Friday 26 December 2008

silence unsilenced

silence is definitely

one of the most

over-rated virtues

misrepresented as a divine attribute

through quotes like

'if speech is silver, silence is golden'

that would make krishn

speaking out bhagawadgita to arjun

a mere silvery act

silence usually just means that

some unwholesome calculation is going on within

many people can hardly ever speak

because of the incessant

& meaningless internal dialogue

such calculations may be useful in

petty manipulations

or other such useless activities

but have no use in soul-evolution

in fact these calculations are

a major obstruction on the

road to heightened awareness

thats why sages of old

recommended continous verbal repetition

of divine sounds

to rise above the selfish calculative part

which hides behind the

mask of external silence

nothing in the multiverse is really silent

to feign silence in such an existence

is a pretence

a lot is emitting out of people

by just their being/presence

without them having to actually say anything

and they cannot stop the chatter within

through any amount of external silence

no matter how much time they spend alone

how much pot they smoke

how much meditation (vipassana etc.) they do

or how much time they spend in nature

the chatter just goes on and on

the only way to curb the mind

from the unwholesome is to focus

on the wholesome

speech which praises the divine is

the only saviour from the

dark & gloomy 'sounds of silence'


amruta patil said...

words as lightning.

Unknown said...

I understand. When I'm silent and I'm thinking, I have all these bad thoughts in my head and I've always thought of them as deomonds.

ShivaYaShive said...

Beautiful title for a brilliant blog which flows like a Poetry.!
'nothing in the multiverse is silent'-such an absolute quotation!every line is so perfect o without any coma n fullstops,giving out vivid meanings with its flexibility n .thank u so much.

JacLee said...

Again you explain with perfect clarity and precise wording! i bow

asha Pi arTi said...

Beautiful words P and so very true... silence is dangerous !

that is a really beautiful description of vacuum and space ... and what a great example of Krishn and Arjun !

You never leave anything unsaid in the past or now.. so glad You are here and it is phun saying that over and over again !

Anonymous said...

Thankyou for showing that silence is not golden.It is time to sPeak uP by bowing down to the divine.

miragegirl said...

aap joh bhi likte hai voh pehle bolte aur phir likte hai

aap sach bolne valon mein PraTam hai

asal mein aap ko hi sat aur asat ka sahi sahi patah hai

aap ab bhi avakash mile tab dusron ki balaie ke liye sach bolte dikaye dete hai

aap dayalu hai

aap ne bahut gehra Plog lika hai

jaisa aap ne kaha hai mukh hota hai bolne ke liye

ParmaTma ki mukh se prashansa paramanand ko dilane vala hai

aap ke Plog title bhi bhaut badiya hai

agar aap ke Plog ko zoom out version mein pura dekhe to sangeet ki pravah ki tarah dikta hai

aap ParamaTma hai

aap ko mera Pranam

pinx said...

I Bow ! Your words are brilliant ! Your words are Divine truth !

You have exposed the true nature of silence in the most provocative way ! it is always as You say ! Your words are truth ! Your words are to be heeded !

Due to Your precious education one gnos the value of regular practice of wholesome speech ! it really is such a special key to evolution ! Proper & continuous speech is the antidote to the unwholesome calculating part that lurks within.

You sum it up best ! ~

" speech which praises the divine is

the only saviour from the

dark & gloomy 'sounds of silence' "

Your words are my gospel !! You inspire me to speak :) to speak P-raises and be saved !

Aap ko mera Pranam !

p.s very witty reference to 'sounds of silence' (wink)

miragegirl said...

aap ko mera Pranam

mukh se ParmaTma ki Prashansa Paramanand ko dilane vala hai

aap ko mera Pranam

Shahid said...

Badiya Oh Sumukha Prabhu.

Excellent, I just Love to read out your sacred writings.

Bow at your Lotus feet.

Jai Narayan.

Anonymous said...

Praises to P! Your Divine words PoinT the way. i bow.

