Friday 18 December 2009

the art of deliberate ignoring

the genesnakes

haven't learnt much in their

long crawl out here


they all seem to have learnt

the noble art of deliberate ignoring

some are more expert at it than others

it goes like this -

whenever they see some being

more interesting & attractive than themselves &

thus naturally feel drawn towards it

they immediately retract

& feign that they are not interested at all

instead they try to attract the other being

in their limited ways

males usually jump around crazily

showing off their physical prowess

females jot out their mammary glands and

change their gait

couples start snogging each other

after making sure they are in line of sight

some try & show off their

skills/gnowledge in loud conversations

some just pretend to be overtly happy & satisfied

some start staring into their mobile

with unflinching penance-like concentration

some go to crazy lengths to appear busy

nothing subtle about this art

what they hope to gain

from this strategy

besides giving the higher being some laughs

is hard to concieve

after all

who needs who


Shahid said...

Fantastic..very well written..You hit the nail right on the head Rishi PTji:)

(Loud Applause)

Stardolphin said...


Because rather than gazing up with respect/admiration, and surrendering to the divine, the knee jerk reaction of the ego is to try and bring anything higher down to a level beneath themselves...all the most obvious, desperate and crass reactions can be predictably relied upon

Anonymous said...

what a cool blog, what a precise and fitting title. you are so eloquent! you reveal people's irrational behaviour in the most humorous, concise way, showing the whole absurdity of it. the insight & understanding you have in what strategies beings of this plane have come up with is so profound! and what an entertaining & enlightening way of sharing it, with all your clarity and in your elegant and witty writing style.

very cool that you break it down to the genesnakes' - you always see the bigger picture, the complete perspective. which you present in the funniest manner - 'haven't learnt much ...' - such brilliant style, it's hilarious ... if only it wasn't so unsettling - those examples from your observations of people's attempts of drawing attention ... it's really quite shocking to see what idiots we're willing to make out of ourselves rather than admit to being interested ... and if one is honest, one does feel that stupid while doing it too ...

your punchline is so true. yes, it's but a bad joke which holds no gain. all one actually does is miss the chance of a life / many lifetimes / a world age.

it's such an extraordinary good fortune to be on the planet at the same time as you! thank you for so compassionately and kindly sharing your observations and making your insights and deepest wisdom accessible on this blog!

Stardolphin said...

Also interesting, re the Beauty and the Beast blog below, how so many these days are prepared to spend a fortune on surgeons, gyms, in chemists etc to acquire an image the Demiurge/hive considers beautiful, yet wouldnt spend five minutes consulting a true guru on how to become more spiritually beautiful, when it is free.

asha Pi arTi said...

You are the most fluent sarcasmist ... so intelligent :)!

love the way You speak/write... really brightens ones day !

* bowing to the un-ignorable electromagnetic Force of P *

pinx said...

Brilliant ! You bring out the hilarity of the situation so well !

it is the funniest sight to behold, the way beings carry on in their deliberate attempts to ignore ! i remember one incident in New Zealand when You were looking resplendent and glorious, playing Your guitar under a waterfall ! truly a magnificent sight to behold ~ and as rare as water in a desert ! and some male of the translucent variety arrives and all his concentration can be seen in just trying to ignore You ! ha ! lol ! he couldnt even pay attention to the waterfall anymore, he had only one focus, the art of deliberate ignoring !

it is soooo hilarious to observe these things ! how much effort beings are prepared to make to go against natural impulses !

You are the best P ! those that ignore do so at their own risk and really who needs who indeed !

Anonymous said...

:) we are very silly indeed. dhanyavad for finding humor in our hellish plight. dhanyavad for showing us the way out in the matter of phact way which only your Divine Grace can. i bow.

Shahid said...

Badiya Prabhu.

Your Holy Scriptures truly have repeat value..worth reading again and again...

Pyare Shiv-Narayn ki jai ho <3

Anonymous said...

i bow!

You have the PhunniesT way of describing the genesnakes awful traits P and helP one laugh constantly at the nasty gene pool one came from and shed those awful unnatural tendencies.

ignoring P is the greatest risk, the only real risk to exist! You are the biggest deal! Divine incarnate on this Earth! You are so obviously more grand and enchanting than anything else to exist. Your Divine Phorce is imPossible to ignore!

