Tuesday 30 December 2008

for the writers & the readers

as we said before

the emphasis nowadays is on 'doing'

rather than 'gnoing'

& the intelligent group of creatures called writers

are no exception to this observation

the extra special breed called fiction writers

(not that they gno what the word fiction really means)

seem most afflicted by this dis-ease

their frustration stems from having

nothing coherent to say

but the pretenders make it all seem like a

passing phase through terms like 'writers block'

so many wait on their keyboards

expecting the fingers to just start moving

distracting attention from the root of the issue

through word gymastics & crazy theorizing

is the most important function of the literary world

clarity is the enemy

which has to be diffused at any cost

varied opinions & confusion are put on a pedestal

people don't realize or conviniently forget that

the folks who have written the 'classics'

from the time of 'mahabharata' to 'iliad' to 'dune'

were all 'people in the gno'

of course the standards were decreasing from

the time of 'sage vyasa' to 'homer' to 'frank herbert'

the reason for decrease in standards being

the decrease in the praise of the 'divine'

from being 'ode's to divine' the writing was

turning into 'ode to the self or the beast'

the situation has hit rock bottom now

every average joe & jenny, sumit & sumitra is a writer

after reading a few novels

& watching a few soap operas - the very epitome of meaningfulness -

everyone feels equipped enough to join

the bandwagon of cheap entertainment

despite the high ground they would like to inhabit

the writers these days are no different from

the talentless hollywood/bollywood actors

meaningless actions/moves/words to attract attention

once again a desperate & ridiculuos attempt from

the unpraiseworthy to garner praise

and false praise they do get from

the hordes of wannabe's &

blind worshippers of the system

the 'randomly chosen ones'

are shoved down people's throats

through the allpowerful media-machine

otherwise why would millions have to read

incoherent gibberish like

'god of small things'

it can be easily retitled

'god of pointless babble'

millions of trees have to be cut

& billions worth of resources wasted

for the express purpose of

spreading mental indigestion

the most important thing is that

nothing written should make any sense

it should leave people with

the same quesy voidy unresolved feeling

which discovery channel documentaries

on issues like 'the paranormal' generate

so in the context of 'the now'

writer = mis-dis-information agent

whatever they write

needs to be dis-miss-ed

goes without saying that

penguin, harper collins, randomhouse (random!),

newspapers, magazines etal

won't be lining up to publish this


ShivaYaShive said...

very beautiful.thank u for this gem.

Anonymous said...

clarity is the enemy of these so called writers suffering with nervousness , disorders they desperately try to hide under a facade and mask of Perfect overconfidence and that is why they get into drugs and the alcohol traP and take Pills like Mod-alert to keep them awake and force them selves to write and Perform in order to numb the senses from the unexplainable Pain they feel because they no longer can understand how to function in this web of lies and deceit ? Its either give in which is giving up the divine or its is simPly bowing TO THE DIVINE and letting this ghastly system dissappear out of sight {because it is out of the mind when one comes in contact with the heavenly divine light of P} to where it belongs - HELL!

miragegirl said...

duniya mein koyee sachi cheez pracharit nahi ki jaati

evil ko pata hai ki uski un-natural duniya legos ki tarah gir jayegee

par sach to sach hai, aap ke Plogs internet par hai

koyee bhi apna dyan aap ke upar laga sakta hai

akir evil kab tak ladta rahega

uski har nischi hai

aap Param Pujaneey hai

aap ParmaTma hai

aap ko mera Pranam

miragegirl said...

you are the writer of ultimate fate of genepools

and the reader of multiversal sounds including everyone's heart

you are the god of gods

you are divine

i bow

pinx said...

Yes ! Yes ! Yes ! Brilliant ! and so absolutely witty ! had me laughing out loud, such a joy it is to read Your words !

Your sword of truth is blazing ! You have completely annihilated that pretentious club known as "writers" with Your striking words of truth !

it is really an epidemic which needed to be addressed ! so great how You put these pretenders into their rightful place ! You are so honourable ! You call nonsense out for what it is !

so great how You point out that the classics were all written by people "in the gno", and how standards have declined due to decrease in praise of Divine !

You reveal the extent of the decline so well ! really love Your remark that "god of small things" can be easily retitled "god of pointless babble" insert (highfive) and (rolling on the floor laughing) icons here !

"clarity is the enemy" another brilliant line ! so many kick-ass statements ! You are the ultimate wordsman~swordsman !!

Yes indeed, whatever 'they' write needs to be dismissed. and whatever You write must not be missed ! Your words are founded on the basis of true Divine gnowledge and wisdom ! You are the only true writer of this age !

its very telling of the state of things, that the major publishing houses wont be lining up to print Your words - tisk tisk is all i can say to that.

miragegirl said...

