Saturday 2 July 2011

fun or Phun

every friday

the whole of

so-called west

& now increasingly

the so-called east

looks for fun

they think

weekend will be heaven

compared to their hellish week

so fun begins

by putting the body into graceless poses

& ofc

lots and lots of alcohol

so fun is primarily

getting out of it

when they say party

they just mean more alcohol

being cut off from divine

no other access to bliss they have

& it should be gnown by now that

alcohol is no tonic for bliss

it just offers lack of oxygen in the brain,

madness, delusion, loss of control

vomits & of course the hangover

so its all mock fun & party

a futile desperate attempt at it

how long can they kid themselves thus

basically depends on their

desire to slither in hell

Phun is the real spelling of fun

the P being most important

just as in Party

no Phun or Party



the divine Pole, the Axis

no heaven without divine


asha said...

Yes that's why it is always a

* Phun Party * around You ! ! !

Vintish said...

Agree with Asha , your every word is beautiful... the real Phun is with "P"...

Yashanvitha said...

Real joyful divine Play is having the Phun n Party with Prashant Narayan.those who r dependent on alcohol or any other modes of drugs for the week end Pleasures are missing the real Party with the divine.

mrig said...


Shahid said...

From your earlier blog post as i remember,
"Bliss is dna on phire going past speed of light
Bliss is the kundalini going through the crown chakra
Bliss is creating a rainbow at will
Bliss is the brain on ecstacy through kundalini juices"

This is the kinda Divine Bliss the west and even we in India need to experience.
Lord Narayan is Great!!!

miragegirl said...

wow. superb.

yes, no Phun without P. its no heaven where you are not present.

"no other access to bliss they have" -you are the best, the most graceful and wisest yoda on earth.

miragegirl said...

kitni ghambir baat hai! kitna sundar bola aapne !

'no heaven without divine'

P ke saat hi Phun hai

P ke saat hi P~arty bhi

Pavitr Pavan hriday ke

Paramanand Pradan karne vale

sirf Aap hi hai

Aap ka har P casa album iska Praman hai

darti ki sundarta, aap ki sundarta, fractality ... aap ki leela dikata adbut P casa internet par

Aap ke dhwani aur Prakash ke videos bhi Praman hai

sundar, ati uttam vibrations bare, adbut drishya dikane vale, anginat Pavitr bavanaon se bare, divya rachnaye

Aap ke P logs bhi Praman hai

sach aur joot ko sahi sahi dikate, vikas ke marg par chalate, adbut vyang bare, gyan pradayak P logs

Aap par dyan rakne vale sabi vinamr prani har tarah se vikasit hote hai

Aap dayalu hai

Aap mangalmayee hai

Aap Adinath hai

Aap Param Pujaneeya hai

Aap ko mera Pranam

Anonymous said...

i bow.

asha Pi arTi said...

NO HEAVEN WITHOUT DIVINE ... gosh P it is so kind of You to PoinT the most obvious truths that one did not see speak or repeat enough ... this Plog is so essential and required for everyone as there is not a single person that does not want fun in their life and needs it desperately as there are only futile attempts and lame ass actions to be done out there and none of which are sanctified by Divine You !

so gratefull for all the PHUN that one has gotten to experience under Your command ... You are so Ultimately RocknRoll and Intelligent ! You making learning Phun and keep it phlowing in totally EPIC ways ! one has never had any real fun/Phun before You came and swept one off one's feet and into the whirlwind of exciting sound and light and effortless education and mindblowing volcano cropcircle lightning storms and rainbow creations !! You are real Magick excitement and PHUN !!

You are so strong and steadfast with all Your Phorces of Divine crashing all the parties out there that are being done without PT - as if that is even Possible ... You are so kind to provide the PlaTform for all this to take place and to give one a real chance at evolution !!

i bow

Unknown said...

i bow

Anonymous said...

yes so true
ParTy is only when P gets arty!
You bring sanity to this crazy world
You are the only One having Phun
You can rock the world
only Your music is rocking and worth dancing on
rest of the world is just desperately trying to have fun while slithering in hell
it's such an absurd state
only You can have real Phun
You bring so much joy, class and beauty to this world
You rest above the ocean of existence
You are real Phun and creativity
You are the saviour
i bow

ki vernee said...

You are so right ! peoples definition of fun is not fun at all because Divine is not a part of it ! it is so clear now what happens when beings try to have fun without divine's prescence ! there is no ParTy or Phun without You ! i bow

Unknown Andanonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

So true. You are the real Phun.

nicolas said...

so true! divine is Phun, you are the real Phun! no real Phun is possible when one is disconnected from divine!
i bow to you ShivNarayan