Saturday 6 February 2010

error messages

all of those

who have reached this blog

through the hardware/software

produced on this planet

would be quite familiar

with the continually recurring

error messages & breakdowns

does this in anyway

reflect upon its creators ?

lotusocean says yes

the incoherent cannot create something coherent

the rest can disagree


Anonymous said...

i bow.

Anonymous said...

Such stunning words P! You summarize every toPic with the most indePTh insight!
'the incoherent cannot create something coherent'
i bow at the feet of the One that is comPleTe coherence!

miragegirl said...

reaching Your Plogs is the most imPorTant occurrence in anyone's liPhe
You show truth
You are the ultimate PerfecTion i here consciously gno of

after Your 'Peak exPerience again' indian telecommunication authorities have banned youtube LotusOcean links through certain channels/ways on safari
just too Phunny
shows how the world runs crazy

PsingulariTy said...

You are P avaTar, an incarnation of Divine
You have comPleTe coherence

ki vernee said...

what a great PoinT ! 'the incoherent cannot create something coherent ' ... i bow

Ajay Kapoor said...

Wow such a thought provoking PoinT. Once has to be coherent in order to create anything good. I bow

nicolas said...

everything you are and do is so coherent! you are ParamaTma
your words are so logical! this is so great!

i bow to you supreme one

Anonymous said...

in this totally incoherent world, You breathe liPhe to the term coherent
Your world, Your words, Your liPhe, Your actions are so PrefecT and coherent !
the incoherent cannot create something coherent
You are so logical
one bows to You