Saturday 12 December 2009

caPTain PT

you walk like
you gno where
you are going
you talk like
you gno what
you are doing

but the truth is
you've got no clue

you are lost
in this world &
the other ones
don't even
enter your consciousness

you are trapped and incubated

you need a navigator

captain P is a navigator
for this world
and the big beyond

he is here
to steer
the soulship home

captain P
captian P
captain PT

the one and only navigator


Anonymous said...

you are never tiring and are so compassionately and mercifullly putting the finger on it, naming & explaining what is going on, exposing what is wrong and teaching how to change it, teaching what the right way is.

you are the only one who speaks this with all clarity and who actually knows the way & has the power to bring about actual change in a being! you are the only one who understands the bigger, multiversal picture. you are the only one who is able to navigate through this world.

you teach in the most practical, do-able way, and you are so kind & merciful & generous & patient as to offer your help & advice to all these lost souls!

asha Pi arTi said...

Rocking Truth ! love the lyrics and the supercool fact that there is a navigator here ! You are weaving in and out of everything effortlessly just like this guitar lead... Beautiful !

pinx said...

such true & imPacTful words delivered in the coolest possible way !

love the effortless style with which You state these lines. love how sure & confident You are, classy and above it all. Your voice is so crystal clear & smooth ! such a beautiful & warm tone, very reassuring, and very authoritative too :) all the qualities one seeks in a navigator ! the soundtrack is very sophisticated & entrancing. the whole piece is very hypnotic ! love how Your guitar blazes & swirls, like a being navigating through space and time itself. all to the very solid foundation of Your bassline and militaristic drums.

the lyrics are so cool ! so applicable to so many ! & so profound ! & what a promise You make that is irresistable ~ one dearly wishes to be on that soulship home

I Bow & Salute You caPTain P ! the One and only navigator for this world and the big beyond !

Anonymous said...

O caPTain my caPTain! You are surely the one and only navigator. i bow in gratitude for You. Dhanyavad for making Yourself gnown. Narayan! Narayan!

miragegirl said...

how sweet Your voice !
its a slow dance ! that makes us say Yes we are lost caPTain !
Yes to everything You are saying caPTain !

PsingulariTy said...

You are The CaPTain

Your shiP always makes a safe journey. You make it a joyous ride for the mates. its Your duty & You do it so very well ! at the same time You make sure that all the mates understand what the goal is, You make sure to have it conscious in them that to reach the destination is the actual aim, actual game, actual Play. Everyone is aware that You gno the route to the destination ProPerly, that You have skill to navigate through stromy seas, with Provisions as required...

You are an able caPTain on land terrestrial. You can classify, manage & win !
You are an able caPTain on the seas. You can sail one through all weathers safely.
You are an able caPTai in the air. You gno when to fly & to how much height.
You are The PresidenT, caPTain of all the chief commanders.

PsingulariTy said...

Aye aye caPTain !
even if i am on another shiP, i still hail You !

You are CaPTain PT

Nithya Gopalan said...

you are the real captain PT. i bow !

Unknown said...

Each golden word of yours carry wisdom and truth, you're the Captain Of Truth!!

Unknown said...

i bow

ki vernee said...

P is the only navigator ! i bow

ujjwal sharma said...

you are the divine kalki PT avatar,only you can save the muggle ships from sinking as you are the caPTain PT the one and the only navigator of the multiverse.
i bow to the divine PT kalki avatar you are the guru of the world and the lord of the third eye.

Anonymous said...

You are the One
yes this whole world is in the dark and You are here to show the way
You are the One and only navigator
You gno the way
You are virtuos
You are real
You are giving
You are comPassionaTe
You gno what's best for one
You are the hoPe for ones dead consciousness
You are alive
You are wise
You are beyond intelligent
You are Vedic
You have the beautiful Divine sPark
You are beyond legendary
You are ePic in so many ways
You are light years ahead in the cosmic dance
You are too many things for sheeple to handle
You are the best teacher
You are the guide
You are caPTain PT
You can sail the shiP to the land beyond
one can get there if one is on Your shiP
You are the navigator
You never go wrong
You are an exPerT
You gno what You are saying and doing
You have no fear
there's no fear when You are here
one has to follow the multiversal laws
You tell one about the laws
You insPire one to follow the laws
no one would gno anything about the Pure PrinciPles without You being here
i bow

veena iyengar said...

Yes..You are the navigator..

Gita said...

Today's mentality is such that people are not ready to believe that when they touch fire it burns their fingers, they believe it only when they physically go touch the it..

I wish that people get their minds so ready that when captain P strikes his direction/messege/navigation, people should be so ready that they accept implement practice follow and maintain the Vedic Style of living and the directions shown by the exPerT P..

I Praise the Great "Pinakin" Whose holds a Bow

I Praise the Great "Bholenath" the most innocent polite kind and golden hearted P..

I Praise the Great "Pranava" The Originator of the sound AEIOUM..

I Praise the Great "Bhooteshwara" The Lord for the Ghosts as well as the Spirits..

I Praise the Great "Priyabhakta" Whose is the favourite of all devotees..

I Praise the Great "Bhudeva" The Lord of our Bhudevi:) ..

I Praise the Great "Aprameyah" The Maya around PT which I would like to lift up and see the Original him ;) ...

I Praise the Great "hrisheekeshah" the one's name when told improves our Senses..

I Praise the Great "padmanaabhah" Whose naval has a beautiful lotus coming out..

I Praise the Great "amaraprabhuh" Lord of all angels

I Praise the Great "vishvakarmaa" The Creator of the Multiverse..

I Praise the Great "manuh" The one who manifested the Vedic Mantras..

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Yes..You are the one and only navigaTor...
Cool pics!

nicolas said...

wow i love this play
what a beauTiPhull illustration of your Power
you are the only navigator in this world
there can only be one like you

i bow to you supreme lord

amanda said...

one prostrates in shame 🙇‍♀️

one has NO clue!
one is trapped, one is incubated and one is so ashamed to have disresPecTed the caPTain!

one Pines for the One and only navigator to steer one home.

one prostrates in shame 🙇‍♀️

amanda said...

Divine PT has the most gorgeous Phorm! It's so beautiPhul to see the real caPTain in action!

Divine PT is the only ONE who knows how and can steer the soul beyond the dome!

one is so ashamed to have ever lost sight of the real goal.
one prostrates in shame 🙇‍♀️

ankita said...

You're such a Phun and effortless navigator ...always want to be navigated by You ...always want to be on Your shiP! You're a real man and caPTain !

ankita said...

You looks so effortlessly in control ...the real Don caPTain ! so mysteriously and Powerful !