Saturday 12 December 2009


discipline is loosing the battle

in a world where all the media

is screaming/preaching loudly - 'be undisciplined'

its cool & great to have that coffee or toffee

you are indestructible & no harm can come to you

most people have a fear of discipline

from the trauma they carry from the silly school discipline

which is designed to artificially fit one into society

no matter how they all try and run away from

any kind of discipline

they find they run straight into it

the school is followed by 9-5 jobs

the same society

which blatantly propagates undiscipline

puts people in cages for 8-12 hrs a day

to toil for an undisclosed goal

even basic disciplines like eating home-self-cooked-proper food

are disappearing fast

along with them will disappear

respect for the higher

the more undisciplined one is

the more unable one is to respond properly to the higher

such beings end up becoming vampiric apathetics

for them the energy of the higher is too much to handle

so they end up

criticizing, swearing, pointing fingers and shunning

it instead

no discipleship without discipline

their is a reason why these 2 words are the same


diverse branching/cutting of P(the axis) line

in simpler terms

one has to have discipline at every turn

to navigate properly

through the phenomenon called life


sarah anne said...

It is so true. The matrix can take the most receptive person and train them to resent discipline because of its arbitrary enforcement by those who should never be given a position of power in the first place. I bow.

pinx said...

what an ePic P-log ! as always Your words reveal so much !

such a great PoinT You make about how the same society which blatantly propogates undiscipline puts people in cages for 8-12 hours a day to toil for an undisclosed goal. one can see the irony in this and cannot help but laugh !

so many great points do You raise ! discipline is clearly the foundation stone for existence !

love Your summating statement -"one has to have discipline at every turn to navigate properly through the phenomenon called life" Profound words ! the words of One with ultimate discipline, the One who can navigate at every turn !

I Bow !

Anonymous said...

i bow.

Anonymous said...

i bow. Your Divine words are the only True guiding Phorce and scriptures for the now and the only words one need read. it is imPossible for one to navigate this insane world without Your guiding light and wisdom. You are most generous to Provide such Powerful Truths for anyone who finds You to turn to and bow down to. i bow at Your infinitely wise feet. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow! Your words sPeaks volumes P! You show what True disciPine is and what a beneficial and ultimately crucial quality it is for one to have/develop in this life. You are the PerfecT example of the freedom of disciPline as opposed to the unruly chains of being undisciPlined. there is no turn You can not navigate with total ease, confidence and grace. You are comPleTe and free. i bow at the feet of the Ultimate Master. dhaynavad P! Narayan! Narayan!

miragegirl said...

one understands better now P
disciPline in every area of liPhe will ultimately lead to disciPlined behaviour towards the Divine

one is not to let down one’s virtue
one is to become disciPlined
its so very imPorTant

grateful for Your Plog

PsingulariTy said...

great Plog !

You are The Real Guru
You are The Real Saviour

Anonymous said...

i bow
Divines words are always so striking
so humbling to read the words of the ONE who gnos
the ONE who has and is the embodiment of True disciPline
the ONE who came to gno before doing anything in this world!
the ONE who never allowed itself to be caged by society in any way
the ONE who is Truly free in every way!
A mind free of all conditions, never affected by any societal programming
a body free of flaws and limitations and excess,
a body that can fully relax and be at rest and move faster than lightening
it's so beautiful to watch the free and elegant and graceful ways Your body exPresses Your Divinity P.
You are the suPer Sol! free to flee this Plane at will!
there is SO much to admire about You P

'the more undisciplined one is
the more unable one is to respond properly to the higher'

Your words always reflect the Truth of ones state and show one again and again how imPortanT disciPline is.
it causes one to face ones own low kindergarten state.
so grateful to understand that the only Truly imPorTant thing one can learn is how to really resPecT the higher and Divine
how to resPond ProPerly to You all the time!
it's so shameful the ways one has inculcated false respect for false authorities
playing dumb for a dumb system just to pretend and die
so grateful for the ways You helP one face ones foolish state P
there is nothing more frightening than imagining being a vampiric apathetic doomed to a PhaTe of criticizing Divine.
of suffering the pain, hell and consequences of going against the Phorce!
so grateful for the ways You helP one face the hellish reality of this world constantly P!
it is a miracle that You are here! that You Provide the chance for one to inculcate humility and develoP a ProPer attitude and have the one and only real chance one will ever get to escaPe the hell that is the place!
the pain and suffering of being disconnected from You!
so grateful for the ways You helP one see more and more clearly how serious this life is
and what a fortunate opportunity it is to bow at Your feet
i bow

Unknown said...

Your posts makes one get into deep thoughts and question everything, the post talks about disciples of slavery but not of divinity!!

ki vernee said...

wow !a being definitely has to have discipline at every turn to navigate life ! it is such a relief that You have such discipline at every turn !

