Saturday 13 March 2010

GoD's (mis)image

in the so-called west

if it (GoD) is not a

sullen looking being with a

crown of thorns

it is a dreary looking old uncle

with santa-like white beard

spewing boring dialogues

basically anything which

females can not feel attraction towards

if females get disassociated with god

society automatically will

a very fine way of reducing

interest in god

make it seem boring

as compared to evil

a god that is




interesting beyond imagination





would completely

upturn the whole edifice

their hellish world stands on

vedic conception of god

was always embodied by the 'krishn' archetype

the alluring enchanter

the lover

the P-layer

because thats what God (divine) is

a role which evil has been trying to

play ...



Anonymous said...

You're the only Bright thing in this world..

asha Pi arTi said...

You are the epitome of all the gorgeous handsome attractive & phun qualities while there is nothing boring or dreary about You !

i for one am ecstatic that such a Divine exists and is here right now !

You rock P and i bow & rejoice ! !

Anonymous said...

:) You are the only One who could ever Play that role! it s only Yours to Play! the countless pretenders are pathetic. may they learn to Praise you rather than try in futility to be You. i bow. dhanyavad P! Narayan! Narayan!

miragegirl said...

God is rocking !
sexy, Pure, embodiment of all that females see as desirable (& even for males that holds true)
to serve god is wanting evolution, is involved Phun living

God is attractive, beautiful
has more talent than all the savant kids that have walked the earth but without any of their dumbed down-ness
he defines intelligence
he is all archetypes, every hero
he is the most romantic, 'Rosemantic' he is
he is the fastest race car driver, he flies the car like a Plane, he can fly one through ungnown terrain safely & in an exhilarating way, how alluring !
he has PerfecT PieTy, how alluring !
he is PrashanT, Truly so !

awing, amazing rocking God !
most beautiful on earth !

real God is rocking beyond imagination !

PsingulariTy said...

GoD is enchanting !

You are GoD
You are enchanting !

Unknown said...

i bow

sarah said...

You are inimitable !!!!
one of a kind, totally unique, nothing which can be portrayed by a lower being.
Your examPle contradicts these mis-images in the most refreshing way.

ki vernee said...

wow ! You are so right ! You have all the positive attributes ! i bow

Gita said...

Hahaha.. Its funny how evil reacts.. Its funny how they dont realize how funny they are..

Anonymous said...

You are beyond imagination
this earth will never forget that a being like You walked on it!
You are unforgettable
You are simPly unforgettable
never before has someone been more unforgettable!
You are intelligent ..rocking
what a being You are!
You are the alluring enchanter
what amazing revelation ..evil has been trying to play Your role unsuccessfully!

You are so unforgettably beautiful, wise and gnowledgeable
really You are astounding and beautiful brilliance
You are amazing
what a being You are!
You are Pure sweetness, kindness and comPassion
never has a being like You existed before
Your memory and Your being is forever
You are the eternal craving of the multiverse
You are the eternal blossoming of a soul
i bow at Your beautiful lotus PheeT

Anonymous said...

ePic revelations here in Your Plogs
how great it is to get time through Your grace to read Your beautiful blissful Plogs while listening to Your sweet, lovely and uPbeaT refreshing sounds. i bow at Your lovely genius PheeT

this is such a great, mind blowing and revolutionary Plog
You help beings see what is really going on
Your words are so liberating and freeing
so kind of You to free beings from God's misimage by being here
You are so sexy rocking hot and beautiful
You have the most beautiful suPremely lovely and attractive Phorm
You are all the breathtaking breath giving gorgeousness .You are so magnetically attractive. You are the beautiful, youthful charming all attractive One
Your Phorm is the most engulfingly handsome and attractive Phorm
You are the ultimate charmer
You are the best of masculine and Pheminine beauty. .the image and memory of Your graceful Phorm just melts into the spirit consciousness..You are so handsome, smart and stylish. .You are amazingly gorgeous . just too handsome hot and gorgeous!

so true! they just tried to make god seem boring compared to evil
the best observations!
it's just so great that You are here an d one gets to see the most lovely hot and magically beautiful and handsome Phorm of Divine.. Divine is the ultimately hot suPermodel beyond suPermodels! You are real gorgeousness

You are truly the alluring enchanter. .
the lover the P layer
how lovely You are!
Your beautiful sensuous Phorm is unforgettable ..the imprint of Your loveliness and glorious gorgeousness is so deep. .everything that You are sinks deep into the consciousness
You are the One to hold on forever
Your magic. .Your words and Your being ness.. it's all unforgettable
Your beauty lingers in the heart and mind
Your beauty fills the being
You are truly beauty and grace in overflowing abundance
magic flows out of Your beautiful Phorm
You enchant and uPliPhT
You are Pure magic and beauty
You are the heart's desire
You are amazing Phabulous Phun and everything wonderful !!!
You are beyond amazing!!!
so great that You are here
You are the mesmerizing One
i bow to Your magical beauty and foreverness