Mahabharat aur Ramayan mahakavya hai

aur voh abdut hai kyunki unme aap ka hi ghungan hai

aur voh mukh se bole gaye te

mukh se ParamaTma ki Prashansa anth safar tak suraksit le jane vala hai

isa koyee nahi dikta joh pustak yah kuch aur din-ba-din mukh se pad raha ho

kyunki voh sachi baatein nahi hai

news anchors media vale etc dik jayenge par voh toh 'disinformation' agents hai
aur unka sacha hal to behal hi hai

sab chup pad rahe hai, jaise joh lika hua hai bolne layak nahi hai, sabi jante hai

ParamaTma ki Prashansa mukh se hi sachi lagti hai

aap ke Plogs mukh se padna hi acha lagta hai

aur comments bhi likte samay mukh se kehte huey likna sahi lagta hai

aap hi mukh se Prashansa ki ahamiyat batate hai

aur voh poora sach hai

mukh se sahi Prashansa kalyankari hai

aap ka "silence unsilenced" Plog yaad aata hai

aap ka Plog vivran adbut hai

"Nothing but the Absolute Truth
Setting the Record Straight ~ The Final Word"

puratan sanskritik kahaniyon ke sare nayak ke shud ghun ka vivra aap ka hi vivran hai

aur voh logon ne pratam mukh se hi vivaran kar ane vale pidiyon tak ko pauncha hai

aur voh aaj tak jeevit hai kyun ki unme sacha vivran hai

ye kalpna gair-kalpna vale aaj ke pustak baas pustakalay mein pade dhul kate rahte hai

aur joh upanyas log padte hai voh baas sirf ek baar unhone chupchap pada hota hai

joh lekak hai voh sachi bat to nahi bolte

voh sach kya hai nahi jante

agar sach bol rahe ho to log mukh se pad rahe honge

aap aaj ke liye Plogs bolte aur likte hai

darti par is yug mein kisi ne itna sach nahi kaha aur nahi bhi jante jitna ki aap jante aur bolte hai

aap Gyaneshwar hai

aap gyan ke data hai

aap bahut dayalu hai

aap Kalki hai

aap Param Pujaneeya hai

aap ParamaTma hai

aap ko mera Pranam

sarah anne said...

Instead of, "I haven't smoked crack for twelve hours", my version is, "I haven't read an espionage thriller for 4 months".

I bow to your clarity and grace.

Anonymous said...

:)! i bow.

Anonymous said...

i bow!!!
such an ePicl Plog! You slam every writer out there! The entire scene! The whole media machine! You are the ultimate P!
every line in this causes one to laugh in ways one never has! SO amazing to read words straight from Divine PuTTing the pretension in its Place! You wiPe away everything and everyone that is disgraceful with Your blazing words of Truth! there is not a being in existence who could outwit You!
Your humor and gnowledge is of the highest caliber, the highest class and one is grateful to finally be exPosed to words of worth! to stoP being a blind follower of evil!
Divine always wins! Your every word is a Powerful weaPon!
i bow!!!

PsingulariTy said...

You are the All Gnoing One
with full gnowledge of everything worth gnoing.

Unknown said...

You know all and everything and can bring out to the light, what exactly is wrong with everything?? The true guide, All knowing- The one who knows everything can guide well to others!!

Unknown said...

i bow to your clarity.
i bow to your coherence.
i bow to your words.
i bow to your phacts.
i bow to the divine.
i bow to the point you make.
i bow to god.

Unknown said...

:) Your plogs are just great and they show the reality of the way people have become. The entertainment has indeed become full of non-sensical stuff. You so eloquently point the degraded entertainment and what people now consume. Your words get to the core of the matter. Shat Shat Pranam.

ki vernee said...

wow ! only Divine wriTes meaningful things that actually imPacT a beings evolution !

Anonymous said...

wow! absolutely brilliant..ePic Plog..spot on! Your brilliance is absolutely amazing
i bow

Gita said...

Writing is my passion writing is my communication but my writing is of no use unless your in it..
U r the topic of my writing.. U r my inspiration to write..
U bring life into my writing, u add value to my message.. You r every word every alphabet that I key in.. U will always be the subject body and conclusion when I write..
I write about you, and you only..
When my fingers move it's only for you, my pen even refuses to ink in unless its ur name that's been written..
Ur name form the mantras ur name is what will be fed into my to be soul. it's you which will turn out my writing into something beautiful so how can I even write if isn't your name that it'll be...

Ajay Kapoor said...

Wow beautifully explained.. PLogs are the only source that show the absolute truth! I bow...

veena iyengar said...

