Tuesday 23 February 2010


another major general misnomer

on this plane-t is that

any level of evolution

is possible

without losing

one's accent

its like saying

an animal can evolve

to any degree

without giving up

that which makes it that animal

beings here have no idea

how the accents they have

trap them within

certain strata's of consciousness

the ignorant and evil

both (for different reasons) proclaim that

all accents/tongues are okay

none is better than the other

it doesn't matter how you speak

once again in complete contrariety

lotusocean declares

that sounds/accents/tongues have a hierarchy

thats why higherbeings/sages/wizards

in all fables have 'a voice'

& a way of speaking which can affect

consciousness to the point of

what maybe called magic

divine perfection

does exist

in voice/speak as well

its not just a matter of like or dislike

its a matter of grace

a matter of hell & heaven

a matter of soul's destination


sarah anne said...

Wow!!! This is so educating, to emphasize the dire importance of the way one speaks. The structure programs people to believe that however they express themselves is perfectly fine, when the actual reality is that it makes the difference between heaven and hell. One has so many examples of the hell accent already, it is so gracious to provide a contrasting example of the accent of heaven.

Anonymous said...

i bow.

Anonymous said...

i bow! This is such a thorough exPlanaTion of just how serious and crucial is ones sPeech! how necessary it is for evolution and that it Truly has the Power to determine the soul's destination!
You gno everything P!
You are so kind to guide one to learn to use ones mouth ProPerly and change ones way of sPeaking.
You are Truly the master of sound! it is You who sits far aToP the hierarchy! You are Divine PerfecTion in every way. There is none in this world who sPeaks as PerfecTly as You! it is SO beautiful to watch You use Your mouth and hear You sPeak!
i bow to Divine and Divine's PerfecT speech!

miragegirl said...

wow P !
wonder cub, boy, Man
Divine You are !
with most beautiful voice, magic emanating from every Pore of Your being, how ultimately enchanting You are !
Voice, Your voice has all energies included in it, rejuvenating it is for the sPiriT
PerfecTion in everything
with a voice that resonaTes in the skies, the voice that gets transmitted to the whole multiverse is grandly Your's !
how can one not serve You ! You are so Divinely !
Your truth Plogs are voice on the internet, the 'calling all souls' tune ! so few are right now tuned into
into the magical RadioStation PT

voice that shatters evil within
voice that calls out to imProve
voice that resonates from afar & near
voice that fortifies safety for one
Your are the 'Voices calling', all of them, stars are calling to reach uP to them through You
You are the voice of all elements, the sweet romantic whisPers of all of them !

Your's is the voice i wish to follow always

Your word is command
You are Divine !

i wish to be Your devotee

You have PerfecT PieTy !
You are Divine !

PsingulariTy said...

You are The Centered being
You are The Voice
Your voice has ProjecTion to heavens ! You are Powerful ! commanding the forces, the elements. only a Powerful being that is You can achieve that. You are so grand !

sarah said...

You are the pinnacle of precise vocal control.

Unknown said...

i bow

sarah said...

You have the voice of God !!!!
it is so refreshing and glorious !!!!
so ironic how people get plastic surgery left and right but rarely work on this most imPorTant inside out make over technique
You show how to change in a real lasting way
You set the most imPeccable standard that everyone can easily feel ashamed in comParison too and insPired by

ki vernee said...

wow ! what a great perspective ! i bow

Asha P said...

You have the best sexy Divine Voice ... nature responds to Your Voice 🙏🏻 so clear that there is a hierarchy ! You really set the record straight !!! i bow

sarah said...

it is such a Privilege to get to hear the voice at the very top of the hierarchy, hearing that standard makes things so much more clear.

sarah said...

You are so brilliant.
You gno the significance of everything.

nicolas said...

wow this P log is amazing
this is so important for one's evolution! you are so kind to make this very clear like this
your words are priceless! no evolution is possible without you
your voice is the most PowerPhull one! you are the real magician! the PerfecT one

i bow to you ShivNarayan