Friday 14 May 2010


only those

who seek real Pleasure

can enter P's world

which is full of pleasures

for all the 5 senses

& consciousness itself

real spelling of



Pleisure or

P (theaxis) at leisure

those morbid ones who seek

hell & hardships instead

for whatever reason ( ego etc )

will attain that


sarah anne said...

These blogs make the dictionary seem entirely useless.

It really makes one want to work on themselves enough to be a part of P's world!

Anonymous said...

i bow to Your Purity and Pleasure. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

miragegirl said...

Your LotusOcean maniPhesTations raise one's consciousness
Paying attention to them is an enjoyable activity

PsingulariTy said...

its a Pleasure to see You here Divine One
The Force is with You

'P is the Pole to sPin around, what was lost is now being found'
it's the best nursery rhyme for this kindergarten world

You are The Real Guru
resPecT and reverence is due to You

Pleasure Treasure

Unknown said...

i bow

ki vernee said...

You are so smart ! i bow

nicolas said...

really beauTiPhull words! your words are the best words! it is so great to read this to get the real PerspecTive of liPhe
you are a never ending awe! your gnowledge is supreme!
you are the Pole we spin around, all good things can only be around you! real pleasure in no exception!
your Presence on this Earth is a priceless miracle

i bow to you supreme one

ankita said...

real spelling of



Pleisure or

P (theaxis) at leisure
...yes that's when a being gets most Pleasure ..being able to Phocus on Your Pleasurable PlayPhul activities and constant Phlowing sParkling Pure PrinciPles
i 🙇