Monday 12 July 2010


'goal ... goaaaaaal '

they are all shouting

they all want 'goal'

yes a 'goal'

nothing illogical about that

having a clear 'goal' is necessary

bodes well for their future

except a slight glitch

where beings see

putting a ball in the back of a net

as a goal worth seriously pursuing

is a planet

which is essentially quite goal-less


Anonymous said...

Hey, whats wrong with football ??

PT the Axis said...

nothings wrong with football as a fun play ... if it becames the main 'goal' of existence than the problem starts

Anonymous said...

Lol. :) i bow.

miragegirl said...

wow ! how well You show the futility of living in the PresenT 3D

they even make mexican waves, wish they would see the waves of the ocean instead
can be easily seen which is ugly & which is beautiful

PsingulariTy said...

You are The Master Player

the Grand Master, the winner ever ! a gol, round, a football. to Put in a 4 sided sPace, hex all over to be given momentum for that. the ball becomes sPecial when it is PuT into the sPace. becomes different. for something to be different it would have to change. Hex to Pent. a chance, an oPPurTunity the footballer waits for, to do that. Players with only muscle build on dead meat, living a horrible liPhestyle cannot do it ProPerly. they run around here & there without energy but the dream of being a star never ceases (lol). withering in Pain, a mortal goal achieved is no goal at all. if they were real Players, the matches won't go into extra time ever !

Your sPeak gives one sight to see the lowness that Pervades here. unconscious dead state one is living in. one has to imProve. become better to rePenT. fallen down from heaven, so have to rePenT. You are The Untained One ! You have crystal clear coherence. organic sugar sweetens the Porridge. virtue sweetens the PersonaliTy (w)holisticaly, increased coherence sweetens the PersonaliTy, moving towards PuriTy does... each a PeTal, each to be gotten to absoluteness. its a Lotus ! each of the qualities as they develoP, the lotus gains Power to oPen. comPleTely oPen is absoluteness, PerfecTion ! You are the most beautiful Lotus ever ! there are 1000 PeTals to oPen ! wow ! how grand You are !

You raise bhoodevi to a higher vibrational state. You are giving momentum for this world to one day go & join that other world (as You say in Your 'PT sPeaks').

PsingulariTy said...

to reach suPreme soul is the goal for all entities
You are Lord Narayan

Unknown said...

i bow

asha Pi arTi said...

omg i love it and ABSOLUTELY love your response here to the comment too ...

You are the most masterful footballer :) love watching You kick a ball !!

You obviously would not do it for money
which is the least of the grossness going on in football now a days lol

You make the best comments on everything !

i bow

Anonymous said...

You are so right.
the PlaneT is so goal-less.
so awesome of You to remind that having a clear goal is necessary. You highlight the importance of a real goal so beautifully in Your Plogs and it's so helpful. Pranam

Anonymous said...

only You help one understand that getting to the immortal world is the only goal really worth pursuing
it's insane to not want to get out of this matrix of pain and death
it's absurd and insane to not even have the spirit of inquiry that could lead one to facing PhacTs and finding a way out
so kind of You to wake one up to the PhacT that it is actually Possible to escaPe this horrid hell one has created forever
so kind of You to show one the way of PermanenT escaPe
it's so great to hear about the far away world where there is no pain and death
so kind of You to give the oPPorTuniTy to escaPe this spider web in which one feels so entangled
You are the saviour
You save one from pointless, goalless living
You are so very wise
You are Phenomenal
You are the most comPassionaTe
i bow at Your sacred lotus PheeT

ki vernee said...

wow ! You are so right ! i bow

sarah said...

You are the only One getting beings oriented around legitimate goals.
You are a total insPiraTion.

ki vernee said...

beautiPhul ... developing a solid goal is truly essential ... really imPorTant ! i bow

ki vernee said...

this is so true ! ones goal is to do whatever You say ! You gnow best ... always ... i bow

ankita said...

Your words are such ePicness .. all the truth ever
i 🙇

ankita said...

having a clear goal is neccesary ...
You sPeak the most imPorTant words 🙏
it's very imPorTant to have a clear goal !
decide where one wants to go and in which direction ..and then work for that direction ...make a clear goal ...not just do random action suddenly as if one doesnt gno what one wants or which direction one wants to go suddenly ...You are so coherent ,clear and make all the sense ever !
if one wants to be free of hell pain and torture , then one can have no other goal excePT breaking out if here ...if one wants to be around Divine in the next birth, then one can have no other goal excePT breaking out of here ...if one wants good for oneself , then one can have no other goal excePT breaking out of here ...if one is the kind of person who thinks " I don't care whethwr I get pain in the future or not, I want what I want right now...I can go through any amount of pain for that " then getting out of the cycle of birth and death is not ones cup of tea doesnt want to go through pain torture ...and especially don't want to be around anyone except divine and disciPlined service oriented beings ... the one has to work for it to get out of this Plane ...and if one wants to be a graceful well behaved being, then one does body control work and PBS for that
and if one wants to serve Divine, even for that one will have to get out of here to continue to do so and learn more
You are so eye oPening
one bows