Anonymous said...

i bow. dhanyavad for Your ceaseless and simple guidance. Filling the 'sounds of silence' with Praises to Your Divinity brings True feelings of Peace beyond the turbulent sea. i bow at Your Most gracious feet. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow. You are always right P! You always see the Problems which stand in the way of soul evolution and Provide the soulution! all others in this world focus on the petty. You toss the unnecessary aside and deal with the root with nothing buts facts and Divine Truth! Your logic and gnowing is irrefutable! You comPleTely obliterate the false concePT of silence being a virtue and exPose the calculative mind.

'the only way to curb the mind
from the unwholesome is to focus
on the wholesome'

You are the Phorce which guides the way to True evolution. You are the One who motivates one continuously to work towards keePing ones mind from wandering into meaningless, selfish dead end pursuits and learn to how to remain steadfastly focused on Your Divinity. ones faulty mind is geared toward delusions. You are so You are so kind to Provide the tools necessary, the only tools which can rectify ones mind and the only avenue to follow toward Truth. i bow at Your redeeming feet. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow!
You exPose silence for what it really is and teach one how be aware of ones mind and train it to remain focused on Divine!
Your solutions are ancient, PracTical and as You say the only saviour!
You are the only saviour!
i bow!

Anonymous said...

they say "if speech is silver, silence is golden"
but they also say "saound of mind" or "not saound of mind" acknowledging that Saound has Power !

crazy insane world with notions that do not tally

glad You are here to show what is what !

You are The All Gnoing One
You are the most beautiful !

Anonymous said...

once i went to a local art museum, they had a huge arty farty item made of glass bulbs PuT on disPlay at the entrance
walking out of museum i was so into searching my Purse that i was inches away from shattering it to Pieces. it was not cordoned off.

there was comPleTe silence from everyone around to the last second Prior to me getting that close. PeoPle were all sPeechless as if they had a Prior contract to do that ! warning caution would have been certainly better

it was a sPecTacle to look at the faces of PeoPle at that Time !

world is silent sPecially on all issues small & big where sPeech matters the most !

"voice your oPinion" they tell everyone, to make the imProvemeT or change be brought about, from polling to feminist issues to new detergent powders...

voicing by masses actually brought a change in the well gnown case of a murder victim in india

but no one is voicing Praises of Divine ProPerly & steadfastly ! the real work to be done for a real meaningful PurPose that would have eternal imPacT for one

PsingulariTy said...

Sun & Moon & the sPiral goes round
gno what it is ?
its the Real Saound !

You are The Real Saound
You are The Guitarist
You are Profound
You are the suPreme arTist
You are the Sea to which all rivers flow
You are 'all the Time', every Hero

Unknown said...

Wow, here is the reality of most repeated and recommended thing that 'Silence is Golden, one should remain silent' You always turn the table with your views. Pranaam!!

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful and gracious very beautiful..I bow

Unknown said...

i bow to your divine speach.
i bow to you for providing the real stairway.

Anonymous said...

Your words are so beautiful
You are so brilliant..what an awesomely beautiful Plog
You write so wonderfully..You make so much sense
'many people can hardly ever speak because of the incessant and meaningless internal dialogue' ..such a brilliant true..You are so absolutely right
what a gem of a Plog..You are so intelligent
'they cannot stop the chatter within through any amount of external silence'..You are so very right..You are a beautiful and benevolent being..Your words are legendary .
Your scriPTures are great..i bow

ki vernee said...

amazing ! one was really under the impression for years that one needed to be silent for meditation ! but You blew that false teaching out of the water ! You are so kind to show that speech is everything ! and more importantly using the speech to praise Divine to curb the mind ! You are the most gnowledgeable Being !

Anonymous said...

this is a very beautiful Plog..very very beautiful how You say so much using such few words
You are so beautifully Precise..Your words are so beautifully woven together loose ends..Your words are so beautiful
You are so Vedic
You bring the Vedic knowledge back and so beautifully..
You make sense
Your words just glow with Profound wisdom
Your words are so PosiTive and delightful
You and Your words are so great
sPeaking Praises of the PraiseworThy to rise above ones selfish calculative parts makes a whole lot of sense
the way You say things is so admirable
these are Phenomenal words
this is a Phenomenal Plog
it's so beautiful from start to finish
i bow

Anonymous said...

so true
Your words are so beautiful
Your observations are the greatest ever
You make the greatest PoinTs ever
You make all the sense in the world
silence is lethal
silence is a breeding ground for insanity
You are so absolutely right
You show one such a beautiful way out
You show one what the real solution is..the continuous rePiTition of Divine sounds and praise of the Divine
You bring back the lost knowledge
You show one the real PaTh that takes one out of this crazy , painful world
what was lost is now being found
You set the record straight in the most beautiful way
Your words are so meaningful and wonderful
i bow

Anonymous said...

