Friday 5 December 2008


when one pays attention to

how people get by in

their monotonous jobs/lives

the one word which

brings itself forward is 'routine'

'routine' is the major weapon

which most use to live their warring-lives

it helps them stay healthy enough

in body & mind

to operate within the system

despite the amount of

alchohol they consume or

cigarettes they smoke

some may ask -

is routine the same as discipline ?

to that it must be said

that routine involves some

discipline to begin with, but

"routine is not discipline"

after a while it just takes care

of itself like a jet on autopilot

routine is the crutch which

helps people live long boring lives

all the meals are had at set times,

waking, sleeping hours are regulated &

most activities for the day are also regulated

some professions like 'school teacher'

absolutely require it & thus make

the whole task of maintaining a routine easy

other professions like 'rockstar'

don't allow for it and thus the early deaths

& constant rehabs

people find it very hard to function

outside the solid construct of routine

it helps them toe the line like

horses with blinkers

when that "routine security blanket" is

taken off they feel very vulnerable

because stepping out of routine

means decisions, decisions & more decisions

& decisions require clarity & individuality

something which is as foreign to the herd as

desert to penguins

so the ones who

out of sheer boredom & frustration

step outside of the routine mode

usually can't survive very long

quite simply because they have

neither the discipline nor the gnowledge

a million spontaneous decisions per day

& getting them all correct

is not what they have been taught at school

they don't even have the luxury of

a broadband line to god

which would continously

feed them the correct decisions

that requires a lot of humility &

humility is always out of the question

so they eventually give up &

settle back into a routine

of puttering about in the garden

in between breakfast & lunch


asha Pi arTi said...

:) This is such an eloquent observation and so very true !

You write with so much humour that it makes one smile while reading.

love your words.

Anonymous said...

"Routine is not discipline" is such a Perfect line.Almost all Rockstars are about early deaths and consistently constant rehabs.
Your diamond clarity & powerful individuality makes us feel so luxuriously Protected and safe under your shade in all humility.
Getting it all correct was taught in school which we still couldn't understand because it was drilled in our heads BUT getting THIS right is spontaneous and so easy.You are the ONLY teacher in this 3D multiverse!Thankyou Ji.

miragegirl said...

aap ke sharan mein ane valon ko aap routine ke jaal se nikalte hai

aap ke saat har din dilchasph bhithta hai

aap ko pura gyan hai ki kab kya karna uchit hai

aap routine ke bina discipline sikate hai

aap ne kaha tha ki dhusron se alag hone ke liye anushasan jaroori hai aur voh pura sach hai

aap Purushotam hai

aap Param Pavan hai

aap ParmaTma hai

aap Param Pujaneeya hai

aap ko mera Pranam

pinx said...

Brilliant words !

Your words are great ! Routine is indeed what is keeping beings functioning in this mad society. and very enlightening clarification that routine is not the same as discipline.

You reveal once again another way in which beings stay trapped ! and how routine is the only option for those refusing the PaTh to Divine.

Your words are striking ! You always call things out for what they are exactly ! "routine is the crutch which helps people live long boring lives" Profound words !

Dhanyavad P for Your precious insights ! Your words really motivate one to work on that broadband connection to God and never fall into the routine trap !

Anonymous said...

i bow. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow!
Divines words are Paradigm shifting!
to learn that routine is actually a crutch and security blanket and not disciPline is a liberating and vital Truth for one to understand!
It is most amazing how Your words striP away all the false comforts and crutches one clings to!
It is beautiful the way You exPlain that REAL disciPline requires clarity, individuality and the ability to make decisions!
to glimPse what Divine is caPable of, the brilliance of Divines mind is the most humbling thing!
'a million spontaneous decisions per day
& getting them all correct'
There is no school that can teach this! no way to get a degree in having a broadband connection to God!
You are the ultimate examPle of One who functions comPleTely unconstrained by any programming!
One who sees things as the Truly are!
DIvines words constantly show one the truth of ones state and the work one need do, the qualities one need develop to move toward You, toward Divine.
i bow at the feet of the ONE who is Truly free.
the only ONE who can helP one get ones little mind together and break free.

Anonymous said...

You are ever alert and active in all you do.

PsingulariTy said...

You are The humble One
You are 'born into Divine'.

Anonymous said...

You make beings around You more conscious & aware
All You say & do automatically works out that way

Unknown said...

