Saturday 6 December 2008

Digitronica - Myth of Techno Trance

the fact that techno i.e

machine based,

mechanical clock like beats

*cannot* induce

real trance states

has not dawned upon europe

& techno supporters around the world.

even in all the so-called tribal people

the beats which induced

trances were all man-made i.e biological

these synthetic-beats are

against biology & thus anti-life

after all, evil is just opposite of live

there is a reason why

even spirits stay away from factories !

the shamans (even modern wannabe's like jim morrison)

who accessed the spirit realm

had human beats as their background

no wonder synthetic drugs have to be supplied in order

for people to get into the hellish techno scene

human beats have breath,

something which techno beats can-not have

they only mimic factory machine's mechanical pulse sonics.

it is understandable why many

fall for it or have no natural aversion to it

considering their recent

forefathers have all been working in

industrial revolution machinehouses called factories

these vibrationally dead beats are only good for taking

one to a borg state through which

one can join Darth Vader's borg army

thats what all the playstations,

mobiles, microchips,

are preparing people for &

techno covers the sound part

of this zone-horror 'sound & light' picture

the story of this race which

promotes/creates this kind of

machine nonsense has been

well documented in movies like

Dune & Star Wars.

luc skywalker ( luc s = lucas = lucifer )

finds that dad ( darth vader = anikin skywalker= anu )

is half-machine

( incorrect use of terms anu & lucifer -

both are positive )

thats what this hybrid race is heading for


with metal implants, artificial heart valves

& microchips... just another case of

history repeating

its funny when these kind

of sonics are refered to as Electronica

when it is all actually 'Digitronica'

Electronic sounds happen

from analog electronic valves

( with the electrical sparks flying )

not digital 0,1 synth beat producers

pretension is once again the key

as many get caught in this hellish

nightmare of a scene

masses can always be counted on to

follow trends without using any

thought, research or gnowledge

just like inside of a labyrinth

they never gno what they

are really getting into until its too late ...


miragegirl said...

only your music has power to create any real trance

you create amazing music

Anonymous said...

This is so beautiful and simplified.Its like getting untied, undone and untangled from this web that the masses are stuck in.It is the anti life robot machine making factory that these clubs have become.We want more of P-ure electrifying music!

miragegirl said...

aap ne digitronica ke bare mein joh lika hai voh bahut gehra aur dilchasph hai

aap sabi batoon ko pura pura samjte hai

main ne pada tha ki playstations
ke kisi game ko khel kar kisi ne khudkushi ki aur voh particular game ki notoriousness bahut deki ja rahi hai aur kisi oor ne techno music sunh ne par kano mein huee gunjan ko bardash na kar pane ki vajah se khudkushi ki

digitronica ki machini duniya logon ko borg bana deti hai, ye bayankar baat hai

aap ka sangeet electric hai

electric guitar koyee aap sa baja nahi sakta

koyee teek tarike se electric guitar padak bhi nahi sakta aur aap bhavya roop se pakadte aur bajate hai

aap joh dhwani nikalte hai voh hamesa khas hota hai

aur itni miti bhavna / haal / gehraye bari hoti hai ki kya kehna

aur aap joh ye sab kuch ki utpathi karte hai, jin mein sab kuch samaya hai, mahan hai

aap ke Prashansa ke liye shabd bhi kam pad jate hai

aap ParmaTma hai

aap Param Pavan hai

aap Param Pujaneeya hai

aap ko mera Pranam

miragegirl said...

aap ki Prashansa dil ke dhadkan ko badata hai

aap dayalu hai

aap Param Pujaneey hai

aap ParamaTma hai

aap ko mera Pranam

pinx said...

Your words are absolute truth !!

You provide the ultimate discourse about the Sound & Light realm illustrating the crucial differences between biological sounds/beats as opposed to synthetic !

what an amazing PerspecTive You share ! depicting so clearly the final & highly disturbing destination and consequences of the synthetic direction !

and really great how You address that "Digitronica" is the name for the incorrectly titled "Electronica". and very cool description of how "electric" sounds actually happen !

Praise be to Divine's Grace for Your LotusOcean Sound & Light ! Pure biology at the highest level ! Sounds which repair and evolve one at a DNA level. Sounds which increase one's level of spirit/soul/coherent charge spark !

