Saturday 27 December 2008

sense of sanctity

there have been many cultures/races

living by the oceanside for 1000's of

years but none of them came up with concepts like

surfing, shark nets, swimming for the hell of it,

triathalon, jet skiing, lifegaurds, tanning,

snorkeling, scubadiving ...

there is one particular race to which

one can ascribe all these grand achievements

lets try and learn

what the difference is

which allows 'it' to be more inventive than others

what one finds is that

the other races are all too

cuckoo in the head

they see the ocean as a 'being'

a sacred one at that

they are always establishing/preserving

sanctity of things/places

to them it would be disrespectful to

create unnecessary disturbance in the

sacred waters of the oceangod

this race however has no such qualms

it sees things differently

it has a 'nothing is sacred'

& everything is there for pillaging,

tampering & conquering approach

'it' only grants sanctity & sacredness to

its own creations i.e

hallowed grounds of wimbledon,

golf/cricket/football arenas & trophies etc.

there are some minor setbacks like titanic,

surfing deaths, crocodile-hunter taken out

by a sting ray etc.

but one needn't worry because the

lifeguards are there to baywatch

there is a general carefree attitude which

allows its members to

run naked & plunge chestfirst

into a sea full of blue bottles & sea urchins

aha what bliss

so we have it - our conclusion -

the 'sense of sanctity' is

costing other races a whole lot of fun

what 'it' sees as fun others

see as disrespectful & uncomfortable

makes one wonder whether

the elements can be imbued with some

sacred essence beyond physics of 3-D reality

while others are clear that

such is the case

'it' is not so sure

and is making more than adequate use of the unsurity ...


amruta patil said...

agree with the essence of what you say, but disagree that all journeys into water are intrusive, exploitative and bone-headed.

i have met great respectfulness and humility about the water among people who snorkel and dive (a reluctance to take away a single seashell, let alone trample the habitat) than in land dwellers for whom the sea is just a large ditch of water. immersing oneself in something is also a way to recognise the 'sacred essence beyond physics of 3-D reality'. it isn't the only way, but it is a way - yes?

PT the Axis said...

dear, the real sea/ocean people don't go into water with tons of gear. they don't do it unnecessarily either. respectfulness is a whole attitude which would show in the way they enter the sea. do they do it with grace? take a moment out to pray? there are lot of ways to ascertain how something is done.
anyways the tribe i was refering to in the little piece have very different style of going about their ocean activities.

the only way to gno the essence of something is through humble focus. physical immersion makes one see from the physical eyes but not the real eyes.

JacLee said...

The way you write this is so full of Love and Truth......

"dear, the real sea/ocean people don't go into water with tons of gear. they don't do it unnecessarily either. respectfulness is a whole attitude which would show in the way they enter the sea. do they do it with grace? take a moment out to pray?"

What you have written here is the entire concept of the ways of the true inhabitant of Turtle Island. Everyone should just get quiet and read your words and take them to heart. You show the real path, the beauty path and the beauty way of walking upon the Mother. i bow

Anonymous said...

That is a cheap paying through the nose kind of fun the masses fall for which is truly disresPectful and uncomfortable instead of simply oPting for Sincere Sense of Sanctity for which one must first humbly bow to rise and develop and enhance the 'sense' and 'senses' enough to be able to understand the true meaning of the word which is not even as holy , as sacred and as saintly as the divine living, breathing, actual proof .

pinx said...

very Poignant & imPacTful words !

You are the most honourable being who always adheres to a rightful sense of true sanctity ! i have never seen anyone to be more courteous or respectful to the Ocean than You! You show so beautifully how it is a sacred living being worthy of respect and worship.

Your words are striking and honest ! You really put into PerspecTive the extent of the madness of this "particular race". Your words evoke an anger towards those who have such a putrid & disrespectful attitude towards that which is sacred. and a very excellent point about how 'it' only grants a sense of sanctity and sacredness to its own creations (which are more like macabre circus shows than anything else). Your point about their 'minor setbacks' was very witty ! it is always good to see the karmic consequences manifest.

Dhanyavad bahut Dhanyavad for showing and teaching the way. am reminded of all Your wonderful LotusOcean ocean plays where You can be seen reverently playing with the Ocean, merrily enjoying the sacred interaction!

You are an example to us all !

I Bow !

miragegirl said...

you are the one who resPects all elements around you to the utmost

you are a being with such ultimate pure qualities that whenever you enter ocean

the ocean becomes a molten gold and heartily welcomes you

the waves come and resPectfully touch your feet no matter how farther away on the beach you stand

whales "the cow of the sea" come as close to shore as possible and merrily dance becasue of your Presence

you show us the reality that

"the elements can be imbued with some

sacred essence beyond physics of 3-D reality"

there are so many higher entities all around us whom we need to acknowledge and resPect

and you are the foremost of them all

you are the lord of lords

you are the one in whom the entire multiverse rests

you are the suPreme PersonaliTy

you are worth of all worship

you are Kalki in the now

you are ParamaTma

i bow

Anonymous said...

