Friday 5 December 2008

The Last Mimzy ~ Hollywood Imitates LotusOcean


Yashanvitha said...

Hollywood shud pay back royalty n penalty to PT for all the piracy n imitation.

JacLee said...

YOU are everything you say you are! They are nothing but a jumble of confusion. I watched that Disney film and it never did make sense. You, however are as perfectly clear and completely understandable! I bow!

miragegirl said...

yes its a clear imitation

its phunny

but also shows that the many signs and symbols are actually accepted as higher and relating to divine

even in a crazy hollywood way

shows what happens around you with you and yourself are divine

really Divine

your attributes are superb , exhilirating

and actually go way beyond any constrcuts

you are sweet

Anonymous said...

This is actually like a compliment in a worldly way to the Axis.'Holly'wood has been given a chance to believe its 'Holy' for .000 of a 'tri' second which too can haPPen only by the divine will.They can only ape the divine since they are still primitive though they very rarely might have a voice deep within them saying 'He knows' - 'We don't' and then they like all hawker like hellish beings with the cunning of a peddler want to 'USE AND SELL' it all to fool the world which is delusional enough to then believe its original.All is fake in the world and Only the 'ONE' is Pure. We thank his grace for saving us and Proving that 'The Truth' always manages to burn all lies away each time every time , timelessly time and again!Thankyou.Thankyou.Thankyou.

miragegirl said...

aap 'the Real thing' hai

aur aap *the real deal* kya hai voh bhi apne Plogs aur batcheet ke dwara samjate hai

aap dayalu hai

aap mahan hai

aap Param Pujaneeya hai

aap ParmaTma hai

aap ko mera Pranam

pinx said...

"the spirit of sacredness was sacrificed at the altar of fantasiacal mediocrity"

what a summation P ! hat's off, shower of flowers, standing ovation, rapturous applause for Your amazing wording ! nobody can word things better !

what a well put together account of the extent of the mimicry ! was very enthralling to watch ! so much from Your sacred LotusOcean world swindled, the mimcry could not have been more obvious ! and so badly was everything depicted !loved Your remark about the "perfect chanting atmosphere" LOL ! Yes these creatures are so very far away from You ! love how You followed it with Your real and sacred AEIOUM chant !

and very striking comparisons between Your Divine & wholesome soundtrack and hollywoods hellish & edgy one. what a clear difference between the two !

really *real thing is the real thing* and all attempts to imitate it are foolish and retarded ! so surprising how they just don't relent !

I Bow to the *Real Thing* !

Anonymous said...

lol! i bow. so Phun and Phunny to witness one of the many ways hollywood mimics PT! You are most eloquent in Your acknowledgment of their mediocrity and so comPassionaTe to set the record straight. You Provide True sanctity in Your very being, Your every word and action, sound and Play which they feebly attemPT to imitate. i bow at the feet of the True star from whence it all came, the only One who can and does Truly gno. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

Your ways are unique and true. They cannot be imitated by anyone.

PsingulariTy said...

'There can only be One'
You are The One
'The One cannot be mimicked, duplicated or substituted'

Unknown said...

They can only imitate, sorry they can't even do that properly. If they could imitate they would have learnt something valuable in this process. But, they can't because, they mostly look forward to materialise things!!

Unknown said...

Mimicry does no good.
i bow to the divine reality.
i bow to your play.
i bow to your fractal nature.
i bow to your knowledge.

Unknown said...

i bow to your heartfelt response.

ki vernee said...

amazing ! its so phunny how hollywood tries to mimic Divine ! only Divine gnows the significance of everything ! P is so gnowledgeable ! i bow !

undecided said...

I bow. Beings who gno nothing are desperate to keep entertaining so they go to stealing the life of PT...sounds quite pathetic to me! aeioum

Anonymous said...

Divine cannot be imitated, it can only be Praised.