Tuesday 8 December 2009

keyboard terrorism

the number of those

engaging in

unnecessary & arbitrary & illogical

battles hiding

behind their keyboards

is increasing with each passing day

every lowlife

types like a king, saint & a prophet

all rolled into one

sitting behind their little keyboard trenches

they have no fear of misrepresentation

or repercussions

'all is fair in keyboard button pressing'

is their mantra

only in pics, videos or in person

are these beings revealed

for what they are

average boring identityless cowards


Shahid said...

Hard hitting statement which only a Fearless
Rishi could make...Very well said PTji.

N. Wahid Azal said...

In peace there is violence and in violence there is peace as duality is the play (lila) of non-duality. Refer also to Krsna's discourse to Arjuna on the battlefield.

The question to be asked of anyone who complains of "keyboard terrorism" is this: what is it about their own karma which attracts the keyboard terrorists to them? And what is the greater lesson here? Perhaps there is a darshan regarding the nature of Lila (which also manifests in cyberspace, however unreal a world cyberspace otherwise might be even though we now have people taking initiation and making hajj in 2nd life [!]) that dear PT needs to take on board and consider in this present incarnation.

Also consider this, perhaps the apparent enemies in one field are actually the best of friends in disguise in another!

"When colorlessness became the captive of colour,
A Moses went to war with Jesus"

-- Rumi, Masnavi

Om Majivani!

PT the Axis said...

duality is misunderstood by those who haven't understood gnosis properly
... there is absolute above duality ... there is absolute peace which is berefit of violence

what krishn tells arjun is very clear - those that go against divine will
get to the naraka's (realms of more pain & torture)

as far as karma is concerned the keyboard terrorists are making new karma for themselves ... like shishupal did with krishn and ravan with ram ... only difference is that this is a phony way of fighting much like the false vasudev tale

there are no enemies or friends ... beings can be helpful ot each other anytime ... it all depends on the intention at any given moment ... those whose attention never wavers are the real immortals

asha Pi arTi said...

what a true Plog, there is no limit to foolishness, like You've said, ppl always do themselves harm by being cowardly and not Praising what is so clearly Praiseworthy !

that is a realy cool clarification about 'duality' as well ! only You can provide so much clarity about everything and no topic is ever ignored by You !

You deal with everything and everyone without hesitation or fear and with complete logical words... none but You can speak such ! i bow.

asha Pi arTi said...

Your comment is like a Plog of its own.. really Beautiful Truth treasure P ! !

pinx said...

Brilliant & Striking words !

Your sword of truth is blazing !

You have exposed those "sitting behind their little keyboard trenches" for the cowards that they are ! & love Your wording, 'keyboard trenches' LOL that is brilliant !

it could be seen in a comical light were it not so irritating ! but truly at the end of the day it is hilarious, because just as You have so eloquently pointed out, in pics, videos or in person all these beings are revealed ! and it makes one roll on the ground laughing to behold their patheticness !

and Your comment in response to the question of duality & karma is excellent ! such wisdom & clarity ! Showing that You have a suPerior and coherent understanding of all such things ! it is really impressive to read Your unequivocal words !

I Bow !

Anonymous said...

:) i bow. your aPT and humorous PerspecTive opens doors for us to begin to see beyond duality. Your Divine compassion is all encompassing. It is the ultimate honor to gnow You exist, to read your wise words the truest scripture for today, and to praise Your Divine PerspecTive. one is unable to fully express ones gratitude to have finally found you, a truly enlightened Master, the Guru of all "gurus" to guide one out of hell. i bow.

Anonymous said...

i bow. i adore this Plog P. it is so Phunny for one to revisit it having been one of those who participated in 'unnecessary & arbitrary & illogical battles'! You are so kind to exPose all the PoinTless activity that takes Place and Provide a Divine resource for one to PuT attention on. Your comPleTe gnowledge of gnosis Provides such an illuminating PersPecTive on duality and the sPace that exists beyond, where You reside. Your comPrehensive understanding of all things is so refreshing in a world where everyone PreTends to know and Places so much value on faulty intellectualism. Your gnoing is deep and vast, extending far beyond what any other could Perceive. one is so grateful to bow at Your feet, to hear, read, see and receive all the Divine Truth You have to share. dhanyavad for such gracious generosity P. i bow at Your Divine feet. Narayan! Narayan!

miragegirl said...

almost everyone other than Divine is boring indeed !