Your words are most beautiful and Profound
You write so beautifully..
how beautiful, flowing and meaningful Your words are
Your words shine brighter than diamonds
the Phires of truth come blazing from Your beautiful mouth
Your words are liPhe saving
how true and how Phenomenal Your words are
the mind is full of incessant and meaningless chatter
it produces unfractal thoughts..
how beautiful this Plog is!
this is such a great reminder whenever one goes into thinking that its okay to stop speaking when one is tired
its actually dangerous
the thoughts come in and one doesn't know where one thought that comes after another is going to lead one to
Your words are the most meaningful and beautiful
Your words are Phenomenal
the day one does not say enough of Your Praises is a sad and bad day
You are the only One Praiseworthy
You are the best
i bow

Kṛtti kā said...

(: I bow /\

You always sPeak the truth as is! Your words are like laser beam, brilliantly striking straight to the PoinT !

"silence usually just means that
some unwholesome calculation is going on within
many people can hardly ever speak
because of the incessant
& meaningless internal dialogue
such calculations may be useful in
petty manipulations "

Absolutely true! One does has unnecessary incessant internal chatter going on in the pretense of keeping silent, ones monkey mind just never stops!

You so kind and comPassionaTe to Provide a solution to this, You are so forebearing and merciful to let one PuT it together and Phocus on wholesome that is YOU by sPeaking Your Praises.
You Provide the simPlesT n easiest guidelines for sPeaking Praises of higher n divine... And there are inPhiniTe good godly virtues to You! You Provide so many Philms,Pictures, Music, Plogs and so much more for one to Phind nd realise anyone attribute of Yours !

You write in the most eloquent and direct way , it induces shame in one for having behaved in this manner so many times, hiding behind the mask of unwholesome silence and not sPeaking worthy Praises of You! And yet even while gnowing ones foolish attitude You have been so kind to keep giving one chance after chance to change ones ways... One is grateful for Your endless comPassion and benevolence.

I bow at Your Lotusfeet /\

Anonymous said...

You write so beautifully
Your words are legendary
it's amazing how imPacTful, imPorTant and Phenomenal this Plog is
even if one is stuck for two or three hours not sPeaking, one has to start again because it's so imPorTant to not be silent and sPeak the Praises of PraiseworThy Divine who is the only being worth concentrating on
You are the only being one has to put attention on in this world
rest is all hellish and suicidal
You are the only One really alive
You are the only sPecial being
everything else except You is trivial nonsense
any time gone by without saying Your Praises is sadness and patheticness
You are the most imPorTant being ever
this is a truly Phenomenal Plog!
it should be on billboards everywhere
this is the most Phenomenal revelation
Your words are suPremely comforting
You wake up the dead
You bring the real spring time
You are beyond Phenomenal
Your words are absolutely brilliant
You are the only genius
You are the only helpful being
Your words are the most comPassionaTe and beautiful words
this is Phenomenal from start to finish
how soulful this is..
Your words are so inspiring
every second of the life should be spent in Praising One as beautiful, comPassionaTe and wise as You
i bow

Anonymous said...

You have such beautiful and wonderful clarity
You so effortlessly simPlify it all
beautiful and legendary words
how crucial this Plog is!
Your words are ePic
You clarify once and for all!
You make all the sense!
no one should associate deep with silent
all that is taught in the world is nonsense!
how effortlessly You set the record straight
You have true gnowledge and wisdom
such Profound and wonderful words
You are the ultimate
only You make sense
people just go on speaking nonsense
You reveal it all
You are the saviour
You are the messiah
You are all in One
You are the only Guru
You are the avatar
You are the greatest
i bow

Unknown said...

