Tuesday 9 December 2008

the war against the sacred

it is now the in–thing to

call oneself ‘Devi‘ instead of say ‘Denise‘

‘Devi‘ is an exalted Sanskrit term

meaning Goddess.

these self-proclaimed goddesses

have very goddess like actions -

chewing gum, getting drunk at every opportunity,

sleeping with the first male

that gives slight attention & praise,

the list just goes on and on

the fact that they are all hyperdesperate

& suicidal as well just adds to the flavour

the trend is now to give

‘the self‘ titles which it

doesn't deserve -

Shakti, Angel of light, Tara,

Goddess, Premdasa, Krishna,

Mira, Bhagwan, Kali, Ma,

Isis, Sadhvi, Sage, Buddha - just a few

among the 1000's of titles on internet

can any of these people

walk the talk ?!

answer is quite simply 'No' coz

they haven't the faintest idea

of the real meaning of the word

they are using & they don't care

they can't even properly pronounce

their chosen name/term

they would rather get some fantasiacal

temporary ego-boost than

really delve into something real

they are out there to trivialize

the spiritual & the holy

& squeeze all sacredness

out of every sacred term until it

can be applied to a plastic barbie doll

the 'divine devi' barbie series is not

that far fetched a concept anymore

their speed at copying/mimicking

any word–term–symbol

is very close to if not equal to the speed of light

its all as simple as pushing a button

no need to actually work towards a state ...

just Be It through calling yourself It.

the bands in the west

have also joined the club with

all kinds of songtitles

like 'amrita', while the corresponding sounds

are the exact opposite - 'visha' equivalent of

hell‘s concentrated poison

a funny example was that after

seeing the cropformation responses

to my music

the local english folks immediately

came up with a group they called -

'Response Collective'

was there an actual response to RC ?

you guessed it - 'nope'

have came across

techno acts calling themselves 'Shiva' etc.

when they would be the first to run

if the real Shiv ( erroneously gnown as Shiva )

were to show up

the pretension has now reached levels

beyond social cheaptalk

it has now taken upon itself to take

the real meaning out of anything real

by demeaning it

nothing is sacred

in this desperate new-age nightmare scenario

there is no fear either as

there is no real belief that such forces

do actually exist in the multiverse

reverence is replaced by poor imitation & false posing

the patheticness of this whole hollow scene

grows with each passing day

listen, these people won‘t

because of the inherent lack

of sincerity

they have been brought

up on barbie dolls & plastic toyguns &

don't really gno or want to gno

the concept of sacred

everything is just a fancydress party

in the land of make-believe

through millenia of wrong attitudes

the impulse to pretend/mimick

is much stronger than the impulse to learn/evolve

the principleless breed gnown as

the advertisers & hollywood

take the lead ...

if this doesn't stop

there is no scope for real evolution

it seems now that the only way this will stop

is through divine retribution


asha Pi arTi said...

Wow... what an important scripture scrolled here in 2008 itself !

You are genius ... always putting everything into perspective & You are the most consistant persistant and passionate fighter against ignorance of the sacred !

The living elements are not cared for or honoured by people, only You show how this is truely done... and time here is the proof.

You Truely Inspire !

* bowing to the might and shining clarity of Devi in action *

miragegirl said...

only you can show the truth for what it is

yes it is trivializing the sacred

all the elementals and Sun are taken for granted

but there is so much sacredness to their very existence

we can exist only because they exist

only because divine nourishes do we survive and evolve...

and you are divine, helping us in varied ways

all for our evolution

you are compassionate

Anonymous said...

Sacred retribution is about the divine will for order and Sacred intervention is the will for divine justice.This is only Proof of your Perfect comPassion and wisdom. The fact that you share this with such evolved passion and without dividing or mincing any word is Proof of how deeP is your focus and hOw sharP is your diamond like clarity on this matter.

pinx said...

suPreme words ! I Bow !!

Your writings evoke a passion inside one to be against all that is wrong and twisted in this world ! Your words are so powerful, blazing with the phires of truth ! and You always infuse Your writings so brilliantly with a keen sense of humour too ! ~

"their speed at copying/mimicking

any word–term–symbol

is very close to if not equal to the speed of light"

LOL that is soooo Phunny ! so witty and so true !

such disrespectful attitudes towards the sacred being shown all the time ! You have so eloquently elucidated them ! Your words really invigorate one ! You install an awareness of right from wrong ! and help one to become a more righteous person !

