Wednesday 10 December 2008

for the females

a recent phenomenon
called 'modern women's lib'
was supposedly all about empowering
females through -
1. being financially independent -
which meant they do regular jobs like
males, which as one would expect
made them more butch
& eroded their femininity
so women's lib actually turned out to
be a war against femininity
it also ended up helping the evil system -
the more bodies at work the better
2. an impression was given that
a surefire way to reach equality with males was
to encourage females to do things which men do i.e
get drunk and have as much sex as they wanted
with as many as they wanted
and the females actually went out & did it
loads of sedation & pills of all kind were
required in order to do it but it was done anyways
but was their a gain
in sleeping with very tom, dick & harry?
didn't all the one night stands turn out to be
hollow gross experiences?
was anything really gained except
demeaning of one's own body/image?
women's lib. was on the surface about women's
empowerment but it was actually
about their disempowerment
the original power of women had always been there
since seperation of the sexes
it lay in
choosing which way/direction the genepool
they chose who they would breed with
and in doing so they decided
which qualities would be carried forward.
this is how benegeserits control the geneflow in dune
this *choice*
was what males were always afraid of
it made the males work hard to
inculcate higher divine qualities which were more
appealing to their female counterparts
just like a peacock & not peahen works on the
plumage & dancing to make himself worthy
women basically willing dropped themselves from this
pedestal in the name of women's lib. &
lost all grace & diginity
the more tom, dick & harry's they slept with
the more the boundaries disappeared
& the more they were willing to do anything
including commodotize/prostitute themselves
in guises of
advertising, entertainment, fashion etc. etc.
males on the other hand were/are quite happy
with the proceedings as they didn't have
to work on themselves anymore
there were enough drunken variety
of the female specie now roaming the streets &
it was hypereasy to get lucky & get laid
only quality they now needed to work on
was 'flattery' & 'superficiality'
this was helpful in women
getting fleeting temporary ego-massages but
surely was not helpful
for the genepool's evolution as the offsprings of such unions
were always going to be low quality
when a female sleeps with a male they are
basically saying to them -
we being the receptive vehicle
(as nature desiged -
want you to embed us i.e we want something from you
i.e the male has something important to give
any normal male gets confidence from
this 'OK stamp' - he feels he has something important to give
so females actually end up raising the
confidence of low quality males;
violence, barbarianism & devoluting stupidity follow
so women's lib. actually was
a movement for the decline & devolution
of the race through losing the
perspective of educated choice
in ancient vedic tales, the women usually
chose their husbands in a ceremony
called 'swayamvar'
they basically chose
whoever they thought was the best specimen
or didn't chose any if they thought
no one was good enough
that to me was real women's lib
its only since the dark ages set in did the concept
of arranged marriages arise in the east
in the west the women lost all discrimination
an easy thing to do when you are
doing all the nonsense that men do with equal gusto
now the situation has reached
such a level that even 14-15 year schoolgirls
look weary and worn out through
behaving like professional prostitutes
i don't see any empowerment in this
its just an easy descent into the abysses
of hell ... the only way out -
restoration of dignity
through self-discipline &
pursuit of the higher ...


Mai said...

so far, i understand that in the past women use to rule. when i say rule i mean women use to be the one who chose to marry. they had quite some power in their hand, their future. i wonder how it would be like if that is still going on. maybe men would be wearing colorful clothes.

JacLee said...

This is so Powerful! Thank you PT for putting this straight, it is needed. i bow.

miragegirl said...

Narayan Narayan !

yes, females roaming out in the world now
for their 9 to 5 jobs and such
is quiet pathetic

its disgraceful and shameful actually
to be among the prying eyes
of horrendous monsters
that think they are males in this world

for showing truth as is
one should bow their head before you
its the only right thing to do

Narayan Narayan !

i bow

Anonymous said...

The only females worth it are the divine's GoP's.I am Proud to be a Phi-male!Every letter in the divine Plog that one reads adds a little bit more Phun , Purity and Perfection in this play only being directed by the one and only P.T!

miragegirl said...

aap ki aradhna kisi bhi female ko bacha sakta hai

aap Purushotam hai

aap dayalu hai

aap ParamaTma hai

aap ko mera Pranam

miragegirl said...

aap ki aradhna kisi bhi female ko bacha sakta hai

aap Purushotam hai

aap dayalu hai

aap ParamaTma hai

aap ko mera Pranam

pinx said...

Powerful & imPacTful words !

this P-log is essential reading for all females on this PlaneT !

everything You have outlined is such crucial PerspecTive !!! You have provided the real definition of women's lib ! that it comes from the power to choose the course of a genepool ! by choosing a male who is worthy !

