Monday, 4 May 2009


lets take a look at
the beings which
are considered respectable
in the worldwide organization
called 'society'

1. doctors

whether medical or Phd. kind
they are always looked upto
as the agents of
godliness & goodliness
the definition of the word 'doctor'
however points towards something
quite the opposite

to doctor =
to tamper with; falsify:
to add a foreign substance to; adulterate:

2. politicians, football coaches,
commentators, ceo's etc.

father figure archetypes constantly
on the lookout for their prostitute fix
the higher the post
the more the resources at command
for more expensive perversions

if prostitution was to be eliminated
not many would be lining up for
these respectable positions

3. heads of spiritual organizations
& celebrities

these creatures are usually found in the
staly gaudy lifeless confines of 5 star hotels
jetsetting in business class
sipping champagne & wine
with one eye on the airhostesses

perenially on the lookout for
secret faraway island getaways
where they can not be caught
by media and paparazzi doing
unrespectable things

dalai lama refused a vegetarian meal
provided coz
the organizers thought
his holiness won't surely want
dead carcasses on his plate

even the most diehard carnivore
would have had the stomach for one veg. meal
but these folks are real sticklers
when it comes to their beliefs & habits
the mark of holiness !


bearheart said...

we have been mind programmed to look up to those who make up the least respectable among us..

another fine example of exploitation of the masses..

Shahid said...

Gosh..Your blogs cover almost all topics on earth,amazing work PT Bhai.

Its interesting to know that all the so called Respectable Professions are a Big ZERO in the eyes of the Divine.

Anonymous said...

As a fool who has also thought such things of 'doctors', I truely appreciate what you are saying. You describe the world so insightfully and perfectly and the proof that emerges of your wise words is humbling.

Respectable and Professional are definitely very different words!

Thank you for your blogs!!

sarah said...

It is so surprising that more people are not completely, entirely, burnt out on this crumbling facade.

Amanda V said...

Lol! Your Precise evaluations of this world makes it aPParenT how all who PreTend to be anything are simply laughable and ridiculous. dhanyavad for sharing your objective PersPecTive P and being the One worth ResPecting. i bow. Narayan! Narayan!

P3AZ21 said...

nothing holy about societal people

You are the Wholly One
who is an actual enlightened being, a Wholly being
the Wholly benevolent benefactor for the society whether it sees it or not

in Your Plogs You say the truth about all the issues one should openly see for what they really are

You enlighten one on how to live a proper life, what is Proper attitude, what are proper emotions, thoughts, actions, what is actually going on in the world, that there are higher realms, the beauty of nature ...

You are a real educator, a real Respectable being in everyway

the only true Elder in the now, the NewSun, the Ocean Surfer, the Royal Patriarch of the Bharat Kingdom, P the Axis, Trivedi with comPleTe gnowledge of the Vedas, the most innocent, humble being, the Rainbow Warrior, The BirdMan Garud Narayan, the only Pisciean Prince, the Man who is worth being called a Man, Shiv, sPecTacular Grand Master of the world called earth

its humbling how unlimited the atrributes of You Divine are ...

PsingulariTy said...

You are The Elder
the one worthy of all resPecT & Praise
one is so unhumble not doing that ProPerly
one wishes to be better

Science Spirituality said...

hahahahha simply loved it, commendable it is! PT logs are amazing as always, not boring just simple truth with a unique, clear and uncomplicated views!!

neelang tiwari said...

i bow to the respectable.
i bow to the higher.
i bow to the divine.
i bow to the honest.

jganesh said...

You make the best points ! You are the only respectable Being ! i bow !