Friday 12 February 2010

the one & only disease

on the surface

there appear to be many diseases

plaguing beings on this planet

lotusocean however sees

only one disease

which is

not being able to state the obvious truth

people lie to each other

about each other's state

every day trillions of times

straightforward speaking out of obvious perception

is looked down upon like a cardinal sin

petty ego's have to be saved blushes

at all costs

this vow of never speaking out of truth

leads to a real dis - ease

with in the self

& than the world

if people just practiced

speaking what is as is

without crazy agenda's

all diseases are sure to disappear

evil was only born

from not wanting to speak of

the obvious divinity of divine


asha Pi arTi said...

Wow P ! You can state it all into words like no one else... so clear and precise and irrefutably compassionate.

love reading bowing & dancing to your liberating expressions... one aspires to reach states of complete simple honesty because of You.

You make it all so fun !!

so grateful for You and your words !

Anonymous said...

Your Divine objectivity is the most PristTine state to aspire to. i bow. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow. You share such simPle and Powerful Truth P! to gno that not speaking from a Place of Truth is the cause of disease in oneself and the world changes everything! You show how far removed from Truth, from Divine, people in this world have become! it is undeniably obvious when one looks at the world through the lens You Provide how majority of words spoken in this world are all lies! it make one nauseous to realize! one would never have been able to admit or see ones own twisted way of thinking and speaking without Your laser sharp perception and objective Truth P. You always state things as they are, PerfecTly clear and totally objective observation, free of the petty ego the unenlightened carry. Your words are liberating.

'if people just practiced
speaking what is as is
without crazy agenda's
all diseases are sure to disappear'

i bow at Your suPremely Divine feet. dhanyavad P! Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

Your words are so beautiful P!
The way Divine conveys the Truth is unparalleled! You share such crucial and vital information which can only come from You, the source of all gnoing!
'evil was only born
from not wanting to speak of
the obvious divinity of divine'
such important and Powerful words!to learn how evil was born and to recognize this innate trait is huge!
it is You who insPire one to sPeak of Your obvious and overwhelmingly beautiful Divinity constantly!
it is You who insPire one to work toward only speaking Truth and learning to understand what real Truth is!
You are the ultimate Truth P!
i bow at Your supreme feet!

miragegirl said...

You are Divine, so grandly so !
You have PerfecT PieTy

when one shows interest in You, You give a chance for one to be with You
with Your unlimited PercePTion You gno all but Your PeTy allows for a chance at breaking out of 3D

You PieTy PiTies ones state that is so bad, allows for one to walk the PaTh toward imProvemenT
once one comes across You, to choose something else is PaThetic !
You are beautiful !

Divine is grand & awing & beautiful !
even if one is just around You, serving You in someway, its relaxing & exhilarating, as one is looking at Divine beauty not the ugliness of the outside world
one is able to Perceive ones own decrePiTness as well, one wants to imProve, one can't but imProve, Your way demands one of that, one is gazing at all Divineness, one would move, one would walk to IT

You are a great benefactor !

PsingulariTy said...

You are Satyavachana
The One who always sPeaks truth

Anonymous said...

i bow!
every Plog is a real news flash for this world!
'the one and only disease
not being able to state the obvious truth'
it is You who always sees and states the truth in the most Profound way!
it is You who the truth is obvious too!
the amount of bullshit beings feed themselves and each other constantly is sickening!
so sickening that this twisted way of being and speaking is considered normal when there is nothing normal or natural about it.
Divine always sees straight to the root cause of everything!
so grateful to Divine for helPing one see the cause behind ones diseased state.
so grateful for all the ways You insPire one to learn to see and sPeak only Truth!
it is SO generous of Divine to Provide ways for one to sPeak Praises of Your Divinty.
to have the oPPorTunity to use words in a meaningful way!
there is nothing more true than how amazing You are P!
You are Truth! You are beauty!
i bow!

asha Pi arTi said...

i bow

'state the obvious truth' wow so Beautyfull !! the cure for everything inside and out !

what You say is so True P ! at a young age one was deterred from questions and speaking anything out, death disease sex and reality was all taboo ... which just leaves lies and its no wonder one's family is full of diabetics cancers etc all manifestations of the one disease to not speak out the obvious truth !! it was regarded as uncouth offensive and even dangerous (as someone might even commit suicide) to say any obvious truths ... its so clear one has to cut oneself off from such beings at an early age and walk one's own path towards Divine ! it is so clearly one's own responsibility and choice to pay attention to them or to YOU !!!! to seek answers from those that don't gno or * FROM YOU WHO CLEARLY DOES GNO THE OBVIOUS TRUTH AT ANY TIME AND AGE *

so gratefull that one can speak obvious Truths by reading Plogs out loud !
so gratefull The Avatar is here to reveal so many obvious Truths that one refused to see let alone speak out !

You are ShivShakti, You reveal all the TRUTH about everything ! i bow to You P ! i bow to Learning, Service and Penance … i bow to Those Embibing It … i bow

You are so kind to allow one Time and Energy and PlacemenT to Serve You ! You are the ONE that sustains it all !

You are so gracious to provide so many obvious truths here in the form of Plogs to state ... PLOG CHALISA is the only cure one needs !

i bow ! You words are more PotenT and Powerfull than all the herbs, yogs, medicines, surgeries, and silly diseases of this world !!! Your Truths Blaze away lies and emPower one into the PhuTure to be able to read out loud more PLogs and obvious truths ! You are THE KINDEST MOST COMPASSIONATE BEING EVER !!

i bow ! i bow to the Avatar on Earth right now !

i bow to This Opportunity Provided by You ! i bow

Unknown said...

i bow

Anonymous said...

wow beautiful words..Your words glow with beauty and meaning
how awesome You are! what an absolutely beautiful and wonderful being You are
You bring so much of stability to ones life. You are too great.
You are so much greatness and beauty. Your Plogs glow and glow. wow
You are wow. You are too good. You write so very beautifully
Your words are too beautiful and awesome. You are such a blessing to this world.

ki vernee said...

wow ! You are so right and so PracTical ! i bow

sarah said...

Your divinity is truly obvious.
it is so logical that not speaking about it would cause problems.

nicolas said...

YES!! magnificent! stating the obvious TruTh is key

P is Prime
P is Paramount
you are the most imPorTant, the most interesting
you are the most amazing of all beings
your words are so refreshing to one's consciousness
you make all better effortlessly
you are the real hero of the world
your divinity is obvious
your PerfecTion shines the brightest
no being is higher than you

i bow to you all gnoing one

ankita said...

wow such a crucial Plog 🙏
the one and only disease! 🙏🙇
the vow of never speaking out of truth
You always sPeak out of truth
it's so rePhreshing
You get to the PoinT
You show a way out for real
You have all the solutions
You are the saviour
You are so PracTical
You are the right way of being
You are solution oriented in the real sense of the word
Your intent is so Pure... You are the only One showing a way out and telling beings what to do!
i 🙇