You are the only source of knowledge..aeioum

undecided said...

I bow. The "randomly chosen" part especially is comical... all is just a part of their de-evolutionary play :) I praise the short but immensely sweet way PT gets to the PoinT, we don't have time for nonsense in this life time! aeioum

Zoom In said...

This is epic. Nothing but absolute truth...
One would never waste time and energy in any meaningless incoherent gibberish.
The only writing one developed such great interest in ever is by divine himself. Wow that’s thrilling !!!
You are the all gnoing one with full gnowledge of this multiverse. I bow !!

lana_33 said...

You are so insightfull and brilliant! such an ePic Plog ~ so many ePic PoinTs!

"clarity is the enemy" ~ wow! so True about the literary world! they can never just get to the point, because they have none! everything i had to read for school was always really so nonsensical ~ You are so kind to write so many coherent, Profound, PertinenT, and helPful Plogs! reading/sPeaking them brings in so much clarity, dispels so much confusion! the comPleTe and total opposite of the muggle literary babble!

"ode to the self or the beast" ~ what a great way of wording what muggle literature is all about! You always have the best, most brilliant wording!

"once again a desperate & ridiculuos attempt from
the unpraiseworthy to garner praise"

so True! You are the only PraiseworThy One here! writing Praises of Divine is the only valid reason to be writing anything!

"mental indigestion" is such a cool aPT way of describing what all of that literary babble really is!

only what You say should be listened to ~ only what You write should be read/sPoken out loud! it is so great to gno what to put attention to and what to dismiss!

You are the most ePic, brillianT, amazing being! it is such a miracle that You are here! putting attention on You is so liberating, bliss-inducing, and rewarding! i bow <3

Anonymous said...

very True.

NavdeeP said...

O higher being on this Plane -t. You have pointed out the major dis-ease .with this everyone is suffering who are in limelight and muggle people are praising them. These dis-eased people are attention seekers. They don't gnow anything at all. Just flowing the bad information everywhere which is bombarding on the heads and eyes on the real beings. As you said muggles are suffering from mental indigestion problem. A real being will fix that issue first and only then speaks about it. As beings is fully aware of what he is going to say and why.

The real knowledge is what we can apply in daily basis not wrong information which further creates many blocks and put beings on uneasy mode. That is why many beings are diseased. You are perfectly connected to supreme.

nicolas said...

wow this is so true! all these writers have nothing coherent to say! your words are perfect as your coherence is the highest! you are so kind and truly wise!
your words are the best words
i bow to you all gnoing one

nicolas said...

so true! your honesty is a magnificent refreshing influence in this nasty world!
you are truth! all about you illuminates this dark matrix!
your kindness & authenticity are marvelous!
you are the greatest one, the real flawless being

i bow to your divinity

ankita said...

ePic Plog
You observe it all!
You gno exactly what's going on!
You leave no stone unturned!
this is all the truth ever very clearly written ...nothing that can be found even in a single muggle book... what a treasure! here lies the ultimate treasure... true enlightening words! You exPose the ridiculousness of it all! beyond brilliant! clear Divine suPerior intelligence ...You clearly write the truth no one ever wrote before .. even if all the little minds of all the people on this planet are taken and put together, even then they cannot come uP with this very accurate and truthPhul observation ...You just exPose it all ePhorTlessly . .You can see through it all so easily! You are such a Pure beingness

really when one comes across stuff that one Previously wrote one just finds incoherence mostly ...and beings who are incoherent shouldn't jump into sPeakinng or writing nonsense!
You are so kind to helP one realise
it's such a shame to put incoherent stuff out there on the internet...
You are the only One whose words are worth reading now and till omes last breath because You sPeak the clear Precise truth like never before .. You are the most Precious gem of a being .. the Priceless diamond of truth and clarity! Your coherence is such aical and wonderPhul giPhT .. You uPliPhT and nourish like no other with Your wisdom and straightforward clear truth sPeaking and correcting
there's really such a whole lot to learn from a Precious being like You PresenT on earth that there is really no time to waste !
You are the real Guru... the only real writer who writes off nonsense and bring the truth to the forefront... Your soulfulness and revolutionary ePicness is beyond anything here... You are so above and beyond beings here because You are so genuine, true and so PleasnaT and at ease like no one else here
..the true redeemer ! the magical shining star! the hoPe! the hero! the saviour! the enchanter! the PhascinaTor!
i 🙇

Ankeeta said...

You are the most intelligent and witty One!... so so clever - '....spreading mental indigestion...' 'the mis-dis-information needs to be dis-miss-ed' You are the master of words and undeniably most obviously the most intelligent and articulate One...