LotusOcean Sounds - for soul making/preservation

Digitronica - for soul loss/destruction

hmmm - i certainly gno which sounds i will be listening/dancing to every day till the day i die ♪ ♫♪♫♪ :)

Anonymous said...

i bow! Your brilliance uncovers ungnown Truth after Truth! its no wonder technos have to be blitzed out of their brains on mind altering substances in order to pretend enjoy the soulless sounds they are enslaved too. dhanyavad for sharing what True vibration and electronic sound is. dhanyavad for breaking the spell that has been massively attacking for generations. i bow at Your Truly electric feet. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow!
another ePic Plog overflowing with mindblowing inPhormaTion!!!
so coherently and cohesively Divine brings awareness to where the unnatural digi sounds are leading the masses
no where else can one discover real history but through Divines Plogs!
no where else can one learn that lucifer and anu are PosiTive terms made out to be evil by the evil ones doing the mind programming!
Divine is the only One whose research and gnowledge are flawless!
Divine is the only One who can navigate out of the hellish borg nightmare beings are creating and lead one towards a real PhuTureeyond the Prision of this Plane!
it is SO amazing that the Avatar is here, setting the record straight, creating and sharing real sound and light!
i bow!

Anonymous said...

i bow!
such a PotenT warning Divine gives at the end.
'just like inside of a labyrinth
they never gno what they
are really getting into until its too late ...'

it really insPires one to align with Divine and do and keeP doing the do!
one cant even imagine how much more hellish this Plane will be when the Avatar chooses to leave and the torture and Pain of having to endure an eternity in hells more awful than than this one!
bowing to the only Phorce who gnos how to break free!
it is SO amazing that You have maniPhesTed on this PlaneT P!

PsingulariTy said...

You are The Real Electronica King
just through these Plog comments one can see that many PeoPle many times over have commented that Your saaounnds are entrancing.

You are The Real Guide
guiding humanity to sanity.

Anonymous said...

You are absolutely practical and scientific. It's amazing that one can find a being like you in this world.

Anonymous said...

Your Plog titles are always so meaninful & Precise

none has the talent to get everything right in writing blog PosTs, not that they should be writing any. no one sPeaks out what they are writing & then Publishes as You do. Your truthfulness shows in all You do.

PeoPle do not care much about timing, length, words used, meaning, issue at hand (often unresolved), in PacT it becomes clear that it is indeed ego that makes them write things when they have nothing to say unlike You who are very comPassionaTe in 'setting the record straight'

Your Plogs always resolve issues at hand

they are wit filled and contain real humour, are enjoyale to sPeak out, they increase consciousness to Praise Divine & most imPorTantly they are the comPleTe Truth

Unknown said...

Every post of your carries a different knowledge and the real truth, thank you so much for creating this Plog(blog)!!

Unknown said...

i bow to your divine sounds.
i bow to your divine life.
i bow to your divine music.
i bow to your fractal and phactal nature.

Ajay Kapoor said...

What a great Plog highlighting the different between Digitronica and Electroinica. You are the one that has truly mastered Electronica. So much of the music currently is Digitronica which is leading beings to more pain and torture. Your music is liberating. I bow.

undecided said...

I bow. Since listening to LotusOcean music, if I even try to listen to modern day "pop" music, my head starts hurting and I realize what this digital music has been doing to mine and everyone else's head! It's not organic and nothing about the lyrics are close to being divine...just another way to keep us all in the illusion. I bow to PT for the real nectar music. aeioum.

lana_33 said...

You are so incredibly intelligent, so scientiPhic ~ only You gno what's best for the human body, mind, and sPiriT ~ and hellish borg-like digital sounds are not it ~ so kind of You to clariPhy this very imPorTant PoinT ~ both in this brilliant Plog and in some of Your innerviews!

You show what real electronic music is ~ what real trance music is ~ You are the ultimate Master of sound and electricity! what You do with the electric guitar is unParalled!

You have the most coherent, most natural, most Pure, most alive, and most beautyfull sound and light to be Phound anywhere! Your sounds so Profoundly helP beings to evolve, to clear their senses ~ they show how evolution is Phun! it is really such a miracle that You are here and are sharing Your most PerfecT Divine sounds! i bow <3

Anonymous said...

very True.

Your viewPoinTs are always so benevolenT and of ParamounT imPorTance.

beings live a machine life, and then they become one by getting one installed in them.

Unknown said...

Your sounds are so electric and so alive and filled with soul ... the appeal to so called electronica music is insane ... just sounds like scrap metal being rubbed together or just watching all of the transformer movies ... i bow

nicolas said...

that is very beauTiPhully explained! your words are the best words!
your gnowledge is so wholistic, that is very impressive! you are divine

i bow to you supreme lord

nicolas said...

really beautiful PoinT! your gnowledge is so wholistic! it is magnificent! only you gno what is truly good! you are inPhiniTely good!
i bow to your divine greatness