Monday 14 December 2009

2 kinds of 'i'

just like there are 2 kinds of eye's

normal and third eye

there are 2 kinds of 'i's'

the dissolution of

the imperfect 'i'

only happens through

surrender to a perfect 'i'

no 'i' in d'i'v'i'ne needs dissolution

dedicated to those questioning

the bold 'i'ness of

the 'i' transmitting this blog


sarah anne said...

It is so lucky that through your grace anyone who has an intense need to forget about the little i has a chance to do so.

pinx said...

that is beautiful ! so eloquently put !

what an amazing opportunity it is to get to surrender to a perfect 'i' it is very relieving to my imperfect 'i'

i bow to the 'i' transmitting this blog !

Anonymous said...

i bow to your bold DivInity.

Anonymous said...

You are the most bold and the most beautiful P!
such a welcome relief for one as imperfect as i.
i bow to Your comPleTe PerfecTion!

miragegirl said...

a very imPorTant Plog

the dissolution of the imperfect ‘i’

hollywood, bollywood movies are so PaThetic, so harmful, ‘enter containment of massess’
one goes for unreal, is dumbed down flooded by unrealness
when true real PuriTy is so exotic !

it need not be a Physical touch, dissolution can be otherwise as well !
there are so many real Pure intensities one can get to, all lead to the One highest in the end !

PsingulariTy said...

You are The Third 'i' tr'i'-lord
You are Shiv
You are ShivNarayan

Unknown said...

Your' the all knower, the captain PT, the guide to all, a light to all!!

Unknown said...

i bow

Anonymous said...

Your words are beautiful

ki vernee said...

You are so smart ! i bow

Anonymous said...

its so much Phun to go on reading Your beautiful , wonderful and exciting words of wisdom that one hoPes that it goes on and on
Your words are Phenomenal beauty and wisdom
Your Plogs are exhilarating
You have great wit, humor and knowledge
i bow

Anonymous said...

so soothing and clarifying Your words are
the imperfect i is so heavy and rotten
Your words are truth, beauty and wisdom
You can guide one to freedom
You can save one from dying and rotting everyday
You gno the road to freedom
You gno what lowly and fickle beings should do
You are so intelligent and so gnowledgeable
lowly doesn't always remain lowly
dead doesn't always remain dead..You show the way to life eternal..
You are so full of PosiTive wisdom

the dissolution of the imperfect i only happens through surrender to a perfect i

...such clarifying words!
Your words are so wonderful and so stabilising
You are amazingly knowledgable and wise
Your words are so Precious

You are such a beautiful and great 'I'
Your greatness is immense
You are the most valuable
You are the only way out for hellbound beings
i bow

veena iyengar said...

beautifully explained..

Gita said...

My My what an explanation of the beautiful "I".. The saying "An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind was simply not created, infact When I merge into your I I tend to forget the whole world and just swim in the nector of your eyes ;)

Here I am Praising the I which is in your I..

I Praise the great "Varah" the one whom I see in PT who is the best of all best and superior ..

I Praise the great "Sarvaaatmah" The only Atman I wanna reach upto...

I Praise the great "Sarvah" Where nothing exists without him being involved..

I Prasie the great "Jati" Whose matted hair whom I love to play with :) ..

I Prasie the great "Sarvangah" The one who has the multiverse on his limbs..

I Prasie the great "purushottamah" The Supreme Controller..

I Prasie the great "sharvas" The most auspicious one..

I Praise the great "shivah" The most pure one..

I Praise the great "sthaanuh" The pillar of Immovable truth..

I Praise the great"bhootaadih" the cause behind the 5 elements...

I Prasie the great "nidhir-avyayah" The imperishable treasure that you are..

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

You are the PerfecT 'i'.

PerfecTion is your other name.

i the imperfect one surrender to the PerfecT 'i' transmitting this blog.

nicolas said...

wow what a legendary P log!
your words are magnificent! written in the most simple and comprehensive way
you deliver real TruTh that is so nourishing for oneself
this feels like a magnificent miracle each time
one cannot get tired of you because you are PerfecT

i surrender to the PerfecT i that you are