Saturday 13 December 2008

what media-machine is for

the only job of media

(tv, newspaper, magazine, internet, all forms)

in this lunatic asylum

presently known as earth

is to praise



the fallen ones ( disguised as celebrities )

no need to count

the number of lies here

its all about selling

evil as good


beast as beauty

the beast wanted praise

without having praiseworthy qualities

and so it set up a system

where it would get it &

media was the fulcrum of this system

the point was and is to convince

each & every soul that they

should buy this fake reality

& get recruited ...

a cheap trick. more devious than

a dishonest shopkeeper selling a rotten apple

some wonder what makes the mediapeople do it

besides the fact they are paid for it

because many on the ground level

are part of this disinformation campaign

without ever getting paid for it

they all continously mouth out how cool this or that is

after they have heard it from the mediamachine

its like a 'praise investment policy' ...

praise, be it a straight lie or no-conviction dribble,

so that one day one gets it back as well

with interest hopefully

at least thats what

their invisible contract with "the dark lord" tells them

support this structure & hopefully

one day you could be a celebrity yourself !

it may take another 1000 years

& zillions of resources but

what the heck

there are many planets left to plunder ...


miragegirl said...

yes its selling out to evil to be like that

your Plogs are the true scriptures, full of gnowledge for helpful learning

Anonymous said...

This is a brilliantly genius examPle of yet another divine Play of Perfection in the coolness and calm coherence of Lotus Ocean unrivaled wisdom and knowledge .How you see it all with such sharp wit and diamond like clarity one can only wonder for Zillions of light years?It is fed to us - It makes us sick and very angry! We believe we have to stand by the beast and hence transform him into a handsome Prince.That is sick to the core!Most children hear it and form a distorted version which gets stored in their subconscious and then they later fall into the trap of the negative Pattern and get bashed up by the waves of beastly violence and devilish functions on the rocks over and over and over until they just happen to happen to happen to be saved by a hand that leads their injured souls to let go by simPly walking over the cool water .Step by Step...

miragegirl said...

duniya kitni pagal hai

aap is duniya ke kamal hai

aur hum aap ke sevak

aap ParmaTma hai

aap Param Pujay hai

aap ko mera Pranam

miragegirl said...

media dis-information pehlata hai aur aap sach ko Plogs mein likte hai

yhud mein aap ka hi vijay hai

aap Param Pavan hai

aap ParamaTma hai

aap ko mera Pranam

pinx said...

Brilliantly said !!

You get to the core of what the media machine is for ! and what a nasty core it is ! it really is despicable what the pathetic do to garner praise, totally indecent and shady happenings.

Your PerspecTive is Divine ! You are the One who is the repository of all P-raise worthy qualities ! You are a real celebrity ~ a being who can and should be celebrated ! You deal with the real world ! the world of Nature, the world of real Magic, the world of Divine ! what a life saving alternative to the illicit contract with the 'dark lord'.

I Bow !

Anonymous said...

a pathetic paradigm majority are trapped in. dhanyavad for guiding us out P! i bow. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow!!!

You are the ultimate hero P! the only real celebrity! the One who exists in this world outside of the Lunatic asylum!

You expose media for the mega sick widespread crazy machine it is! so disgusting the way it programs the masses to believe countless lies which destroy ones being and this earth! and how deeply embedded it is!

You and LotusOcean are the only source for the True story! and what an amazing real life story it is!

i bow to the One who has come to set this world right! it is so amazing You are here P!

Anonymous said...

evil is so ramPanT in today's world that one sees only evil as entertainment, its taken as being class, modern living to be able to access media, like villagers obtaining the tv guide magazines when they do not even own a television, not only that but making it a community event to circulate amongst themselves and read it

how about being so enthusiastic towards obtaining real gnowledge, being ProacTive in Vedic oriented living

You are a single most imPorTant being on this PlaneT earth in the now, both for the PlaneT & for the PeoPle on it

individuals first & communities as a whole need to move towards what You are showing us

World is a community that has withered to dead
a new community has to bloom to freshness, to a PT world
a sound community which Plays Your music !

PsingulariTy said...

wow, that's the Truth ! Your eloquence is admirabale.
with the media, its a PaThetic state of affairs.

You are The Handsomeness
in this insane ugly world.