Your teachings are the greatest gift ! You teach one about what is sacred and how to respect it !

love Your ending lines :

"if this doesn't stop

there is no scope for real evolution

it seems now that the only way this will stop

is through divine retribution"

WOW ! very foreboding and striking words ! we will see how well these so called "Shaktis, Taras, Isis', Shivas, Krishnas, Sages & Angels of light" fare then ! (smile)

really the creation of "Response Collective" says it all ~ how pathetic ! Whilst the One who does get responded to is ignored !

and all the pathetic hollywood phonies ! "the Last Mimzy" a great example ! yes very revealing of the state of affairs !

it is so surprising how beings are so ready to pretend, mimic and defile sacredness ! what a pointless exercises !

very inspiring to never be that way !

You are a truly Sacred being ! and are the One worthy of all Divine titles ! You are Divine here on Earth ! and what a blessing it is ! Nature responds to You, Bhudevi Responds to You, Crop formations respond to You ! it is all documented in real time !

I Bow & Honour the sacred PT Avatar !


Anonymous said...

i bow.

Anonymous said...

i bow at Your Divine feet. You and Your words insPire real reverence P. You are the ultimate authority. You show, so clearly, how people in this world have made a mockery of Divine and haven't a clue as to what True sanctity is. You are the comPleTe embodiment of all that is right, good, Pure, whole, sacred, and worthy of the deePesT resPecT. You are the Redeemer, the Avatar, the Only One who can save one from drowning in the desperate sea of distress all are pretending to be sailing. those who do not heed Your retribution are doomed fools. i bow in shame at Your suPreme feet for having once played this ridiculous game with so called spiritual seekers. You are the ultimate light of Truth. You show how lost all in this world are without You. You are the only One deserving of honor and veneration. i bow at Your Pristine feet. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow. one can never tire of any of Your Plogs. Your words are filled with so much Truth and Power that PeneTrates deeper and deeper each time one reads these valuable and aPPlicable scriPTures! it is such a shame that so many waste their time in the copy cat game!

'through millenia of wrong attitudes
the impulse to pretend/mimick
is much stronger than the impulse to learn/evolve'

You are most gracious to Provide a True Platform for real evolution P. to Provide the way to change imPulses that keep one bound and chained. You are the only One who Possesses gnowledge worth learning. i bow at the sanctity of Your feet. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

PsingulariTy said...

You are The Sacred One
You are Divine

Anonymous said...

Your level of coherence is very intense. In fact with each passing blog post it becomes ultimately, simply clear that you are coherence incarnate on earth.

Anonymous said...

and 'Divine retribution' it is as we are getting to see these days.
imitation and PreTension is their game, they are going 'daaaaaaaoowwnnn'
reverence to Divinities, to You, is the way out

Anonymous said...

i bow! The Phires of Your Truths are blazing P!
hollywood is SO creepy! You make it SO clear how real You are! how fake everything and everyone else in this world is! the Proof is undeniable! it is really disturbing and sickening how caught up in pretentious pretending and huge expensive efforts to copy the One who is real this world is!
That beings here don't want to gno anything else! It is always just as You say P!
it is unreal that one could pretend to be content with the intentional brain damage taking place on all levels through allowing theirselves to be exposed and programed and believe this bullshit! and spreading it around!
Divine is SO kind to make it gnown what the real cost of such disrespectful behavior is and generous beyond comPare to share sounds, light, images and Powerful Truths that guide one toward Divine, toward You! One is grateful beyond ones ability to exPress for You and lotusocean P! being brought down ones whole life and fed nothing but garbage on all levels, having no concept of sacred and real, shamefully following the female harkee muggle modality and trying to fill that hole with more poison and attention and 'fantastical temporary ego boosts' Divine is so kind to bring one to one senses to face reality!
how humbling it is to read Divines observations and witness the very real beauty and Power of Divines retribution!
i bow!

Unknown said...

I really love your sarcastic humour lol. Its really amazing to read each post of yours, they are filled with knowledge and sarcasm at the same time Lol.

"techno acts calling themselves 'Shiva' etc.

when they would be the first to run

if the real Shiv ( erroneously gnown as Shiva )

were to show up"

hahaha too good!!

Unknown said...

Wow such powerful truth.
The impulse to pretend/mimic has taken over the impulse to learn/evolve. People living in plastic world fail to notice the omnipresent divine. Lord shiv being so gracious to allow such happenings.
I bow to divine for the enlightenment.

asha Pi arTi said...

