Tuesday 22 December 2009

conservation experts

after ravaging and plundering

most of the places on earth they set foot on

the transluscents have now set themselves up

as conservation experts

in the very same landmasses they desecrated

america, australia, africa, pacific islands etc.

they have taken it upon themselves

the task of keeping forests healthy

forests of course couldn't take care of themselves

in the millions of years

uptil' their saviours came along

more surprising in the light of the fact that

they are gnown to be not able to

take care of their own health

they are the brand new caretakers of the land

they have given themselves the authority

to decide who enters their?! land and who doesn't

they take their caretaker status very seriously

as they painstakingly check each visitor's boots for foreign soil

which might contaminate their?! ultra-well-preserved land

the older caretakers like aborigines, indian tribes, maori's etc

were surely not doing a good job

too many plants, trees and animals were thriving

they have come up with innovative techniques to save wildlife

like starting forest fires

introducing new snakes, frogs, flies etc etc from other lands

it has all backfired badly

but they are sure they can solve it by introducing another specie

or raining a certain pesticide over the whole area

no its not madness at all

its all completely sane

as they will tell you right in your face

'we are good people, we are'

(refer to eliza dolittle ' i am a good girl, i am' in the film 'my fair lady')


sarah anne said...

This would be comical were it not for all the damage caused to the Earth. I bow.

pinx said...

PoTent words ! no-one can state the truth like You can !

You PoinT out the ludicrousness & absurdity of the transluscent way so brilliantly !

"the older caretakers like aborigines, indian tribes, maori's etc were surely not doing a good job too many plants, trees and animals were thriving" brilliant You are ! Your skill with words is amazing ! the way You can combine wit & humour to deliver Your striking blows is so impressive !

"we are good people we are" ~ excellent summation of their attitude ! they attest to their goodness despite all the signs to the contrary ! absolute madness to the nth degree ! really the audacity of these creatures to install themselves as "conservation experts" after all their desecration is inexcusable. the audacity has reached historical levels where Divine itself is asked for a permit to enter a forest ~ and may even be refused entry if deemed a contamination risk !

I Bow to the Force who will give these virulent ones their 'just desserts'

Anonymous said...

i bow. ones eyes are filled with tears after reading this. Your Divine truth is potent and speaks to everything one has been fighting against ones whole life in the matrix. Dhanyavad for Your all encompassing sight and for sharing Your wisdom with those who are seeking. i bow.

Anonymous said...

i bow. one is overcome with emotion each time one reads this. the Truth of the translucents widespread destructive doings to this PlaneT is sickening. You PresenT so many facts which negate the lies about them doing any good for this Earth or themselves which translucents continue to believe and perpetuate. You state so clearly that 'they are gnown to be not able to take care of their own health' an obvious fact. a truth one struggles with daily. it becomes ever more apparent that the only good one can Truly do in this world is to bow, Praise and serve Divine. anything else only adds to the translucent tragedy. Pinx comment adds a vital PersPecTive to understand! Divine being asked for a permit to enter a forest, to pay to see a national Park, etc... its comPleTely insane!!! You are the True caretaker of this Earth! i bow at Your feet to the Phierce Phorce of retribution. it is only You who can helP one evolve from ones miserable genepool.

miragegirl said...

this Plog gave continuous laughs !
You have a great story telling art !

You PainT a vivid PicTure of what haPPens/haPPened
You are ultimately coherent !

those conservation exPerTs must think they are gods which they are not !
if one was living in nature even for a few months or even if one just had a walk in nature & has eyes oPen, one can see that nature takes care of itself ! one must have a big ego to think one needs to interfere to set things right !

one needs to take care of oneself first !
there is so much work to be done in that arena itself ! one being stuck in 3D !

Power is with Divine
Divine is without evil, evil is a run against Divine
ultimately ever only the good wins
Divine always wins

Power is with PT, the real exPerT on everything

miragegirl said...

on reading comments, one remembers ones intention to Pay the Parks
one had adherence to 'rules', but that's not PieTy, one understands now
one needs to constantly ask 'why' & trash out the unnecessities in this evil run world

one needs to develoP class, one needs to live consciously ever !

anything Divine does is uPvoTe worthy, he is a real Diamond !
he is The consciousness !
All is His

with Bhudevi, its such a romance ! She bows to him !

PsingulariTy said...

You are Vishnu, The Preserver of the omni-verse

Unknown said...

Amazingly explained everything, you're the almighty the care taker of this world. So true they always tried and still try to change the nature according to their own ways and try to take the ownership to run their business, that's all they want!! Failure attempts, results are pathetic and backfires badly still they don't stop experimenting with their evil ideas!!

ki vernee said...

You have the best perspectives ! i bow

veena iyengar said...

only god can save nature..

Gita said...

This is truly an example of how free will can damage and destroy nature and also a beings lifestyle...

We are right , we are is a statement made in over confidence..

Its important for people to know their history else there're just gonna go haywire no places to reach and no places to go..

Its true only an Avatar can claim and disclose himself to the world that he is an avatar and no being here are capable of knowing this beforehand..

Thank you for letting us know what the world is about and where we need to aim it at..

Hope everybody in the world get to know this..


sarah said...

i bow to Your hilariously phrased accuracy and clarity.

undecided said...

I bow, your divine humor always makes learning about true gnoledge and wisdom. aeioum

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Verbal irony.😂😜

After destroying they are just trying to become heroes/saviours but no matter what they do they will have to face the consequences of their antinature actions.

nicolas said...

such a good PoinT! magnificent words
the words of yours are the most important words
the words of yours are the words of God
you are the PerfecT one
you expose all the pretenders that have sold themselves as good people whereas there are just another brand of evil
none can fool you as your discrimination is PerfecT
you are the best

i bow to you supreme lord