Intelligence! Your Power! Your Realness! one can not have eyes or a heart for anyone else!!!

it is SO comPassionaTe the way You allow all to come to You P
the way You give all the chance to surrender to real love!
to the only ONE who gnows what real love is!

i bow!
bowing to You feels SO good too!

Anonymous said...

i bow!
You always use the best analogies P!
and share the PerfecT Proof to Prove Your PoinT!
it is just so stunning to read words written by You!
by the One with PerfecT objectivity!
by the One whose EYE always sees clearly!
LotusOcean is the only True Place of learning!
so grateful You share all You do P!
one would be lost and drowning in the sea of illusion without You!
i bow!

Anonymous said...

the contrast between watching Your Philms
and listening to Your sounds, REAL music!
and this spiller vid is HUGE!!!

it really makes one laugh how ridiculous it is!
and that one actually fell for this kind of silly shit programming!

SO grateful for You P!!!
one does not gno how to adequately exPress it!
i bow! i bow! i bow!

Unknown said...

i bow

Anonymous said...

You exPlain everything so awesomely with awesome analogies
Your Plogs are too good
You are such a wise being
You write so wonderfully
You are so extraordinary

Anonymous said...

You exPlain everything so beautifully
it's just like a temporary low vibration sugar rush that comes out of wanting attention and praise for oneself instead of giving it to Divine

it's just a way of
falling into deeper hell
based on manipulated momentary trigger impulses

You exPlain everything so wonderfully
You have the answers to all silly questions
it's just amazing how one manipulates oneself out there
the result of these kind of things is always clear for everyone to see
it always leads to misery
it's all so low vibration

You have such great overstanding
You help one understand so much
only You help one evolve
only You can help one rise above nonsense
You are the best teacher
You are the real Guru
You are the only One worth putting attention on
You are the only one that matters
You are the saviour
You are the refuge
i bow

ki vernee said...

You are absolutely right ! You really steer one away from temporary 'fixes' ... i bow

Anonymous said...

Your Plogs are the most eye oPening Plogs ever
You are the wisest
You make so much sense!
You destroy all nonsensical notions
Your exPlanaTions are the greatest ever
You get to the root of all matters
You exPose all the nonsense going on
You have all the answers
You are the most intelligent, intense and beautiful being
You are the smartest
You gno everything
You make all the sense ever
there's really nothing good in this crazy world
You are so kind to save beings from bratty ways of wanting praise and attention
how shameful
only You deserve Praise and attention
no one else deserves it!
You are the only One PraiseworThy
rest are all beings going down no matter how much they pretend
You make beings see the truth like never before
so helpful to read Your Plogs
You are the best
You are the highest
there's no better refuge than in You and Your aspects and qualities
You are very kind to let beings be here
You are very kind to give all the time to imProve
Your Plogs are the most amazing and mind blowing truths
i bow

Anonymous said...

Your Plogs are so enlightening , so soothing and so stabilising
You are very kind to answer this question
it's a temporary, low vibration sugar rush kind of a thing
You sPeak the truth
You save beings from this mad, bad and sad world where there's nothing really to look forward to

Your beautiful and brilliant exPlanaTions are beyond anything one can ever come across
Your Plogs are absolutely the most enjoyable and enlightening read ever
i bow

asha Pi arTi said...

what a great PoinT P, love Your wording ! You and soul evolution are synonymous

it is really great that You are in here in person so that one can put one's attention on You and take things out of theory into PracTicality !!

You are the greatest Teacher ever and make so much sense

just love how You can uncomplicate everything for one so easily by just stating things as they are

Truest Love one has ever experienced is from You Beautyfull One , Your heart is just so big You can evolve everyone !!

I bow 🙏

Kṛtti kā said...

Absolutely love this one :D

Totally admiring Your PenetraTing radical observations ! You tell as it is... You gnow the root impulses of everything and You give the best exPlanaTions dissipating one's ignorance! Just humbled by the way You exPlain everything so comPlex for one's dumb n daft mind so lucidly..
You are the gnower of why what where how of it all... Your intellect and gnowing is suPreme!

comPassion and mercy rePhlecTs in every action of Yours !

You have revealed true meaning of what Love is, You are the Primary reason of why all that was lost is now being found! Your words are the best to make one's world :)

i bow in reverence /\

Kṛtti kā said...

Your s-word is The sharPesT with The PuresT evol-loving ePhecT, slays evil before one can gnow!

i bow /\

ankita said...

wow. .very enlightening. .Your Plogs help beings be lighter
so kind of You to save beings from the time wastage of wondering what so called love is and obsessing over it. .they want to make it sound like something profound, great or sacred in their miserable stories and movies but it's just a way of falling deeper into hell based on manipulated momentary trigger impulses. .
You have all the answers anyone can ever look for!
You are true love❤
Your writings are great and true love
You are real
You are Profound
You are all that one wanted
You are the One!
i bow at Your great sacred comPassionaTe PheeT
Your Presence is the best liPhe saving Presence!
i 🙇 bow

Anonymous said...

Grateful to you for this amazing revelation.🙏🙇 i bow