Anonymous said...

i bow
always love reading and sPeaking Your Plogs P!
Only You can and always do get to the PoinT!
Your words are comPleTe sense and coherence in a senseless incoherent world!
every scriPTure applicable to the right here right now.
so grateful to realize the PoinT of this life is to Bow to You! to Praise You! To Serve You!
so grateful for how natural and right it feels to do so.
so grateful for the ways You exPose the sick machine and system for what it really is!
it really is just senseless and evil and sick and wrong to see the effort and waste and disregard for Divine and Divines ways and laws that has gone into creating this false reality to garner false Praise!
it is all empty and rotten and soulless unless YOU are at the center! You are at the core!
You are the one who is solid, whole and Pure!
the one who gnos and lives and abides by Pure Laws and PriciPles in every moment!
You are Pure Law! You are Pure PrinciPles!
so grateful to learn about the reality of this hellish world from You P!
so grateful for the chance to Phocus on YOU!
to Praise YOU!
to work to become centered and Phixed on YOU!
so grateful the Axis is here to end the raping and pillaging and plundering of Your beautiful PlaneT!
so grateful for the chance to do something meaningful with this life one has been given.
You are so generous to guide the only way out P!
so grateful The Avatar is here and for the chance to work toward moving toward You.
i bow

Unknown said...

Only fee words and few lines but, you have shown the whole true picture of the media and how it works? Very few could understand their evil agendas because, they serve it in such a deceptive manner by showing fake things, fake people, fake evil agendas, fake made up stories etc. and build an invisible trap!!

asha Pi arTi said...

You are so kind to spell this out so beautyfully ... a cheap trick indeed and how foolish one was to fall for it ! so gratefull to have real Divine beauty to put attention on now !

You make it so clear what the agenda is, to promote beast and beauty and evil as good ... love how You simplify it all to its essence !

taking the basics out of life is a dangerous thing ! only You have taught one what the basics are and how to follow them !

only You make it possible to utilise any of the media for good and for real beauty !! to show how Nature/Earth/Gaia celebrates YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You are the Real Celebrity ... the One the whole PlaneT (not its foolish inhabitants) celebrates ... now that is REAL BREAKING NEWS !!!!!!!!!!!!!! and worthy of all media attention !!!!!! Your cropformations alone are so mindblowing not to mention all the lightning and rainbows and so much irrefutable adoration all around !

You are so transformative and Powerfull !!

Your words are one's saving grace, so gratefull one can read them outloud !!!

i bow

Anonymous said...

Your Plogs clear up so many misconceptions. You are the only one who really oPens up ones eyes to what is happening before one..You help one see the reality..You are the only one who can wake one up from the most horrible sleep of goal-less attitude..Your Plogs are Phenomenal..Your scriPTures are great..there is no One like You...You are a true revolutionary..such a blessed thing for people on earth to be able to access Your wonderful Plog..You Possess so much beauty..You give one the right knowledge..You are so marvellous. You are extraordinary..i bow

Anonymous said...

You write so awesomely
media machine is to get praise for the unworthy
that's an awesome observation
You are a Phenomenal being. Your keen intelligence is off the charts
You are so effortlessly intelligent
what a wonderful , unique and remarkable being You are
Your Plogs are so PoTenT
i bow

ki vernee said...

amazing ! that is so true all these so called celebrities just want praise without even having praise worthy qualities ! You make the best points ! You are the only Being worth praising !

Ajay Kapoor said...

This is so true celebrities that want to be praised and mimicked by the masses. You are the only true soul that should be praised!.. I bow to your lotus feet.

Gita said...

As i read your Plogs my system crashes, and its crashed for every P Log that i open.. The evil is trying its best to get to me , it is trying its best to keep me away from you..

But this wouldn't happen... When Parvati can push away her father for the love of her life for her Guru , why wouldnt i beat up this distraction , get away and kill the obstacles , and try my best a zillions times to read your Blogs...

Why wouldn't i fix the crashes and get back to my food here written so beautifully ?

Why wouldn't i wear a smile like the one i have one right now which would mock the devils around me to get tired and give up on me ???????

Wish i only had the power like them to destroy them , put them in agony like they have corrupted the world..........

They need to know that my fight is against them to reach PT.. They need to know that even though they are more powerful than me my devotion will always outshine them and they can never beat me........

They need to know that it is them who are mentally weak and not me....

I am with PT and will always be.. This the devil should know..

I seek your help in this.. I want to be centered.. I want to be with the DIVINE


veena iyengar said...

very true!!..It's all media circus..
Thanks for enlightening us..

undecided said...

I bow. If only everyone began to gno how really the PlaneT and other PlaneTs functioned. I praise the divine of PT only. aeioum

ankita said...

