Saturday 27 February 2010

to feel alive

people are going to crazy extents to

feel alive

climbing vertical cliffs in -20 degrees celcius

swimming the lengths of the most polluted rivers in the world

handrowing across the atlantic in smallest of boats

munching alive lizards, insects etc.

living amongst grizzly bears only to end up being eaten alive

aside from the momentary adrenalin rush

they don't really get the result

they are after

quite ironic


the aliveness they seek

resides right within the body

the kundalini has to be awakened

above the 3 lower chakras

no fancy moves required

only way this happens is

alignment with the divine

through humility & praise

but as the song goes

i would do anything for ...

but i won't do that


sundown said...

my god your wit is unbelievable..yet reeks with honey lakes of compassion... but you are teaching the most profound truths at the same time..
now that's incredible!!!!!

asha Pi arTi said...

* applauding * that is wonderful ! You have seen what all ppl are doing and turn into something so educational and inspiring.

what a positive beautiful alternative ! what a wonderful exciting prospect to have something inside one's body more thrilling than anything one does outside !! no more desperate measures required.

You are the most exhilerating example of such a state and i am thoroughly grateful that You are here to learn from. seriously bowing and thrilled !

sarah anne said...

without these blogs, one wouldn't have a clue what they should be doing. i bow.

Anonymous said...

:) i bow.

Anonymous said...

i bow. dhanyavad for sharing and showing what truly being alive looks and feels like P. Your Divinity is immeasurable. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow to the One who is Truly alive!
Your words show what a pathetic state majority of this world are in to do the ridiculous things that they do to feel alive and gives one cause to reflect on ones own idiotic actions in chasing after that feeling.
You are the most beautiful and real example of one who is Kundalini awakened. You are so charged and overPhlowing with inPhiniTe creativity. Your sound and light is more thrilling than jumping from any height or taking any drug! You awaken real feelings in one that surPass any finite fix from anything external.
it is really so amazing of You to share what one need do P. to do anything else is an empty dead end.
i bow at Your bliss filled feet!

miragegirl said...

You are Truth
i wish to be alive !

miragegirl said...

each & every chakr in You is oPened uP
wow wow !
Lotus inPhiniTe You are !

miragegirl said...

magical You are !
Divine !

miragegirl said...

PerfecTion alive as PT

PsingulariTy said...

... strive
in Praise of Divine

You are Divine

Unknown said...

i bow

Anonymous said...

You write so beautifully
Your writing glimmers with such awesome humour
wow You show one the way like never before
so awesome of You to tell one how one can be alive
You are a shining being full of awesomeness
You are One in zillions
You are incredible

sarah said...

what a cool PerspecTive.
people need to feel alive somehow, one way or the other.
doing it the real way may seem much more difficult, but Your examPle and instruction shows it is much better than the alternative, and much more rewarding.
You show what it means to be alive.

Anonymous said...

You are so kind to reveal that Your PaTh is the PaTh of absolute multiversal truths and aliveness
You are so kind to show the real way of becoming more alive and natural
Your words are so clarifying
You are so kind to tell beings that anyone can evolve
truly it's so unnatural to not Praise the most PraiseworThy being that You are

the aliveness they seek resides right within the body

wow Your words are truly wonderful and PhascinaTing
these are such amazing and wonderful words
You give such amazingly PhascinaTing and uPliPhTing gnowledge
i bow

sarah said...

Your examPle shows what being alive actually means.
only You can bring beings back to life.

ki vernee said...

this reminds one of that saying You said ... "you gnow something missing but you don't gnow what it is ! " how amazing that the key to aliveness and bliss is You ! You are a dream come true ... i bow respectfully

NavdeeP said...

O higher being!!! You have opened my eyes. I was also included to such thing before reading your true plogs.
You are the pnower of truth. You are the true help of beings on the plane -t earth 🌍. Only you can guide me and help me to get out of this hell. I must say your plots have wonderful energy associated as they have peeled many layers of my ignorance already. As I am feeling light from inside. You have an answer for my every question.
I bow down to your lotus pheet.

ki vernee said...

You are the most alive Being ! You didn't have to do any life threatening crazy activities to feel alive ... You generaTed it all by doing the right actions ... i bow respectphully <3ॐ

nicolas said...

magnificent P log! your words are the best words! they are so liberating
you make things simpler for us to understand
you are so kind and merciful
the key to be alive is kundalini and that comes only through aligning with your supreme will
you are all that is good! no aliveness is possible without you
you make all better effortlessly! you are the best that walks the Earth
no being is better than you, you are PerfecT

i bow to you supreme lord

Nithya Gopalan said...

Aligning with Divine = aligning with PT

I bow 🙇‍♀️ to PT’s PheeT !!!