Saturday 31 July 2010

nonsense traders

the west

has been a

trader of nonsense

for a while now

buy nonsense (fake gurus)

sell nonsense (mtv)

thats why all fakes and frauds

are welcome

anything real

please keep out

we have no use for ya

these traders

have put themselves

in charge of world resources

through hook & crook

now everyone everywhere

just trades in nonsense


Kilili said...

So true! To the point where real things happening (such as oil spills and other disasters) are ignored because the nonsense traders insist they aren't really happening, aren't as bad as they seem and are someone else's fault, generally all at the same time.

Anonymous said...

i bow. You makes sense of ALL the nonsense by exposing the empty lie that it is at its core. i bow at Your golden feet of Truth. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

miragegirl said...

glad Divine is incarnate on earth
evil nonsense shall shatter
it already is

You are a relief to Bhudevi

ki vernee said...

wow ! You are so right ! i bow

Anonymous said...
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NavdeeP said...

You words are amazing. Releiving holding gravity.
Yes well said all around nonsense shops selling nonsense things and people are trading on nonsense companies etc.

Which are keeping mind in mechanical loop all the time without any real reason. And at the end nothing gain.

People who are controlling all these sitting on the top and helping to spreading this nonsense.
And some who are watching and bowing them thinks they are the celebrities. They don't they are just keeping them off the track throughout whole liphe.
No evolving in physical body when can they expect while leaving the body.
You are the true VEDIC GURU who is preparing beings to have blissPhul liPhe and remain in blisPhul state now and after liPhe.
I bow to you the REAL HIGHER ONE!!!!