Anonymous said...

wow Your Plog is so beautiful
You so kindly highlight the imPorTance of disciPline.
You are so comPassionaTe and beautiful.
Your Plogs are so helPful.
You make the mPorTance of disciPline so clear.
You are so right. Your Plogs are so beautifully written.
You are so kind and awesome.
i bow

Anonymous said...

wow You are so very right
this is such an awesome Plog..
You are Phenomenal..
You tell one about the imPorTance of disciPline like it has never been told before
You are so very imPressive
how right You are!
You are so right.. disciPline is so connected to everything right
one can't do anything ProPerly if the body that is the tool for ascension is mistreated through improper and undisciplined diet
one needs to get over the society-induced slackness regarding things like diet
'one has to have discipline at every turn to navigate properly through the phenomenon called life' wow You write so awesomely. You have so much integrity
this is awesome! You are too good

sarah said...

toiling for an undisclosed goal !!! Your wording is legendary ! so amazing how in Your talk You explained how society is actually set up so that people will lose power and be better slaves. You are so infinitely comPassionaTe to phrase things in various ways or highlight the truth in various styles so that everyone can grasp the situation.

there are so many good PoinTs in this P-log that it is overwhelming. like it takes a certain disciplined life style to be able to respond to the higher/divine, and an ePic break down of the etymology of the word 'disciPline'.

You are the most Phenomenal Guru !!!!

Kṛtti kā said...

Your Plogs are excePTionally brilliant!
You have such keen insights... You sPeak the truth in the most straightforward and striking words!

Indeed the so called society puts the masses under the same discipline which propagates "to be indisciplined".
You write so eloquently , Propelling one to re-consider and re-establish what one does on day to day basis and how greatly one lacks in Proper behaviour/resPonse when it comes to resPonding to Higher and Divine.
You so ingeniously elaborate the connection between disciPleship and disciPline. How Profoundly You get to the root of the word "discipline" ~ "di-sci-p-line" ~ "diverse branching/cutting of P(the axis) line". You are the master etymologist ! There is no disciPle without Proper disciPline, You are so comPassionaTe nd benevolent to teach one its imPorTance in simPle terms how one needs to maintain discipline at every moment to sail through this life; be able to Praise, Bow and Serve You.

You cover so much through Your Plogs, Your Plogs are ultimately ediPhying! Only You can rightfully be called a teacher/a Guru, rest are just deteriorating and enslaving the beings to evil system masquerading as teachers! Only You teach real disciPline and insPire one to be disciPlined! You PatienTly wait for the beings to correct themselves, You are so merciful!

Only You can navigate the beings through this world and beyond, You are the only one who can be entitled as the caPTain of this soulship!

I bow /\

sarah said...

Your scientific break down of words never ceases to fascinate.
You are so correct that whatever is harming itself, and in the highway to hell fast-lane is what is promoted.
You are so gracious to provide a counter message, and make the consequences so clear in Your writing, judgement updates, and Your glorious examPle of PerfecTion.

Anonymous said...

only You make one see more and more how imPorTant disciPline is
without disciPline the mind just runs amok
even one thought that comes through aimless wandering and lack of discipline of the mind and is not related to Divine comPleTely and is related to activities in muggle world is the most horrible and poisonous thing
it's so imPorTant to be disciPlined
one does not have to think with ones faulty mind
one just has to do the do!
You teach one the real sane way of being

You are so a Phenomenal in so many ways
everything You do and say is so ePic
You are so coherent
You are the real wisdom
You are the crown of existence
You are the real king
You are so beautiful

You just reveal everything about the state of this world
one needs more and more disciPline
one needs disciPline at every turn!
You're so absolutely right
it's so great to read Your wonderful, wonderful words
You are the greatest
You gno what disciPline really means!
one can't just let the mind and the body do whatever
one has to have disciPline and only You teach real disciPline
You are the best ever
You are beyond compare
i bow

veena iyengar said... profound..

Gita said...

Yes discipline is being lost everywhere, ppl might change once they're bad lifestyle starts to ruin them but who would actually teach ppl to be disciplined is a mystery... Bless us all to bring out the inbuilt discipline within us for the higher !

I Praise the Great "pushkaraakshah" The Lotus eyed..

I Praise the Great "mahaasvanah" whose voice carries electricity and thunder..

I Praise the Great "anaadi-nidhanah" - The one who was never born nor will die..

I Praise the Great "dhaataa" the one who supports all areas of experiences...

I Praise the Great "vidhaataa" the one who gives us the fruits of action...

I Praise the Great "dhaaturuttamah" who is the most subtle..

I Praise the Great "Parameshwara" The first amongst Gods

I Praise the Great "Avyayaprabhu" The one who cannot be perished..

I Praise the Great "Paramjyoti" The first light ..

I Praise the Great "Bhairav" the one who destroys Fear..

I Praise the Great "Pashupati" The Lord of all Living Beings..

I Praise the Great "Bhalanetra" PT whose 3rd Eye is openend in the forehead..

Anonymous said...

so great to get to learn disciPline from You
You are the best most comPassionaTe teacher
i bow
You make the imPorTance of disciPline so clear
You insPire one to strive towards being more disciPlined
Your words are words to live by
Your words are words to hold on to
Your words and Your beautiful beingness is refuge from the noisy and out of control mind
You words are nectar
Your words are the most imPorTant words ever
You're so kind to help beings understand the imPorTance of disciPline and learning
without You one would be so totally lost and deteriorating !
You are the most beautiful and shining guiding light
without You one would have no clue!
one wouldn't gno the d of disciPline without You!
i bow to Your absolutely beautiful beingness

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

beauTiPhul Truth.

nicolas said...

wow what a P log! the way you decipher the word "discipline" is magnificent! it really helps one to further one's understanding of why discipline is absolutely crucial! without discipline one cannot properly navigate through life
your words are life saving words
you are the real navigator saving the drowning spirits
you are the real hero whose wisdom shines miraculously on the lower ignorant ones that we are
your PerfecT coherence is a never ending awe
you are divine

i bow to you all gnoing one