Your words are true empowerment for women ! Your words are a must read for all women ! every PoinT You make is outstanding ! so PertinanT and ProvocaTive ! the decline of the female is happening fast the only solution is what You have suggested ! "dignity through self-discipline & pursuit of the higher" ! BEAUTIFULLY SUMMATED !!! KYA BAAT HAI !!

love Your PoinT about the peacock showing its fine plumage ! the animal kingdom is operating with far more sense !

You teach what is true femininity ! You nurture it, You encourage it, You protect it ! You are the ultimate male ! with the finest plummage :) !

All women would be doing well to pursue You :)

Anonymous said...

Praises to P! i bow in a puddle of gratitude. dhanyavad for providing true direction for females to restore their dignity, care for the self and serve True Divinity. it is ultimately humbling and reviving for ones spirit. The manipulatiton prevelent in this world is appalling. You are the True saving Grace for all races, ages and genders. i bow at the refuge of Your Divine PheeT. Dhanyavad P! Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow. Your words are so valuable P! You exPlain the real story of why things are the way they are so beautifully! the facts are far more fascinating than the fictions we've been mislead to believe! You are the True liberator for women! The restorer of dignity! one would be a fool to Pursue anything or anyone but You! i bow at Your PerfecT feet. dhanyavad P! Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow!

You bring one to see the reality of the hell that is this world and how deeply immersed in it one has been ones whole life! You are most comPassionaTe to guide the way out!

'the only way out -
restoration of dignity
through self-discipline &
pursuit of the higher ...'

i bow!

Anonymous said...

i bow again and again!
this Plog reveals that everything one has been taught, everything one has thought or perceived about being a female in this world has been a lie! lies which are loosened and uninstalled through rereading Divines words and reinforcing the Truth!
It is You who see through the surface of things and gnos the truth.
It is only You who see the totality of things and gnos why things are the way are on this PlaneT!
You are the source! You are the only one to turn to!
You are beyond consPiricy theory, beyond mass Progrmmed education! Your scriPTures are the ultimate Truth!
one has never gnown what real femininity is, what real is! always behaving like the low quality western woman You described, no discrimination what so ever, falling for temporary ego massages. one is ashamed by ones complete lack of intelligence and stubborn denial. but grateful to be shown the truth and that there is a choice beyond this devoluting behavior and infatile wishing for an imaginary saviour.
You clear uP all the bullshit stories one was fed as a child and show what the real Phiery Tale is!
who the real Prince charming is!
that happily ever after requires breaking out!
and the resPonsibility lies in ones own hands to humbly follow the One who gnos the way!
through 'restoration of dignity through self-disciPline and PursuiT of the higher...'
i bow!

PsingulariTy said...

You are the Real Feminist
showing a way for 'restoration of dignity' to the females on this PlaneT

Anonymous said...

You are helping the planet become a better place. Only you can help as only you have true knowledge and are compassionate.

APari said...

this is an ePic PLog & Your words are beyond scientific ... they are inherent !!

what a Beautyfull way of seeing reality and describing it such detail that one is bowing in shame at not striving to phind out more about being a phemale before doing any actions in this world ... one has behaved so disembodied and not for one's liberation or empowerment ! so gratefull You are here making one's yoni evolution possible ... to think that Divine Masculine is not required for that to happen is the stupidest nonsense any feminist can think ...

it stops one from looking for and chasing the Higher and Divine... it fools one into thinking one gnos what to do when one does not even gno one is a being in a body and in something ... no one simplifies things to the basic Primary like You P !

one is not a feminist if not pursuing real femininity like You describe here so BEAUTYFULL ... like ParvaTi, mira bai, sita devi, kunti, and so many more vedic examples ... it is so great to learn of the Penance attitude and gracefull dignified self respecting evolution ways of real Phemales ! how they showed respect for Higher and Divine and Rishis and You !! how humility to Higher is sexier and more beautyfull than the vain nonsense and embarassing crap going on here now by phemales that one is so gratefull to not have to be part of anymore !

You are so ultimately kind to take it to irrefutable levels always !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i bow !!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow this was beautiful Prashant, thank you.

Unknown said...

Very powerful and true knowledge.
I bow to the divine wisdom.
Wonderful observation and perfect solution.

Anonymous said...

All this women empowerment thing is a BIG LIE. They do it for their selfish motives by getting her rid of her own feminity. I bow to your divinity that I am getting to learn all wisdom from you.

Unknown said...

:) I bow! I am ashamed that we have gone so wrong. You clear the deceit spread among the people who celebrate and fight for women's liberation where all it was intended was to fool us over and over again and descend down to more hells. Your gnowledge and wisdom in unmatched. I bow! Pranam.

Unknown said...

I have already thought that comments in this Plog would be morethan anyother PLOG bcz
we humans are always so much fascinated about opposite sex.

LUST IS evil and also its adoration

we are blessed to be in lotus ocean so that we may evolve ourself from this pitty and shitty behaviour

Anonymous said...

wow You are so right.Your observation Power is the most awesome. You tell it like it is. You are the only one with the right knowledge. You are the only One that makes sense. You are the giver of common sense. You make such absolutely imPorTanT PoinTs.You are so very right.i bow

Ajay Kapoor said...