Your observation is always on point and makes one see the normal things from a different view and breaking the old glasses of seeing things, as always simply amazing post!!

Ajay Kapoor said...

Your words are spot on, you have made seeing tasks from a comp,eye different angle. Such a great post

Unknown said...

i bow to your spontaneous and correct decisions. You provide the real stairway.
i bow to your phacts.
i bow to your discipline.

sarah said...

You are so kind to allow for luxuries like a broadband connection.

ki vernee said...

P is the ulTimaTe broadband connecTion !

Unknown said...

Indeed stepping out of routine means decision and decisions require clarity and individuality which most of us find it very hard and then give up the idea!
You see through the things and put it straight as they truly are in an uncomplicated way. You are the all gnowing. You are the only teacher to be showing the reality of everything. I bow.

Anonymous said...

wow so kind of You to helP separate routine from disciPline in our minds.Your observations are always the most brilliant.

ki vernee said...

wow ! so kind of You to shed light on this topic ! one is so fortunate to have a broadband connection with Divine !

Ajay Kapoor said...

Wow you have given such great clarity of the modern day routine that beings follow, which then gets becomes repetitive just as a plane is set to autopilot . This is such a case for majority of beings, and as you have mentioned as soon as they have no routine they cannot make any decisions. This is absolutely accurate.
I for one now understand how I have been involved in this nonsensical routine. You are the one that have a broadband line directly to divine for clarity. I bow.

veena iyengar said...

So very true..discipline is important..Thank you for guiding us..

undecided said...

I bow. Humility is something that needs to be found within anyone who is willing to step out of the matrix. The only way to do that is to bow to higher and divine beings than themselves...PT. aeioum

ki vernee said...

"disciPline is not routine " ... wow ! one is so happy You kindly clarified this ! breaking out of the boring routine requires having to make decisions and one can only make the right decisions by doing PBS toward the Higher ! it is so beautiful how the solution to any issues is to humbly surrender to the Higher ! i bow respectfully

lana_33 said...
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Anonymous said...

wow. such a well PuT sensical Plog!

You exPlained the mutual correlation between decision making skills, disciPline, individualiTy, clariTy and humiliTy so beauTiPhully.

DisciPline is always Phun and rouTine is always boring.

aeioum PT

Unknown said...

a broadband line to god

which would continuously

feed them the correct decisions

this line is really life changing and reassuring ... a broadband line to divine makes everything easier !!! i bow

Kṛtti kā said...

You have the most clearest , keenest and ProfoundesT observations! Your suPremely intelligent articulations are the most PotenT medi-cine to clear the psychology off of the wrong connections formed/adopted!
You are so kind to teach what real disciPline is!

It is the greatest most PhorTunate giPhT that anyone can be blessed with, to have a direct broadband line to God!
You are inPhiniTely comPassionaTe and kind to be here and Provide beings an opportunity to work towards that broadband line to You, Your mercy and care is unbounded, always uPlifTing the existence with Your every action!

i bow

nicolas said...

wow this is a brilliant observation! you are really intelligent! your gnowledge of this multiverse is really impressive! you are divine

i bow to you ShivNarayan

nicolas said...

your words are gold! your greatness can never be equalled!
you share the Truth so simPly & clearly! you are the most disciPlined!

i bow to you all gnoing one

Shruthi said...

"when that "routine security blanket" is

taken off they feel very vulnerable

because stepping out of routine

means decisions, decisions & more decisions

& decisions require clarity & individuality"

- WOW! Only you can throw so much light on all the ways in which beings delude themselves. You provide so much clarity and gnowledge to separate wheat from the chaff. Only discipline and a real connection to you helps beings to step out of the routine security blanket. You give courage to say goodbye to everything that is not divine-centric. You are so kind and magnanimous to teach how to live liPhe. One bows to you! You are the eternal, unchanging one.

Ankeeta said...

Wow this is such an amazing Plog... really You are the all encomPassing One... the One who has actually figured it all out and efficiently and quickly so.... and so very articulately exPlained... it is indeed the 'broadband line to god' that enables one to gnow the right decisions and behaviour in any moment... i bow to Your suPreme Powers and mercy is lost without You... You are the sun that shines the light of real gnowledge uPon us imPerfecT, ignorant ones... Shiv Narayan PT, i bow to Your beautiful lotus PheeT...