'who needs who'
such imPorTant words!

i bow the One all need!

miragegirl said...

we need Your helP in ascending to higher realms
i wish for Your helP in ascending to higher realms

Your observations are astute, PracTical insights so one can imProve oneself for the better !

PsingulariTy said...

You are Kalki,
destroyer of evil
hoPe for humanity

Anonymous said...

i bow!
Your P-sPecTive is the ultimate!!!
so amazing to read Divines observations of beings here!
their ridiculous behavior is undeniably true!
You always see things and tell things exactly as they are and do so in the wittiest and PhunniesT way!
Divines sense of humor is the best!
You are the most beautiful being there is! glowing and beaming with life!
it's stunning to be in Your Presence!
comPleTely caPTivating whatever You are doing!
the way You sPeak! the way You walk! the way You eat!
the way You Play! everything You do and say is meaningful and mezmerizing!
You are Divine incarnate!
the most interesting being there is!
it would really take serious effort to ignore You!
You are the kindest to helP beings here uninstall such a useless operating system!
i bow.

asha Pi arTi said...

i bow ! Divine has the best sense of humour ... snogging lol ... it is all so true and so crazy !! what all ppl try instead of just doing the simple natural easy thing ... acgnowledging You !!

it is such a thorough shame to ignore You for even a moment let alone through so many times in the day when one gets caught up in doing something else ... making anything more important than You and Your presence anytime is the same as ignoring You deliberately as one gnos better !! and how many times in the day one puts attention on Divine You and Praises vs. how many times one does something else is very revealing !! one's timing does not compare to muggles & their attempt to ignore You (which You so eloquently describe to the phunniest details) but it is what binds one to muggledome and not being able to escape here... which is just not an option anymore !! so kind of You to make it so crystal clear and simple and logickal by Your words and by miraculously incarnating here in these times where it is so easy to have access to the Axis through this medium ... You are no Being anyone can ignore in actuality so it is definitely all deliberate and takes tremendous effort to do.

it is insane and without reason. it is the downfall of everyone who attempts. it is detrimental every time one doesn’t acgnowledge You and Your Gracefull Beautyfull existence here !!

i bow !!

Unknown said...

Your sarcasm is always on point and you notice the world in such a detailed manner that nothing could be ignored by you, Praise!! aeioum

Unknown said...

i bow

Unknown said...

You capture all the (stupid)things that people do spot on. People keep thinking about themselves even when they know they are no good and would retract their attention from the higher and divine who gnows more and is wiser. It is by doing this that they deprive themselves of any evolution. Their ignorance is only going to drag them back to worse situation/places. Trying to go against the divine has never ended well.
It is our great fortune to have you here that we still can work on ourselves, for had you not been here had we remained lost in our insignificant ways of life. Your Plogs are the only source of profound gnowledge. Only you have such keen discernment and are so benevolent to be imparting your great gnowledge and wisdom to the beings here. I bow. Pranam.

sarah said...

You see through the ridiculous affectations so clearly.
everyone needs You, it is certainly not the other way around.

ujjwal sharma said...

i bow to the divine PT avatar
the world as of now is in very sad state.we will all have to learn to follow the teachings of lotusocean as it is our last chance for evolution.
love and gratitude to divine avatar

ki vernee said...

wow ! such a great PoinT ! i bow

veena iyengar said...


Gita said...

Yes so true have come across people like this who ignore the moment they get jealous or such thing..

I would find one in every street and every house.. They not only ignore but pass unnecessary comments and puts ones confidence down..

It is tough to survive among these people and seek your help to get away from such a messy situation

Help.. I bow..

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

You are the ePiTome of sarcasm.😂 Your verbal irony is unmatched.

The ones who continue to deliberately ignore you are surely hellbound.

nicolas said...

wow this is so true!
you are so Phunny! what a P log!
you are the most interesting that no one should ignore!
you make all better effortlessly

i bow to you supreme one

Gita said...

anybody ignoring You means they're ignoring their own PhuTure !!!

You are the highest of the highest , the most learned, the most Gnowledge

one bows to Your suPremacy !!!💜💜💜

PatrykJurkiewicz said...

PT thank you very much, I am grateful for the opportunity to read the blog, never before has anything caused such huge changes in such a short time while sometimes being only a few short lines read. It's amazing how you can describe constructs and cause their immediate deconstruction, while at the same time illuminating the path by pointing you in the right direction. Thank you Perfect Divinity