Monday 7 December 2009

don't stop us now ...

they are not stopping ...

to quell the boredom

they are now holding candlelight meditations

asphyxiating (suffocating) to death in sweat lodges

zillions of workshops/seminars

held everyday in the name of enlightenment

with no signs of it

at the end of the day

can't seem to give up turning everything

into a mock circus

a meaningless exercise in pretentious doing

for the sake of doing

the 'self' making hilarious efforts


bowing down to anything higher

remains a closed option


enquirer said...

surrender to higher is the key message in all your blogs. but these seem to be alien concepts to the human race , including the meditators , sweaters, yoga posers..even if the concept is not alien it seems to get so lost in a maze of other distracting ideas , actions and goals, it certainly is not treated as the ONE FUNDAMENTAL ACT , which your blogs only always suggest..

PT the Axis said...

what you call humans are genesnakes in lotusoceanspeak ... there are not many of them here ... a gathering of a single representative from each one would barely fill up a school hall

lotusocean blog is covering all the major highways of distracting ideas, actions and goals ... all of these seemingly disparate acts have one common denominator - seeking of praise

enquirer said...

you do cover every diversion possible and give the finest examples..many thanks for that, because no one else is doing it at all!!!

the nasty as you say, is just one thing only.. it sure causes alot of havoc, that one thing..

asha Pi arTi said...

Yes not bowing to higher does cause lots of havoc... and that is why it so cool You are here P... You clarify and proove in every way that all things except serving Divine are a waste of time and lead to blisslessness.

You give such practical ways for one to serve and strive for bliss for real !

there is so much to rejoice now because of You !

pinx said...

Brilliant ! Your observational skill is so impressive, & the conclusions You draw Profound !
it is so great how You always relate things to the ultimate truth, that all the mess & madness & ceaseless pretentious doing is due to one reason alone ~ a refusal to bow down to the higher !that is so insightful & precise & clear ! & when things are viewed in the light of this, only then does it all begin to make sense ! so grateful to You for this reference PoinT with which to view everything by !

Your writings are such a joy to read ! not only are they richly insightful & wise, but they also delightfully humorous too !

I Bow !

Anonymous said...

lol. one is grateful for the ridiculous reminder of PreTending to live in the madness . :) dhanyavad P for so generously providing a way out of the silly circus circuit for those who are sincerely searching. i bow.

miragegirl said...

You show the way to heaven !
You are ultimately benevolent

PsingulariTy said...

You have a beautiful mind
You are The Enlightened One
You are Divine P avaTar

Unknown said...

People sell anything and everything and others buy it blindly!! Only you show the way and bring clarity by your golden words and music!!

Unknown said...

i bow

Unknown said...

i bow

ki vernee said...

You are so right ! i bow !

sarah said...

so wonderful to learn about the absurd spectacle of sweat lodges and candle light vigils from Your PoinT of view. one can tell it is very odd and not that cool, but only You can describe Precisely why that is.

Gita said...

Yes so true u bring out the hidden motives of the evil..

Evil is playing its games and a full stop need to be put to it !

i praise the "Prasaadaay" U PT giving us your supreme grace.....

i praise the "Pavitraay" U PT so pure are your actions and intent..

i praise the "Mahatae" U who shows us the way out of birth and death

i praise the "Niyamaay" U PT who can be pleased by following the multiversal laws

i praise the "Niyamaashritaay" PT u who provides shelter to the disciplined and humble..

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Only you are enlighTened.

You have made the invisible higher and divine available on earth in form of yourself. Bowing to you means bowing to the higher and divine. Thankyou for everything.

nicolas said...

you are the highest one, the highest authority
you are the best that walks the Earth, you are the real deal
you are the one who can exit this matrix at will
you are the real lotus ocean as your purity is unchangeable

i bow to you supreme lord

Gita said...

listening to You only makes sense & nothing else, You are PerfecT in all ways & that comPleTe Coherence that You have is so attractive ... one bows down to You P