You are Divine, One with absolute gnowledge, PerfecTion !

PsingulariTy said...

You are Satyavachana
there is no arguing with Your word

Anonymous said...

i bow.
it is so stunning to glimPse the ways You OverStand it all P!
That You see everything for what it Truly is!!!
and You convey it with the such striking humor and wit!
and such comPassionaTe elegance and intelligence in Your resPonses P.
nothing comPares to Your beauty, and the beauty of Your words.
Your view is the highest view. the comPleTe view. the only True view!
it is SO comPassionaTe of You to share Your PerfecT PersPecTive!
to give one chance after chance to Pay attention to You and Your words.
to Phocus on them, on You. to stand under all You say and do.
to work to become established in them, in You. to never stray or waver.
You are Krishn in the Mahabharat of the right here and now!
Your words, Your Plogs are the scriPTures revealed!
You are Divine.
Your will is a Divine will!
Paying attention to and Praising You is the most logical thing one could do!
i bow!

Unknown said...

No one can enlighten with their words the way you do, no matter the number of words your words always carry a deep wisdom and truth gets revealed. Truth is not easy to handle and hence, the keyboard players because, it has become a child's play for people to type anything which doesn't even make any sense!!

Unknown said...

i bow

Unknown said...

i bow

ki vernee said...

You are so right ! i bow !

sarah said...

there could not possibly be a more relevant insight into what is going on on this planet.
You are so kind to teach about basics and consequences for actions.
like You said something along the lines of if life is not going great than that person needs to learn, and if it is going perfectly then they will have better things to do
only Your interjections can inject any hope of sanity.

veena iyengar said...

so true..aeioum..

Gita said...

How beautifully said, keyboard should be used to praise the divine and not create unnecessary writings....

i praise the one who is "pavitram" who is so pure and has a heart of gold (phi ratio)

i praise the great "mangalam param" protocol of the supreme auspiciousness

i praise the "eeshanah" controller of the 5 elements :)

i praise the "praanadah" who gives us life to prove ourselves yet another time.

i praise the "praanah" who can live forever...

i praise the "jyeshthah" who is the oldest and the wisest among all...

i praise my "Gurudeva" my master , my teacher , my swamy...

i praise the great "Hara" who guides us to wash away our sins..

i praise the "shoolin" whose name gives us joy and bliss...

i praise "shreshhtha" lord of the soma - moon

i praise the "srikantha" pure refined filtered

i praise the great "jaradhishamana" one who redeems our afflictions...

<3 for PT - bows to U..

undecided said...

I bow. The simple question of "who are you?" will make any fake king tremble...only beings who truly gno will be able to answer that. And the only beings who can answer that are ones who nature responds to....aeioum

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

'average boring identityless cowards'😂

Your talent of criticising the fools is unmatched.

nicolas said...

your words are brilliant! your PerspecTive is enlightening!
your wisdom is timeless and clarifies one's mind magnificently
one's feels better after reading your words!
you are the kindest
you are absolute purity, one can never stop feeling strongly impressed by everything that you are
you are divine, none is akin to you as PerfecTion has no equal

i bow to you lord of the universe

Nithya said...

"...there is absolute above duality..."

the absolute is the Peak of anything and that absolute is PT...
PT is PerfecT in every aspect and from angle ...

i bow to PT...

Ankeeta said...

Such clarity and so articulate...You are the ePiTome of all suPerlaTive qualities exPressed in the PuresT most coherent way...so very gratePhul for Your words and teachings...You are the Onei humbly always want to follow...

nicolas said...

your words are Precious, you are the coolest being, your Presence radiates true beauty, i bow