You're words are so comPassionaTe and ePic
the way You observe this world is beyond ePic and imPressive was really such a degenerating downward feeling to pay attention to these so called rock stars and celebrities ..and ones actions of the past fill one with disgust and shame even look at these lunatics that pass of as celebrities and rock stars and listen to their noise that is so clearly full of pulling down vibes that create heaviness..a very degenerating and aimless feeling this media hype creates..the lives of these beings that are passed of as good and beautiful is full of ugliness and degeneration ..You are so kind to oPen ones eyes ..You are so kind to help beings look at PhacTs
You give eyes to see kind of You to wake beings up from the most heavy slumber is so full of shame when one remembers the actions of the past ..its such a huge crime to praise beasts that are so clearly not praiseworthy..and You are so clearly the beauty and the only PraiseworThy being..looking at You gives such an uPliPhTing light evolving Pheeling also recovers from all the ill effects of past actions as one looks at Your real beauty and DiviniTy

You are so kind to save beings from all lies
Your words and Your Presence is so relieveing
no longer does one get heavy looking at nonsense one gets to look at real beauty since You are here
and You show a way out of a place where there are traps
You and only You have the answers
You and only You save one from endless confusion and dumbness
only with You there's more and more hoPe
You destroy old notions
You take beings towards lightness of being
You are so PleasanT and Pure
so kind of You to show a way out of this cycle of birth and death trap where one gets into horrible situations like looking at ugliness out of dumbness and non learning attitude and as a result increasing ones heaviness
You are the saviour in every way
without You one would be lost and doing one ugly action after another
so great that You are here
one is so lucky to come across You who is so kind and comPassionaTe
You are so kind to show the way out so that one never falls into this trap where one does unbearably ugly actions
so kind of You to correct beings and give them an opportunity to free themselves from their own shameful actions and all that is unbearably wrong forever
You are amazing and Divine light
You enlighten and shine
You are so kind to teach beings Personally
Your comPassion is immense
Your kindness is huge
You are truly Divine kindness and comPassion
i bow at Your merciPhul PuriPhying PheeT

lana_33 said...

wow! another brilliant Plog! Your Plogs really oPen one's eyes to the true functionings of this world! You make it all so simPle and clear! ~ the media machine is there for praising evil! how beautyfully and succinctly do You sum it all uP! absolutely brilliant! and it's really so True ~ the media is constantly praising and hyping up total nonsense, the evil system itself, and these so-called celebrities! now it's so clear as to what their intent is! it's such a maniacal, anti-Divine system out there! the media machine isn't Praising You and Your wonderfull and Pure activities!

"the beast wanted praise
without having praiseworthy qualities
and so it set up a system
where it would get it"

what an ePic and awesome quote! You always have the best wording for everything!

You are the most PraiseworThy One here ~ You are so comPassionaTe to reveal the truth! You are so straightforward and honest! Your words are so clariPhying and liberaTing!

i was praising nonsense for far too long as well ~ it is so great to have Phound the One who can be Praised endlessly! You are so PhascinaTing and PraiseworThy and awesome! i bow <3

Anonymous said...

only you are PraiseworThy and PrideworThy.

Unknown said...

You see through all the fakery and fraudulent things put out there to trap beings ... it is such a relief to be praising a Being who is actually worthy of praise ... i bow

nicolas said...

wow that is really true! your words are divine! media is about evil nowadays
you are the most legendary being with the most legendary liPhe! you truly are amazing
i bow to you ShivNarayan

nicolas said...

really beautiful words! your greatness is magnificent! your PercePTion is so accurate!
you are the real destroyer of evil!
i bow to you all gnoing one

ankita said...

nobody can see what You can see . .You helP beings see the obvious! it was all in plain sight but one could never see it. . no one else could! only You break the chains of lies . .You end the PreTend! You are so eye oPening! yes! all that make up they put and all those studio lights that they are under and all that editing on top of that to get an ugly final product that needs more media hyping it so that even the sheeple can actually buy it because it's very easy to sell crap to them because of their low quality taste and lack of seeking for anything better...its all such a joke .. so zabardasti! who are they kidding? a kiddish society! all to keep lies going and avoiding the PhacT of death and that beauty is related to truth
You are truly the embodiment of satyam shivam sundaram make up . .no prior PreParation, no studio lights ...just natural beautiPhul You .. You don't even have to get out of bed and Your PicTure is Divine PerfecTion. . You don't put mascara and Your eye lashes are so beautiPhul! makes the heart jumP thinking of them and the sensuous look in Your eyes .. You are so lean and electric ...such beautiPhul litheness. ..just love how Your Phorm looks .. not an ounce of fat here and there. . athletic and agile lissom! ..and You have the most lovely smell .. the memory of which makes one feel better. .. You are so beautiPhul and natural! You don't have to spend money to look good .. You don't have to buy designer clothes. You don't even have to comb Your hair!
..You just wraP a cloth around You and You look so great and the sky rePhlecTs the color of what You are wearing and the tea You are drinking! now that's real magic and suPersTardom! now that's uPPer class! now that's the real star magic! so ePhorTless You are! You truly rock!
i 🙇