Tuesday 23 December 2008

myth of independence

the word 'independence'

stands out

amongst the many buzzwords

of the 20th century (from an arbitrary reset)

lots of violence has been unleashed

for the sake of this word

many proudly

proclaim themselves as


just because they are

able to support themselves financially

through one means or the other

so is financial independence

independence ?

what about all the prisons in

the mind?

and is there any real financial

independence? the day the banks say

this credit/account is not valid

one loses their fictional financial independence

same goes for the handdrawn lines called countries

there have been major wars of independence

in america, india & the rest

but who got independent & from whom?

to my eyes its still a

'United Kingdom'

all the so called independent countries

are all in debt to a mysterious organization called

'world bank' &

all are dependent on it for loans

to keep their pseudo-economies going

so when all the so-called countries

got their so-called independence

it was only a sham as the strings

were now going to be pulled through

a more intangible control tool - money

military control took too much effort

financial control was far easier

nobody questioned anything

because they were 'independent'

on a personal level this makes

any person feel good

the ego is satisfied by the

'myth of independence'

when the reality is that

most are just pawns in a game

the definition of independence

has never been asked for

oxford websters dictionary

is satisfactory enough for most

is a person in a prison with metal bars

not independent?

they can think what they like,

dream what they like,

put their attention where they want to.

the only real independence anyone

ever had was to put their attention

where they wanted to i.e

the devil or the divine

this independence is called 'freewill'

and cannot be taken away

by any outside entity or force

unless one misuses it to an extent

that amidst the twists & tangles

one feels

one doesn't have a choice anymore

any other 'independence'

which is sold in this world

is a soap bubble which

as we all gno is not something which lasts too long

all these independence's do is

create an unhumble attitude

coz after all even the

Jedi's are dependent on *the Force*


ShivaYaShive said...

very beautiful.

Anonymous said...

We only need to dePend on the the individuality of P to set us free and make us indePendent.

miragegirl said...

kya baat bai !

aap ne phir se abdut varnan kiya hai

aap PraTam hai jinhone diklaya hai ki sachi svatantrata free will hai

aap ki aradhna karna ya system mein rahna free will ka hi chunav hai

aap ne duniya mein kapat ko phir se dikaya hai

aap antarrastriya mamlon ke bare mein jitna jante hai utna koyee nahi janta

aap sarva gyani hai

aap itni adbut baatein kehte hai ki sunne vale mantramugdh ho jate hai

danya hai hum ki is samay hum apne free will ki sahi upoyog kar aap ke dikaye rah par chalne pa raha hai

aap itne PraTapvan hai ki is duniya ki joh undekhi lakiren deshon ko vibajit karne ke liye hai, voh aap jaha jana chahe, vaha jane se nahi roh sakti

aap Jagadeshwar hai

aap ke Plogs duniya ki har continent mein padi ja rahi hai

aap duniya ke har tarah ke landscape par pahuncye hai aur un sare jagahon ko pavan kar diya hai

aap mahan hai

aap Param Pujaneey hai

aap ParamaTma hai

aap ko mera Pranam

pinx said...

WAH ! WAH ! WAH ! Kya Baat Hai !!

Your words are great ! Aapke Granth Laajavaab hain !

it is so inspiring to learn of what is the real 'independence'. that it is the freewill to put one's attention where one wants to ! Kya Baat Hai ! that is such a liberating revelation !

yes the freedom of attention is real independence ! so true, it is all one really has at the end of the day, it is the only thing that is PermanenT.

so great to learn how to use it too ! due to Your grace and education one now knows that the PaTh of attention on Divine is the greatest and most rewarding PaTh to follow !

love Your ending line ~ "after all even the Jedi's are dependent on *the Force*"

that is a great PoinT ! showing how the Divine Multiversal Will is what one should use one's free will to align with ! that is what one learns from reading the accounts of higher beings in the Vedic stories. they place their attention on the High & Divine ~ the only way for the "Force to be with you"

Aap samajhdaar hain ! Aapke Granth
mahaan hain ! Your scriPTures, Your music, Your films, Your photos are a refuge for one's free attention !

