Sunday 24 July 2011

speaking/writing too lightly

too many people on this planet

have gotten

too used to saying/writing stuff

(especially typing)

that doesn't match their

actual reality

saying/writing anything is

taken too lightly

as if there are no consequences for it

this comes from

a high degree


a major cutting off from nature & divine

some even cry in their own private time

as they confront their actual state

while outwardly they

feign to even fully believe

in these ridiculuos fronts

the problem is

that with this attitude

they cannot

raise the

actual state of their being/soul

they will only go down

by spewing

fantasiacal falsehoods

which have no bearing with

elements, nature & reality


asha Pi arTi said...

what a precise observation and expression ! You are the best.

You always state the facts : problem, root reason and practical solution. so compassionate !

Vintish said...

Speechless... I bow...

sarah anne said...

It is so generous to provide the opportunity to try to get centered, grounded, and realistic. I bow.

Anonymous said...

i bow.

miragegirl said...

honesty is required to walk the PaTh of evolution
You have been the most sincere being in the multiverse
so it is that in the now You are the Enlightened One, the PresidenT of earth

never do You sPeak or write anything that is not Truth

You are Truth itself

Anonymous said...

i bow.
one can do nothing but apologize for the countless ways one has misused words P.
it fills one with shame to realize how many lies ones has thought, spoken and typed throughout ones life.
how ungrounded and disconnected from Divine one has been.
incoherent and delluded.
treating and using that which is serious and heavy lightly and never considering the consequences.
and that one continues to do this in ones meaningless muggle job to survive.
putting on fronts and speaking lies.
it is hell pain and torture to participate and try and pretend to exist in a world that is so far removed from You P.
a world that has gotten to used to speaking nonsense and untruths.
to be so far away from You! from Your Truth! from Your beauty.

You give one every reason to cry out in Praise of You!
it is You who has never used words in a meaningless ways!
it is You who could never be reduced to living or speaking lies!
it is You who live in PerfecT balance and harmony with elements, nature and reality!
the real world celebrates and a Praises You constantly!
You are authentic and genuine in every moment.
You are Truth! Your every word is Truth! Precise. to the PoinT.
Your every action Pure and full of PurPose.

You are so comPassionate to share Your words P!
to helP one face the Truth of ones state!
to helP one unlearn devoluting attitudes and work to become focused and centered and grounded in Truth!
in You! in the laws of nature! in the laws of Divine!
only You can help the blind learn to see and be in a way that is aligned with Divine at all times.
i bow.

Anonymous said...

i bow
it is really amazing the way Divines judgement exPoses the nonsense!
How You always get to the PoinT in the most brilliant way!
You are a sParkling dazzling shining Genius in a world overgrown with idiocy!
so grateful The Avatar is here taking it down!
Divine makes it so clear how detrimental such a pathetic attitude is!
so grateful for Your boundless Grace and the chance to inculcate right attitude, get grounded and rise above such a delluded and shameless and pointless way of operating.
i bow

Unknown said...

i bow

sarah said...

You are the only cure

sarah said...

You are the only one who entirely exudes class and soPhisTication in speech and word.

ki vernee said...

You really helP beings see the reality of things ! it is so phun to finally learn how to speak truths ! i bow

Anonymous said...

Amazing....i did not gno this....Yes actions have consequences...So kind of you to reveal the absolute truth.

nicolas said...

yes so true! all actions have consequences! your words are really refreshing for one's consciousness! you are amazing

i bow to you supreme one