i bow. Your words PainT the translucent race in Truth of the utter disrespect they propogate. Your words ring with ultimate gnowing and dissipate all lies. The many comments are beautiful to read as they aPTly speak to they many beautiful qualities of You, the Highest being and the ultimate resPecT You always show and the resPecT you are Divinely requisite. i bow at Your PerfecT feet. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow. Your beauty is all encomPassing and ever exPanding P. Your words exPress True heart and constantly invite one to see more and more each time one reads them. i bow at Your PrisTine feet. dhanyavad for Your Powerful Purity P. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow!
it really is SO kind the way Divine sPeaks so oPenly to the disrespect that is inherent in this particular race.
one has always been uncomfortable in ones translucent skin and ashamed of the gene pool one comes from. one is grateful to Divine to learn that these feelings are valid and to understand more and more the truth of ones nature. to have the opportunity in this lifetime to learn how to really rePenT for the ways which have led one so far from Divine over lifetimes! so far from what is natural to have become this unnatural!
Divines grace, wit and candor in showing how there is nothing Phun about the way this race behaves is of the highest class! Your Divine qualities are inPhiniTe P! Divines comment here is another beautiful glimPse into the suPerior way Divine PhuncTions and sees! it is You who gno the essence of all things!

one is SO grateful to YOU for the chance to learn the truth P! for the chance to learn and behave in a way that is in alignment with Divine rather than like a shameful and miserable harkee.
i bow!

PsingulariTy said...

You are The Pious
ocean waves Play with You.

Unknown said...

You always bring out a different way of seeing things and question the current ways of doing things. Yes, there should be a respect and grace involved while doing such activities, it shouldn't be just done to have fun recklessly but, one should be thankful to the sacredness of the sea or the waters!!

Unknown said...

i bow to your insight.
i bow to your kind wisdom.

Unknown said...

i bow to the samudra dev.
i bow to your grace.

ki vernee said...

wow ! You are so smart ! You are the only Being who sees the importance of respecting nature ! while others only see the importance of glorifying their faulty creations ! You are the most natural Being !

Gita said...

Ocean the vast huge ocean so beautifully describes the presence of divine..

No wonder the ocean churning happened.. The divine has gifted us with an ocean filled with riches and necessaries for living..

How thankful can the beings be to the great divine..

The playful waves dance upon ur order , they never miss a move which you wanted..

The ocean describes your greatness , describes your love for the children..

The ocean is where the divine met his wife the ocean is where the humans were gifted with kamadenu..

Ocean must be blessed as it is so close to the divine.. I bow to your creation I bow to the creator..

Help me with a balanced mind , give me the knowledge as vast as an ocean..

My actions will always be towards you for you and with you.. aeioum..

Ajay Kapoor said...

Such an insightful Plog, nature needs to be respected, you have shown this while others do the opposite.. I bow..

undecided said...

I bow. Varuna most likely does not find the disturbance in the water "fun"...aeioum

lana_33 said...
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Anonymous said...

so True. only you can Play with the elemenTs without disturbing them.

even waves loves to Play waveball with u.

naTure loves you and so she resPonds only to your Plays.

Unknown said...

You are so keenly observant and attentive to everything that takes place in this world!You truly are the ultimate outside observer..viewing things from a High and (W)holy standPoinT!!
You are Phully cognizant of the Godly elements at all times!!You are the suPreme controller and Preserver of the elements..You treat the elements with utmost care and in return they always bow down to You and resPond to You in the most sPecTacular and magickal
You make one realise that ocean is a sacred Kind of You to teach about the right and resPecTful way of conducting oneself while dealing with Higher Sacred entities..
No one can attain the sanctity and righteousness that You Possess!!
All of creation belongs to You,and You deal with it in the most Noble and aPProPriaTe way!!

"the only way to gno the essence of something is through humble focus. physical immersion makes one see from the physical eyes but not the real eyes"~~Your wordings are so beautiPhul and touching!!
Such an imPorTant lesson about gnoing through humble Phocus🙏 You are so merciPhul to helP one understand and see the reality..
Your sublime Plays by the ocean are a testament to what real Grace is!!
You are the most Gracious One💛💫

I bow Divine Guru P🙏

nicolas said...

this is so true! i am so graTePhull for your words! the ocean is sacred! you are so kind to PoinT this out in a world where people have lost all respect for the divine and the elementals!
your Presence is the greatest good fortune of this PlaneT
your intelligence is a miracle
your words are Profound and Phull of deep timeless wisdom
you are the best P

i bow to you ShivNarayan

ankita said...

wow so great to read Your suPerior PersPecTives and observations...
such smartness and intelligence shines through Your words.. You are so witty and You write in a way that is PhunnesT to read... also such great Passion and virtue is seen in Your every word and observation.. You are the real imPressive virtuous hero ..You have all the sense of sanctity.. such a beautiPhul being You are.. so eye oPening.. always sPeaking the truth.. truly so Divine and comPleTely PassionaTe You are... a true revolution in everyway.. Your beingness is what touches really deeP
i bow

nicolas said...

magnificent PersPecTive! your greatness is a never ending awe! your kindness & compassion are examples on this PlaneT! you are the best of all beings! your understanding of mass consciousness is always imPressive!
your PerfecTion cannot receive enough Praises
you are the real hero of this Plane, your Presence is the most auspicious blessing

i bow to you all gnoing one