This was such a powerful Plog highlighting the decline of femininity, the article which you posted was such a great read on how the female brain retains male DNA.
You are the true male. I feel so blessed reading these articles as its making me realise the truth. I bow at your lotus feet.

veena iyengar said...

So powerful and so true🙏🙏

Gita said...

I love this Plog.. so much of info put into one log...

this really helps all the females to understand where their position is ...

Feel sad to know how women have fallen from their pedestal..

Will this world ever restore ??

Thank you so much for this info.. it helps us and guides us to our true path..

You are the true hero.. U r the man that every women should be after..

aeioum .............

Turbulent Conqueror said...
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Summu said...

Women empowerment is not attained by training them to be like men. ॐ

undecided said...

I bow. the ideal female (in the west from exeprience, anyway) has become a woman with a terrible tone of voice, knives cut into her to morph her into the perfect plastic speciman, who has a very selfish agenda and decides who to breed with depending on the amount of money the male has. To me this doesn't sound like the ideal woman, but rather a marketed archtype in order to further the masses into devolution. I praise PT's ability to PoinT out the important misconceptions in this age and bring people back to True enLIGHTenment. aeioum

lana_33 said...

such an incredibly imPorTant Plog! You make so many great PoinTs! love how You PoinT out that modern women's lib was all about eroding femininity! ~ that is really so True! it is so very gracious of You to teach what real PhemininiTy is all about! ~ disciPline and PursuiT of the Higher!

You are so right that modern women's lib actually raises the confidence of low-quality 'males'! You see things so clearly ~ You have the clearest, most liberating insight! You are so incredibly intelligent!

You are so kind to Provide females a liPhe where they are not bound to doing the same nonsense as the 'men' are doing ~ so interesting how it takes the Only Real Man here to teach Phemininity! so gratefull that Divine Masculine is here to set the record straight!

You are the only One worth Pursuing! i bow <3

Anonymous said...

You are the besT sPecimen.

You have all the divine/good qualities.

You are the one and only.

I choose you over the oTher irrelevanT ones.

you give Power/gnowledge to females because u r Powerfull/highly gnowledgeable inside out.

love you PT ♡

Anonymous said...

The inTellecT will always be hotter than Physique.

Only you are inTellecTually as well as Physically very attractive. other men don't have intellect.

They are boring as well as unattractive and slaves to their parents. No power they have.

The amount of mental stimulation that one gets from your enormous divine gnowledge is unignorable.

my love for you grows sTronger everyday.♡

Kṛtti kā said...

lack of sense and gnowledge and most importantly loss of integrity nd dignity has led us females down in ways we wouldnt have conceived could go so so very wrong! A wrong choice and that stays in forever even if a female thinks she has gotten over it all! lol !
Your Plogs are great and the only education into logic, sense, morality, ethics, practicality.. everything,
makes one ashamed of ones actions and choices.
i bow humbly for spreading real awareness amongst the females !
i bow /\

Acharya Mayur Bharadwaj said...

This is what needed, PT you explained it deepely about this Bow to you for that. Females are everywhere now, people around are getting worst and worst in making everything equal. Equality between Men and Women is even hellish situation out there. We are blessed with your teaching. NamoNarayan ShivNarayan

ki vernee said...

the way You observe and PoinT out the meaning behind every movement is really imPressive ... without Your words of reason one would have never seen womens liberation in this light ... females were losing their femininity in the name of wanting to be equal to men but were just becoming more dis-empowered !!! You really set the record straight one every topic ... i bow 🙏🅿🖤🕉

sarah said...

so miraculous that there is a way out.

nicolas said...

you are always the solution! this is magnificent! you are so kind
you are the most wise and the most high
i bow to you supreme lord

nicolas said...

magnificent words! your words are gold for one's consciousness!
your Presence uPlifTs marvelously! you are so kind to re-establish real Pure PrinciPles!
your greatness is a never ending awe! your flawlessness can never be Praised enough!

i bow to you all gnoing one

Asha P said...

it is wonderful to re read Your timeless words, so helpful and truly liberating, so kind to remind one's body is one's temple ! we were clearly all created differently for different purposes so it doesn't make any sense to all do the same actions unless that action is bowing to Higher and Divine ... so glad one gnos abt this action and how fulfilling it is instead of worrying abt superficial nonsenses that leave emptiness and dissatisfaction

I bow

asha Pi arTi said...

the simPlified comPlexiTy of this Plog is truely under-rated ! what a helpful and comPassionaTe writing of words You have compiled here ! the more one reads them the more one understands the depth and liberation and giPhT that Your Presence is here ! what a Privilege to learn from an Avatar directly 🙇🏽‍♀️🅿🙏🏽