Wednesday 31 December 2008

the year change ceremony

once again we are at the

artificial marker for change of numbers

another chance for many earthlings to get

drunk & crazy

an auspicious start for all the good things to come

its a time when a sudden injection of expectation

is administered in the hope that it can last

365 solar days

the designated important creatures of the planet are

on TV giving rhetorical messages

masses after all have infinite tolerance for rhetoric

they say - 'its a chance for humanity to move forward'

when hardly any human can actually be seen

on the streets filled with orcs & gremlins

trillions of varied new year resolutions are made

about one futility or the other

only to be drowned in the soup

of alchohol, socializing & pretension

gunpowder is exploded into the already

murky & hazy city skies

to mimic the orgasmic sperm ejection

the closest thing to magic

they can come up with

its time to be happy

coz experience tells

all that lies ahead is tumult & frustration

happiness is a ghost which

visits earthlings for a few hours

the last night of the year &

they are well prepared for receiving it

in tons of synthetic perfumes, gels & hairsprays

the ceremony bears all the marks of

the sacred & the auspicious


starchild said...

that's a superb description of the insanity which afflicts the present day human race.. when you put it so plainly .. one can really see the depth of madness.. it is frightening..

Kate said...

This is so true , great way of seeing things for the way they are. seeing my own foolishness i've done as well. Realizing change is needed and breaking away from the fool activities is what can help one to stop. no need to wait until a end of the year ceremony its all right here , the chance to learn the truth from LotusOcean is the best thing to celebrate about!

asha Pi arTi said...

so true P, what an excellent PoinT ! i agree with kate, there is no change possible without taking responsibility & You were & are here all the time for one to learn from ! i bow.

asha Pi arTi said...

wht a cool explanation & description of what all goes on and what it actually means ... especially the fireworks... Your observations are always so objective and real !

miragegirl said...

yes, so true

there is no purpose to celebrate an 'artificial marker for change of numbers'

its futile

you are very eloquent

you show us the truth as is in a simple yet witty way

ShivaYaShive said...

very enlightening. hate the sounds of fire works of gremlins in the city center.u have the wit to point out the nonsense of the so assumed celebration.

Anonymous said...

the only thing that makes sense in the new year is that the haPPy of the new year is made up 2 P's . Pure P!

pinx said...

Brilliant !! Absolutely brilliant words filled with Divine wit and wisdom ! You provide absolute precision and detail about the nonsense that occurs in the name of new years celebration.

"another chance for many earthlings to get drunk & crazy
an auspicious start for all the good things to come"

LOL - that is so spot on accurate ! that is the definition of New Years for most ! it certainly was for me ! an auspicious start indeed, insert (facepalm) icon here.

and really love how You point out that "human" is hardly the word to describe beings of the now, with the streets filled with orcs & gremlins...really after You PoinT it out one gets the eyes to see...and You speak/write the truth ! beings can be cast straight into Lord of the Rings, no make-up/costumes required !

such a brilliant P-log ! You really reveal the desolation and destitution of the state of affairs. "happiness is a ghost which visits earthlings for a few hours" - brilliant wording ! so witty, profoundly witty ! and oh so true !

Your words are the ultimate treatise on the times of now ! a total compendium rich in insight & wisdom ! You cover it all in Your writings ! the only words one ever needs to read !

I Bow !

miragegirl said...

aap ko poora pata hai ki log is duniya mein kis tarah jite hai

new year ke utsav ubbe huey logon ke liye samay bitna ka bahana hai

aap ka vyangy bahut ki sundar hai

"the ceremony bears all the marks of

the sacred & the auspicious"

aap ke PT jaduyee duniya mein aap ke saat har din naye dilchasph gatnaoon se bara hota hai

aap ke guitar par amog sangeet, aap ke anginat dilchasph baatein, duniya ko sachi tarah se dikana ...

har din bahut se roopon mein sacha jadu dekne ko milta hai

aap ke dikaye PaTh par chalna bahut mangalmayee hai

aap sabse mangalmaee hai

aap ke saat aap ke Prashansa mein bita hua har din 'holy' hai

danya hai hum ki aap is duniya mein padare hai

aap ka saran hi sab ko rahat Pradan karta hai

aap Param Pujaneey hai

aap Kalki hai

aap ParamaTma hai

aap ko mera Pranam

Anonymous said...

i bow. Your PotenT words of Trith remove all false traces of grandeaur from this ridiculous tradition and celebration. i bow. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

PsingulariTy said...

All P wictories are sPecial days, days for ceremony & festivities
You are Aparajith, The Undefeated Hero

Unknown said...

"Orcs and gremlins" lol very well explained the sickness of people who looks forward to opportunities to make any day a day to become orcs or gremlins and do things as it pleases them.

Unknown said...

i bow to the Sol.
i bow to the auspicious.
i bow to the time.
i bow to your divine bliss.

Unknown said...

Lol, you described the madness among the people so simply. The empty celebration of few hours just to forget the upcoming frustration, and that too it is celebrated by disturbing the nature and oneself. You depict the true reality with your words. Pranam.

ki vernee said...

lol ! Your humor is out of this world ! You really show how ridiculous so-called new year resolutions are ! the only thing worth working toward is praising, bowing and serving Divine so that one can get out of hell !

Gita said...

Ur the natural one..
Nature lies within u..
U don't need any artificial stuff to look handsome cos ur d manifestation of the world Handsomeness...
No hair sprays no colours no make up can beat your touch n eternal beauty...
Your natural fragrance makes me come alive..
Your natural fragrance cures all my disease..
That's cos you and prakriti are always one n in separable..
I bow to the great Nature which lies in you....

Ajay Kapoor said...

This is so true, the nonesense beings get themselves involved in year upon year ..all it leads to is pain and touture yet it keeps on happening.. I bow..

Anonymous said...
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veena iyengar said...

aeioum..there are no words to praise you..
Thank you

undecided said...

I bow. New year new me is the saying over here in the west! While in actuality it should be "new year, less evolved me" as they end their nights in a drunken state, only to wake up the next morning and start on their new "healthy" lifestyle that all give up after a month or two...then we wait until the next new year to do it again! At some point we should look at the situation and see how much nonsense this is....PT's words are the brightest there are in this age. aeioum

Anonymous said...

no one can exPlain like you do.

your words have the Power to change beings from the rooT level which leads to their own betterment.

lana_33 said...
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nicolas said...

wow this is so true! madness is all over the Earth!
your explanations are so clear and witty!
your intelligence is a miracle
Only moving towards you can lead to real evolution, you are ParamaTma
a world without you is a world without sense

i bow to you supreme lord

nicolas said...

you exPlain the truth so intelligently & clearly!
your words are magnificent! your greatness shines through all that you do!
i am so grateful that you are on earth, you are a magickal being
your Presence is the most auspicious miracle!

i bow to you suPreme lord

PatrykJurkiewicz said...

when you write everything becomes obvious and noticeable. Your insights are a lifesaver.
I bow Guru PT