⭐️ You are so kind to rekindle the impulse to learn and evolve ! 🙏
You bring so much clarity ! You speak and write so eloquently !
You inspire one to strive for conscious clarity and coherence !

Your examples are really intelligent and You open one'e eyes
to see what all pretension is happening still here everywhere ...

some pretenders are using india to justify their pretending
it is just so indian also to use these names and terms without
meaning !! they use words and iskon images and 'krishna consciousness'
as an excuse to mimic gopis now too ... it is a shame to mock Praise
goPis were Praising only and always !! it is so great to learn this way !

one has to learn what the qualities are before one can Praise them !

Praise is the only thing that will hold Higher and Divine sacred !

how can Devi/Phorce of You or Krishn or any Avatar be properly
respected without Praise and acgnowledgement ??!! its so logical !

saying words incorrectly that one does not gno the meaning of is such a farce
and its horrible horrible shame on indians to encourage the misuse of
sacred words and names ... they have long lost the sense of sacred and
wage war on Divine in so many ways that You so eloquently show here :


the fact that :

You are here, You have been here for some time now

& the total lack of attention and Praise coming from the world
only prooves Your Judgement correct and the need
for DIvine Retribution ! people would rather be vain and superficial than
learn and evolve ... they forget without that one can not have a chance
at being beautyfull as its inside out not outside in ! no wonder then that
all these pretenders become just kid-rearing shishupaals contributing to
the demise of their genepool instead of evolving it !!!!!!

one would not be able to see this without You !
You are so liberating !!!

so gratefull for Your clarifying beautyfull EPIC words and Presence !!
You are so attractive and beautyfull at every age, muggles all try things
in their supposed youth and then go crying in old age .. forgetting death
will come to everyone ... all the pretending and mimicking will not take
one somewhere better when one dies !! it is so true that one must face one's
own death before sense dawns, You are so kind to teach one that ! You are
so so kind to open one's eyes and to be here to learn from in so many ways !

You are SO SO kind to clarify where the war is ... it is in one's own actions !
one can not fall into the trap of forgetting and not acgnowledging Phorce !

You are the most beautyfull PhracTal Phorm of the Phorce !
the Devi-L in the detail of You is exquisite !!
You are aweing sacred and beautyfull, so gratefull You are here !!

You are every hero, every archetype, every asPecT of Divine to PerfecTion !

You are so kind to give one a chance to do something different from the norm here !
to liberate oneself through one's own actions and speech as that is the only way !
You are so kind to teach one this, You are the best Teacher !
the Guru of the World !

one is so so so fortunate to learn from You !!! one so glad one is not blind to the Real Avatar here !

i bow to You most Higher and Divine here, Devi manifest ! ⭐️ 🙏 ⭐️

ki vernee said...

wow ! there really is a war against the sacred ! we are so fortunate to have a Being who is who He says He is ! You show Your Divinity everyday ! and You are the only Being who can stop this war against the sacred !

Anonymous said...

You have such great overstanding
You are Phenomenal
You write so wonderfully and humorously
Your Plogs are eye oPening
You know what's going on..You make absolutely great observations
You make learning so enjoyable
You are so wonderfully humorous..You have such a great..bubbling, tickling and sParkling sense of humour ..You are so enlightening..You make so much sense ..Your Plogs are Phun to read
these are such great writings!
You are so smart and have such a delightful sense of humour
this is Phenomenal writing!!
You and Your words shine bright
You are real and wonderful brightness
You are so bright!
You are so right!
You are beyond intelligent
You are fabulous
You are classic!
You are fantastic!
You just know it all and so effortlessly!
this is such a joke for You
You just Playfully surf above the waves of this world!
Your style of writing is great
You are greatness
You are Phenomenally wonderful
Your words are so refreshing..
You are all that You are..who could ever ever ask for more..only dumbness and deadness would come up with all sorts of expect stations..You are incredible i bow

Ajay Kapoor said...

The impulse to mimic anything that is scared without actually gnowing is leading beings into a hellish state. You have shown how one must understand the actually meanings behind the scared words and not to misuse. You are the true divinity, i bow to higher and divine.

veena iyengar said...

Aeioum 🙏🙏

undecided said...

