Wednesday 19 May 2010

the shrink

in evil's system

the high(guru) & divine

is replaced by a creature

called 'the shrink'

it is there to help you in your quest of

'shrinking' away from divine

it goes by other titles too like

psychologist, counsellor etc

it gives you a seat to sit

you don't have to bow to it

yet listen to it

it is supposed to solve

all the problems &

horrible feelings

which are but natural

in the hell you exist in

its job is take away

whatever little

natural reactions/aversions to hell

you might have left

after all the numbing & dumbing down


the fun part is

you pay for it too


Irene said...

That is very true, so many people place their faith in that system to help them, I guess they get what they are seeking though, ego-support.

sarah anne said...

I love the brilliant analysis!!! I agree completely. People get paid according to their value to the matrix, and the reason why psychiatrists make bank is that they help people fit in who otherwise might find a way out.

There are valid reasons to dislike Freudian ideas, such as that most can be directly attributed to the crack pipe, but the reason it is so trendy to hate him is that he encouraged people to feel their own suffering too much. Now there's a pill for that. It seems like people pick shrinks the same way they pick guru's and friends, just looking for a stamp of approval for bad decisions.

Anonymous said...

Lol. :D i bow. dhanyavad for the distance provided by your Divine PersPecTive P! it allows one to laugh at the ridiculousness we allow ourselves to get tangled up in when we go against Divine. Your all Pervasive innocence is Powerfully reedeming. i bow. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

miragegirl said...

this 'shrink' ability is also maniPhesT through what are called friends, other relations, acquaintances also many a times

'mutual asssurance society' it is

even in this hell out here, its quiet a thing that one keePs on in it
there are so many occurences in ones liPhe that show clearly that Divine is refuge
one neglects it, thus the hell deePens

You are Divine
You are very beautiful !

Unknown said...

i bow

Anonymous said...

You make extremely awesome PoinTs

'a creature
called 'the shrink'
it is there to help you in your quest of
'shrinking' away from divine'

that's an awesome way to PuT it
going to shrinks is such an unsavoury affair
it doesn't solve any problems
one can actually feel oneself shrinking away in the presence of shrinks and the stupidity and hopelessness of paying someone to listen to you
Your observations are awesome..You are very awesome

ki vernee said...

You are so Phunny and so right ! lol ! i bow

sarah said...

Your clarity about how feeling horrible and having mental problems is natural in hell is so helPful. one could never figure out the secret everyone else seemed to have regarding being happy. Your genuine haPPiness makes it so obvious how fake muggle happiness is. such a brilliant analysis of the mental health industrial complex.

Turbulent Conqueror said...
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Kṛtti kā said...

True , society is lacking correct direction! The need for going to these shrinks would eliminate if people came across Your insightful PersPecTives!
You cover everything in the most Phun and interesting ways, always making the best connections! Your Plogs bring out the real picture and help in doing the work required to get above the hellish conditions... Your words are ultimate reality check and a crucial consideration for evolution!
i bow

nicolas said...

wow so true! beings pay to get away from divine! this is horrible
you are so kind to PoinT out the real TruTh of all in the evil system
you are the only real Guru who gnos all
liPhe has no meaning without you
liPhe would be just more hell without you
you are the true saviour of the human race
you are the PerfecT one, the real avatar
i cannot stop feeling impressed by you
all that you are is magnificently divine

i bow to you all gnoing one