Monday 22 December 2008


democracy = demon-cracy all are equal = all are equally confused giving masses the illusion of control when the control lies somewhere else ... aristocracy was deliberately demonized to make way for a sneakier way of being in control without facing any direct rebellion the 'divine right to rule' suryavanshi, chandravanshi etc. ... came from a hierarchy based upon degree of evolution a real leader is one who can actually steer the course of a team/group/race/genepool/planet/galaxy in a positive evolutionary direction this requires the leader to be of higher evolutionary status but this cannot be the case when those of a lower disposition acquire the lead through deceit to serve their own not-so-wholesome agendas they however don't want to appear on TV so their dumb stooges have to fill the 'visible leader' slots thus the jokes like bush etc. masses are always looking for something which would lead them out of misery instead all they get is more misery the hoodwinking continues ... but how long can it sustain itself is another story


Anonymous said...

your blogs sre so concise & to the point!

you reveal the complex connections of this crazy plane with striking clarity, logic, simplicity, and the deepest spiritual understanding.

very eloquently written too. highly educational, inspiring and entertaining. thank you for these gems!

Anonymous said...

Demoncracy is so aPT!Glad to know we have a real leader to actually steer the course
of a team/group/race/genepool/planet/galaxy in a positive evolutionary direction away from it all.

miragegirl said...

aap ko duniya ki sari baaton ki poori kabar hai

aap parde ke parde ke parde ke...peche vali sari baate jante hai

aur unhe spasth aur dilchaspth roop se Plogs mein likte hai

aap is darti par sabse evolved being hai

is duniya ke kisi bhi prani, kanigh aap ki saran lekar evolution ke path par chal sakta hai

aap duniya ke ek matr sache nayak hai

aap jaha hote hai vah mausam kushnuma ho jaata hai,

aap ke matr dyan se kisi bhi sthan par badal hat prakash phal jaata hai

teek aapke LotusOcean kitki se aap ke aaram se dekne ke liye anek-a-nek indradanush bante hai

aur un dusre dushth shashako ke utsav par gangor andakar aur thand phal gaya tha

aap unke system ki upar rahte hai

aap ne har tarah se un dushth shashako par vijay prapth ki hai

aap ke jadu se jitni crop formaiton responses mile hai, jitne indradhanush bane hai, jitni lightining huye hai, jitne bar suryasth par LotusOcean rang ubar aaye hai, sab aap ke vijay ka hi naad hai

aap Param Pujaneey hai

aap ParmaTma hai

aap ko mera Pranam

aap ki jai ho !

pinx said...

Profound & Brilliant words !

"all are equal = all are equally confused" ~ brilliant analogy ! that is the truth of it !

it is so formidable how You not only expose the reality of planetary affairs but also provide the blueprints for a superior course of affairs !

You are the real leader in this world ! You are the One who can actually steer the course of a team/group/race/genepool/planet/galaxy in a positive evolutionary direction !

if affairs on this planet were functioning by Divine pure principles You would be the recognised Leader of this Earth ! but alas this world is filled with morons, and deceitful rulers.

Hoorah for Bhudevi and the Elementals, they gno who You are, and finally more of 'us' do too :)

I Bow !

sarah anne said...

Demon-cracy! scarily accurate break down of a cynical, violently enforced ideology.

Anonymous said...

i bow.

Anonymous said...

i bow!

such ePic words! one is floored!
You write about what is really going on so concisely P! You are clearly the One who sees it all as it really is! You exPose democracy for the demonic illusion leading the masses to confusion it really is!

You are the only real PoliTician P! it is You who have the Divine right to rule! it is You who the real world obeys and resPonds to! it is You who gnos what is going on in all dimensions of this multiverse!

You are the real leader! as You so beautifully state and many comments reiterate, You are the One who can and is actually steering the course of a team/group/race/genepool/planet/galaxy in a positive evolutionary direction!

one is Philled with the most intense relief to gno that You exist P! That You are real! That You are here!
one was so confused, hoodwinked and ultimately terrified of the forces behind the system in ones ignorant and unintelligent psychedelic search for truth.

i bow to caPTain PT! The ultimate and suPreme Phorce! The only real Power there is! the all Pervading reality! the One who is Phlying this Earth ship into higher worlds!
i bow at Your immortal feet P!

PsingulariTy said...

You are The PaTriarch
the one with the ability & gnowledge to rule ProPerly.

Unknown said...

Democracy is truly A Demon- Cracy or Crazy-Demon, you have such a profound way to see things as they really are. The system shows something and does something else, totally the opposite. They just simply play their game in which they are the only winners!!

ki vernee said...

"a real leader is one who can actually steer the course of a team/group/race/genepool/planet/galaxy in a positive evolutionary direction"... what a great point ! You define what a real leader is so perfectly ! it is clear that You are the only leader ! and these so called 'leaders' of the world are just part of a demoncracy ! one is so fortunate to have a true guide in this crazy fraudulent world ! i bow !

Ajay Kapoor said...

I bow.. You have clearly stated what my inclin was towards current world affairs that these so called presidents are just puppets for families that want to have control ( as you have stated before desperaties). The world would be so much peaceful if you were leading the way. I bow down..

veena iyengar said...


Gita said...

Divine - cracy is somewhere i would want to live in. U being the most beautiful one release me from this hell, take me out of this demon cracy , taken me into your divine cracy where I can see only u rule, only your laws operating.. There ul be my master and i your disciple.... Take me onto your lap and release me from the hellish pain that I am in..

Gita said...

I request I bow I seek I fall on to your feet

undecided said...

I bow. Invisible men who have claimed their power through undivine means...the puppets in front are just a distraction. I praise the divine right to rule, PT. aeioum

sarah said...

Your PredicTions of matrix-meltdown are more ProPheTic by the day.

lana_33 said...

democracy = demoncracy! such a great observation! You always make the best connections!

"giving masses the
illusion of control
when the control lies
somewhere else"

so brilliantly and eloquently worded!

it really makes so much sense that a real leader would be of a higher degree of evolution than those he is leading! ~ You always have the most sensible solutions! You are the only being here qualified to be a leader! You are the Real PresidenT!

You are so insightfull and brilliant! it's so wonderfull to have Phound the One and Only real guide for this world and beyond! You are so PerfecT in every single way! i bow <3

lana_33 said...

You are the only One who can lead a being out of misery and into bliss! i bow <3

Anonymous said...

you are a divine leader and the one and only being to be able to PuT an end to all sorTs of miseries.

aeioum PT.

Unknown said...

one can feel much reassurance and safety gnowing that one found the real Leader of this time with real Divine qualities which nature celebrates and the heavenly beings praise !!! only You can evolve beings ... i bow

nicolas said...

wow very realistic and grounding! this is so true! your words are divine
you are the real leader that is saving the Earth! no being can do the things that you do
you are the real caPTain i will follow everywhere

i bow to you supreme lord

nicolas said...

magnificent revelation! your words are eye opening! you are the only fit to be a leader here!
your suPerioriTy shines in every ways! your PerfecTion is a marvelous Phenomenon!
your honesty & straightforwardness are so refreshing!

i bow to your divine greatness