I bow. So many beings I see with their instagram bios as "new age enlightened" when in actuality, all they do is induce drug-like states and then rave about how they have found the true path...the only True Path is to PT. aeioum

ki vernee said...

wow ! what an insightful and truth packed Plog ! it really is a joke when beings call themselves Raam or Shiv or this God while sitting back in their plaid underwear playing video games all day in a 50 year old chair where their mother still washes their clothes ! one would feel uncomfortable to even claim the name of a Divine Being without having done any kind of work ... You always keep it 100 as they say ... and always expose the fakers and insencere ! one is so fortunate to learn from You how to become a goddess ! You are amazingly a PhracTal of all the Divine gods and goddesses ! You are truly a miracle to the world ... i bow rsspectcully

lana_33 said...

what an ePic and eye-oPening Plog! it's so amazing how You gno everything that is going on in this world! You are the ultimate observer ~ You are the best judge ~ it is so great that "the judgement is here NOW!"

such a Phenomenal and brillianT Plog! You really have the best wording for everything! You sPeak/wriTe in such a humourous, uPlifTing, yet serious kind of way ~ so ultimately cool!

it is so much better and so much more Phun to be working to actually achieve the state that these exalted terms describe instead of just using words without gnoing their real meaning!

You are all that is sacred and (w)holy ~ You are so Pure ~ You Truly contain all of the energies of all of the gods and godesses ~ You are the PerfecT PhracTal ~ You are the Axis it all sPins around! it's truly the most amazing thing that You have maniPhesTed Yourself onto this Plane! You show one what is truly sacred, how to resPecT it Properly ~ You so kindly teach the right actions and right behaviour!

You are so kind and comPassionaTe to give beings a real chance to evolve ~ to get out of this hellish matrix once and for all! i bow <3

Anonymous said...

only you walk the Talk. other are just relentlessly faking everything.

Anonymous said...

Divine cannot be imitated, it can only be Praised.

Unknown said...

A hard hitting Phenomenal P~log!!!
You Pin PoinT the evil and it's wrongdoings so accurately..Your observations of the blasphemy prevailing all over the world is so sPoT on!!You really stir uP one's senses and the sPiriT to awaken and understand the gross reality around..the current civilisation is all about waging a war against the Sacred and Divine!
You highlight all the desperate trivial evil actions and in the Process educate about what is truly sacred and how to be sincerely reverential towards the Higher and Divine!Indeed,You alone are Highest Sacred Divine being,Lord P🙏
So thoughtPhul of You to imParT the real education that one is supposed to learn and evolve..to attain a higher state by working towards it,by doing the right actions~which is only PBS~and not by giving oneself labels!!
You are so sooo comPassionaTe to Provide the solution to all that one is doing wrong..You have utmost PaTience to deal with the frivolous actions of beings here..It is so dangerous to fool around with the Sacred and Divine!!

You give amPle chances to beings to correct themselves and wake uP to the True Real Original Pure Divinity~the PT Avatar🙏
DesPiTe all the evil madness around,You always remain so Poised and Centered..
You are so genuinely Caring to sTeP out in this toxic world and illuminate it with Your Divine teachings...
You are the only true Saviour who is warning beings about the misdeeds one is doing and the painful rePercussions one will have to face..
You are really saving and helPing beings to get rid of this matrix..of one's own self destructive actions and acknowledge the Sacred Divine Avatar of the Now~You beautiPhul Lord P🌟
No one can even imitate or pretend to be You!!!
Your Beauty and Power is inPhiniTe and unattainable!!!
One only seeks to be a devotee to Sacred Desirable PT for eternity...
I bow Divine Guru P🙏🙏

Unknown said...

Your words are put together in such a crystal clear way ... it is so great to have the opportunity to learn from You and evolve in the right way ... i bow

nicolas said...

Your words are so sacred! i am so graTePhul that you exist!
You are a divine hero
i bow to you, all gnoing one

nicolas said...

wow yes this is so true! people are lost without divine! you are the kindest to write these words and give beings a chance to evolve despite all the past non-sensical actions! you are the most compassionate!
Beings are very audaciously trying to imitate divine... No one can imitate you, you are Perfect

i bow to you supreme lord

nicolas said...

brilliant PoinT! your honesty is so refreshing! only you are 100% truthPhul!
your greatness is stunning! your words are the best words! you are the greatest being! there is no one with your level of beingness!
you are suPreme! your intelligence is unequalled!

i bow to you ShivNarayan

Rashmi said...