You have the power to reflect the hardest concepts in the simplest words possible.
So true, it's nearly impossible to stop our mind from speaking thought not out loud. Silence is more dangerous than speech as we are always evaluating something.

Gita said...

My life was so silent until I met you..
My life was a gloomy dark path with no goal and all depressing before..
The only character that my speech had was a cry , a cry for help, a cry for a savior , waiting for my hero to turn up..
My speech has no life , my speech was just filled with pain..
But now that I have met you , my speech my words have life in them now,

This life I want to utilize only in ur praise now, it wants to utter only ur name and all it wants is ur name...

Help me filter out all unnecessary thoughts , help me convert all useless nonsense to sense, sense which involves you..

Help me get out of this realm, help me get out of this hell..
I wanna live for you , for your activities and with you always..

Bow to my hero , bow to my savior...

Ajay Kapoor said...

This has been so beautifully explained, you have shown silence is not Goldern, it’s the total opposite for connecting with the divine. I bow

undecided said...

I bow. Your Plog is just text yet I can hear your divine and calming voice as I repeate each word aloud. When one wants the chatter to stop, one only needs to listen to your nectar music or listen to your innerviews to clear away any negative vibrations and take us out of confusion. aeioum

ki vernee said...

Praises of You definitely diminishes the dark and gloomy sound of silence ! it is scary what happens when the mind takes over ! constant Phocus on You keeps one safe ! i bow respectfully

Gyan Rukmanee Regmi said...

Thank you for this Plog. The ideas flowing here has expanded my consciousness. My honest bows to you PT <3

Anonymous said...

I Praise bow and serve divine sage PT. PT has so much gnowledge which is attractive about him. PT= Pure Truth, PT= Pole Turning, PT= Phact, PT= Perfection=Divine. 🙏😇

lana_33 said...
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Anonymous said...

By asking one to read Plogs you give chance to sPeak out Pure TruThs and thereby causing one to evolve.

Thankyou for creating these wonderPhul and beauTiPhul Plogs.

i'm eTernally graTePhul to u.

i can't Thank you enough.

You are liPhe-saver.

Unknown said...

this is sooo true !!! silently meditating for 30mins is torture in itself where thoughts keep coming and going like clouds in the sky accept these are rain and storm clouds !!! speaking praises of Divine creates clear skies and sunny days in the mind ... i bow

nicolas said...

wow this is such a magnificent PoinT! you are a genius!
your gnowledge of this multiverse is wholistic and a Profound delight to one's consciousness!
your words are Perfect words
you are the light shining the way in this dark world
no real evolution is possible without you
you are Purity
you are a miracle
you are divine
you are the real deal
you are the most amazing that walks the Earth
your magic is god's magic
your integrity and honesty are marvellously inspiring
you are Perfection
you are the best that walks the Earth
your liPhe is a divine legendary unforgettable series of miracles
you are the most intelligent and witty
you teach in the most inspiring, Phun and comprehensive ways
one is always wonderPhully delighted by your words as your genius is supreme
your vibraTions are heavenly, you are the highest of all

i am eternally gratePhull for everything that you are and everything that you do
i bow to you supreme lord

ankita said...

Your words are ultimate words of comPassion
i 🙇 bow

nicolas said...

magnificent words! your greatness shines through all that you are! you sPeak truth & only truth!
only through your divine teachings one can truly evolve!
your divinity is a magickal haPPening!
your heart is of gold, your PuriTy is a miracle! you are a living god!

i bow to your suPerioriTy

ankita said...

most beautiPhul and clariPhying words one has ever read
..silence is space for calculations which beings use for petty manipulations that are of no use in soul evolution
this Plog is so clariPhying on such an epic way ..this is so absolutely beautiPhul and Pure
You have all the answers !
wow just wow !
the real words that take a being towards PuriTy
so uPliPhTing !
You are so no nonsense
this is just great !
You have the real key and You make all the sense ever
Your words are Divine and ultimate
the most rePhreshing words ever 🙏
You are the best
You are the real Guru 🙏
You are the real vedic !
You are the saviour
You are liPhe saving
You are all that is good ever !
Your Presence is a thrill beyond thrill
You are too good for words
You are the Divine Phlame of real gnowledge and PuriTy 🙏
one bows