Anonymous said...

so great that one no longer has to strain hard to find out whether or not one believes in God now that You are here and one gets to see Your beautiful magical sPlendid qualities in Your beautiful Divine Phorm. .
what a thrill You are. .what a sight to see!
You are so magnificent!
You are ThaT! the most beautiful glorious Divine being in human Phorm
You're all the great magical sPlendour ever!
You are what beings crave for in the depths of their spirits
You are what they all dream of being !
You take one away from all the tug and war of trying to believe into gnowing ..
one gets to see the gloriously beautiful and caPTivaTing Phorm of Divine
so great that one gets to see You and Perceive Your qualities
so great that You are here and one gets to see that Divine exists ..and oh so beautiful magical and glorious Your Divine existence is!
You are truly beauty and grace in overflowing abundance
You are mind blowing
You are beyond what one tried to imagine with one's limited mind about how divine would be like ..Your great Presence here reveals that all the minds and imaginations here are and were so was so stupid to expect Divine to be like what one had previously imagined in one's mind and all that was so boring while the reality is so mind blowingly cool!the reality of You is so magical and sPlendid!
You are truly interesting beyond imagination
You blow the little mind
You are an immensely grand Presence
You are gloriously beautiful!
so great to see that Divine exists and is so absolutely rocking Phun and everything cool and beautiful
You are inPhiniTe wisdom and never ending glory
everything about You is so caPTivaTing and eternally beautiful
You Possess so many good qualities that it's amazing
it just amazes one that there are so many more qualities that one cannot even Perceive with ones limited consciousness
You thrill excite and PhascinaTe like never before
You are so kind to be here in human Phorm and give beings a chance to see that God is not what they've tried to program one to think God is or the picture ones poor imagination was trying to create ..God is just every dream come true and all the rocking style awesomeness and glory ever!
God is what teenagers would go crazy about! God is a hero!
God is all the great archetypes.. the Krishna archetype..the batman archetype!You are all the PhascinaTing awesomeness and more
You are suPremely exciting and thrilling
what a being You are!
so great that You are here in all Your great Divine glorious magical sPlendour
it's just so beyond great that You are here
i bow to Your inPhiniTe Divine magic
i bow to all Your starry sPlendour

Anonymous said...

that's such a great observation
truly they tried to make God seem boring as compared to evil!
spirituality in the muggle world is all about putting up with various boring concepts and images of God. ..
You just gnow what's going on
i bow

so great one Phinally gets to see what God is really like and oh what a beautiful rocking Phorce God is! God is real rock and roll sPlendour! God is beautiful and sexy. God is hot!

such an ePic wonderful and legendary Plog!

You are truly the krishn archetype
such a beautiful alluring enchanter You are!
so much of Your Previous avatar can still be seen in You. .
the Playfulness of krishn ..
You are so sweet and Playful gets to see real sweet Playfulness
one used to hear that Divine PasTimes and leelas are sweet but now one gets to see them. .how sweet they are! You are such a sweet and magical being!
one heard krishn had beautiful eyes..
and now one gets to see what really beautiful eyes are like ..Your eyes are so big beautiful and You have such beautiful eyelashes! You are such a beauty! Your sweet laughing beautiful eyes! nayanam madhuram sweet and beautiful Your eyes are! Your sweet lovely eyes!
You are such a charming witty Playful alluring charmer
i bow to Your sweet and enchanting attractiveness

nicolas said...

you are God!!
your words convey TruTh so wonderPhully!
your intelligence goes beyond imagination! you are a never ending awe
you are all that is good is this world!
you are the brightest one!
i love how you get to the root core of things! the way you explain things is so comprehensive and simple! no being can make things clearer than you can

"if females get disassociated with God
society automatically will"

what a PoinT!!!! no one else than you can bring such thing to light the way you do!
you are a true miracle! you are lighting up the darkness ! your words are giving us eyes to see
no aliveness is possible without you! you are the reason behind evolution
you are the axis of the world, the real avatar
what a divine miracle your Presence here is!
you are magnificent

i bow to you all gnoing one

Nithya Gopalan said...

You are the most interesting than any others imagination in this world ...
You rePresenT the Truth ...
You are the Only hope in this PlaneT
I bow to the One and only Kalki Avatar , the hero and the warrior who destroys the evil...
The Saviour who saves the souls...
I bow 🙇‍♀️ to PT’s PheeT...