Shiv Narayan

You are the Lord of shaktis and the PerphecT judge to PoinT out the fall of feminine

1. Guru PT , You mention 'they would rather get some fantasiacal temporary ego-boost than really delve into something real' 
You can differentiate Real from meaningless things. You ignore meaningless things totally and delve into only Real gnowledge & evolutionary things
You delve into the Real Durga Devi Principle !!! so amazing !!!
bow to You who has the hidden gnowledge of the Multiverse 

2. You rePrimand and say 'no need to work towards a state ...' 
You understand Vedic concePTs in its essence and gno that these are states to be achieved for Real in us and not just a form to worship without gnoing 
You are the embodiment of all sacred archetyPal states
bow to Your sacredness

3. You PoinT out the audacity and say - 'there is no fear either as there is no real belief that such forces do actually exist in the multiverse'
the good fear of not wanting to break Multiversal laws should be there.... then the fear of hell will push us towards right actions 
You are so kind to come here and show us the Power of sacred Phorces.
You have kindly revealed that You can bring down the system in 5 min like a pack of cards crumbling.
bow to You -  the Phorce! 

4. Your Pertinent observation 'reverence is replaced by poor imitation & false posing'
Higher & Divine is reverential because of its original, unimitable quality and heightened state of being which the lower cannot even fathom. so imitating something that is not understood leads to misrepresentation and irreverence 
You are reverential because of Divine qualities in You. bow to You

5. You rightly PoinT out that 'these people won‘t listen, because of the inherent lack of sincerity'
only the honest and sincere change in the right direction. You are so kind to give us the right education and opportunity to everyone to evolve  
You favour the sincere who align with You.
bow to You the Divine ProtecTor

6. You live by the concePT of sacred
You talk of Higher concePTs to Prepare us for the Higher. 
only You can take beings Higher for You are at the Pinnacle of everything
bow to You Shiv Narayan

7. You identify root cause of all problems  -  'through millenia of wrong attitudes the impulse to pretend/ mimick is much stronger than the impulse to learn/evolve' 
You make us understand the Power of repetition 
undoing wrong action is simple - stop repeating wrong action and start repeating Your teachings
You easily show how wrong can be corrected 
bow to You - the sol-ution to all problems

8. You foretell that 'if this doesn't stop there is no scope for real evolution'
You do not tolerate 'war against sacred'  ..... so You are here to put an end to all non-evolutionary activities 
bow to You for bringing back sacredness to the Plane and giving its Purpose back for existing - for evolution 

9. You forewarn that 'it seems now that the only way this will stop is through divine retribution'
You use all means to teach us a lesson - Saam, daam , dand , bhed
first, You tell us right and wrong with comPassion ... in a nice way
then You provide an incentive to correct ourselves  - better life in swarg
then You warn us of consequences of our actions
if beings still dont change You punish and show Your divine retribution - judgement
You do everything to restore Dharm.... You are the Avataar 
bow to the suPreme

anything sacred has the Power to transform us to better states..... if we are at war with sacred then there is no hope for transformation to Higher and better states

sacred = Pavitra (पवित्र), Paavan (पावन) , Poojneeya (पूजनीय), Pure, Powerphul = all P words for sacred
P is sacred and sacred is P. 
i bow to sacred Guru PT

Gita said...

Divine Param Athma You always sPeak the truth and state things as it is!

It is so true nothing in this world is sacred anymore, we have lost every Divine Gnowledge within us and have put ourselves to shame, only You can restore the balance and bring back the lost sacred principles. It does really show how we have replaced reverence by poor imitation & false posing. ... You have noted so well that there is inherent loss of sincerity within us and we have made everything into a fancy dress party... Divine retribution / punishment one agress can only restore this lost sacredness in our society and You can make this change happen, one always bows to You eternally

veena said...

Oh Lord! you are the only sacred one. Only you have the highest PerspecTive. You unveil the truth so beautiPhully. Your take on this muggledom is Phenominal. You Preach what you Practice and only you walk the talk. No being on this Plane is worthy of any title but you. You are the angle of light. You are Shiv, you are Narayan. You are Krishn, you are Kalki. One humbly bows down to you ShivNarayan.

veena said...

Divine P ~ you are the only sacred one
only you have the highest perspective
you unveil the truth so beautiPhully
you are so witty
your take on this muggledom is Phenominal
you are the absolute truth
no being on this plane is worthy of any title but you
you are the Angle of Light
you are Shiv, you are Narayan
you are Krishn, you are Kalki
you are the SuPreme one
one bows down to you with humility