I Bow !

asha Pi arTi said...

the *Force* is definitely with You P ! I bow ! & if one wishes to be in-dependent one would have to have *Force* within !

this is the most INTELLIGENT and clearly explained definition of independence, this world, its functionings, the freedom of attention, & the chains of money !

it would be so Great if ppl would stop fighting and start learning the truth ... so glad You have come to set the record straight !
I agree with f.k. & pinx, one must align ones attention to the Divine will !!

dhanyavad for sharing the irrefutable Truth in a way one can understand and follow ! Your words are so coherent and liberating.. You are truly Divine !

I bow !

Anonymous said...

i bow. dhanyavad for bursting this myth wide open and replacing it with a PerfecTly coherent explanation of True Freedom and indePendence which simply can not exisit without fixing ones attention on the Divine P. Your eloquence is that of the Highest. i bow at Your All gnowing feet. Narayan! Narayan!

PsingulariTy said...

You are The New Sunshine !

joy starts with ceasing of darkness of character, joy sPreads with PrabhaT. becomes shubh PrabhaT. a New Sun rising. sPreading more & more light, Truth. we gno now where the Sun goes after it sets ! to 'the Other side' ...

what a Dance !

dancing You come, dancing You go. sPreading joy, removing sorrow.
mind Pure, none a hardshiP to endure. low out, high doesn't fuse out
to the other side where it is so, so it is where You helP one go
mind mind so low, none a solo. Hear the lotus Divine, see 'the New Sunshine'...

Your Plogs are the New Sunshine !
Your saound & light Philms are the NewSun Shine !
Your facebook, The News 'n' Shine !

Unknown said...

Each word of yours, each thought of yours is commendable, I truly respect your views. You narrate it with such a clarity, the whole chaotic system is masqueraded with the word "INDEPENDENT"

Nobody actually cares about people's lives on borders, the chaos created are just to run the system and keep the rest busy in this system. Only you can write such posts!!

Unknown said...

Another great Plog! They found an easier way to control people and fooled us into believing how independent we are when right from the beginning all we are taught is to obey to the commands given and not to question, and a competition is set who follows the commands better(become a better slave), they are given badges and trophies and what not to encourage them into working themselves up even more for nothing good. The sense of independence is so muddled up. You depict the grave scenario of this world with your words. Indeed the only way is to put the attention to the divine. Pranam.

Anonymous said...

words soaked with suPreme benevolence
i bow

vimmy said...

You have penned a lot of thoughts I have in my mind but never found people thinking on same things ..We are still slaves of multinationals,working for them day and night and never think about it ..

vimmy said...

You have penned a lot of thoughts I have in my mind but never found people thinking on same things ..We are still slaves of multinationals,working for them day and night and never think about it ..

Kṛtti kā said...

This is such a mind expanding Plog! You are the only one who gnows real meaning of everything/every word! You are The Only one with all encompassing gnowledge to bust all the myths!
Your Plogs are so profound so accurate so true! And indeed one gets a little more understanding of what You say each time one PuTs attention on Your Plogs and all that You do!
You imPart so much clarity so much meaning and gnowledge! Your words are truly illuminating, PermeaTing and emPowering... All that one has is ones attention and what one does with it is what becomes of one!
You are The Real benevolent and comPassionaTe One!
One would have been eternally stuck in this mess misusing ones freewill to put attention on whatever one wants which would have been mostly anti-divine, sinking one into deeper hells... Its all because of You that one can get out of this,
that one can learn about what's truly imPorTant,
one now gnows what to do with ones attention because of You,
Your words are the greatest most Powerful weaPons that never goes amiss...
You so eloquently reveal that all beings are provided with the independence of freewill, that is such an imPorTant revelation for all to gnow!
You have shown one the only way that can lead one out of ones miserable state!
You are so kind to uncomplicate everything for us... Your guidelines make the PaTh simPle and easy, one hoPes to keeP moving uP the PaTh, use ones attention wisely!
Divine is the sweetest most caring!
You really are 'Yours Truly' of all, You are The Most Beautiful Being inside out! You are The One who can lead one from darkness to LighT, You are The Sun itself... More radiant than hundreds of Suns combined!
i bow at Your LotusPheeT /\

Ajay Kapoor said...

Thank you for posting an incredible Plog on independence, as beings we have freewill misusing this will only lead to touture. With you beings are guided in the right direction. I wonder sometimes how my life was like without you being here. I bow down to your feet.

veena iyengar said...

very true..aeioum..thank you..

undecided said...

I bow. You show us the truth hidden behind the illusion, showing us the way out of this prison. The most triumphant prison break ever! No illusionary movie script needed. aeioum

lana_33 said...
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Anonymous said...

very True and beauTiPhully exPlained.

no one can exPlain like u do

The only thing that one owns is one's own attention and the only freedom that beings have is to choose where/on whom to PuT this attention.

you always burst all the soap bubbles created by the evil and hellP one to evolve by showing the realiTy.

aeioum PT🙏

Unknown said...

You are the most PrudenT and Intelligent One!!such a brilliant P~log unveiling the falsity of independence..
Lord P,with Your oPened 3rd eye,You can just look through the manipulation and the hidden agendas of the evil organisations..You totally overstand with Your Probing insights!!

"A person in a prison with mental bars..what about the prisons in the mind"!!Your statements are soul stirring!!You raise really imPorTant questions which makes one Ponder over one's reality..You helP one understand the shady dealings of this world..
One is a Prisoner of one's own mind and of the trappings of this world..

You have revealed the true dePhiniTion of indePendence which can't be found in any of the devious dictionaries..

"The only indePendence one has is where one PuTs one attention"!!Woh!!so true!!
IndePendence=where one PuTs attention=Phree will!!
One Profound revelation after another!!
You have exPlained the real essence of Phree will!!
You are so comPassionaTe to share these teachings🌟🙏

It is so liberating and Pleasurable to PuT attention on You..Divine PT💛✨
So very Kind of You to be here and give one a chance to attain true indePendence by surrendering and serving at Your Lotus PheeT💫
You are the only Greatest Jedi Master who has His kundalini awakened..You alone have a striking sword-like blazing sPine🌟 You embody all the PHORCE..You are the most Phorceful Man!

One will perish without You...
You are one's liPhe Phorce..always curious about You as You are the most Interesting and Attention worthy!!

I bow Divine Guru P🙏

Unknown said...

there are really so many traps in this world that boost beings ego ... one really likes that point ...even Jedis are dependent on the force !!! going by ones own faulty mindset only leads to unwanted circumstances ... i bow

nicolas said...

wow this is magnificent! we are all dependant on divine! your words are so liberating! you are the best that walks the Earth! no being has your wisdom, kindness and Power! you are the divine Phorce

i bow to you all gnoing one

nicolas said...

you make great PoinTs! you are so kind & comPassionaTe to bring back real Pure PrinciPles to the awareness of all!
your divinity is a marvelous Phenomenon! i am so gratePhul to be able to put my attention on your divine PerfecTion!

i bow to you ShivNarayan

ankita said...

wow this is so mind blowingly ePic!
what does the word indePendence the way the use it mean!? You are so intelligent
You see through it all!!!
Your blogs reveal how kiddish minds can be manipulated because they don't gno the meaning of words and don't even care to look into it! You are so above and beyond all this madness!
so beautiPhully exPlained the real meaning of independence! so Profound. ..each and every word of Yours is so Precious and crucial in this day and age
i 🙇

ankita said...

this is very ePic
i 🙇