Saturday 13 March 2010

the age old question

what are beings created for ?

a question that boggles many many minds & hearts

the answer as always is quite simple

beings are created for Playing with

the Original Creator

the Divine

on divine's terms of course

evil was nothing but

a refusal to Play

with the divine

on divine's terms

hells, pain, torture & infinite boredom

was/is the outcome

of that refusal


Shahid said...

I am soooo ready to play with the Divine:)

Anonymous said...

i bow. Your words help one see why attempting to play in mans world only brings pain and misery. dhanyavad P. Your Divine stance and Play TrumPs anything man could try to create any day in every way. i bow. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow!
Divine is SO kind to unboggle ones mind and heart! :)
To show how unnecessarily convoluted the age old question has become!
it is clear that You are only One with the answer! You are the Original Source! You are Divine! You are The Creator!
it's so sweet how simple the answer is!
to learn that one was created to Play with Divine on Divines terms!!!
Divine is SO kind to so clearly PoinT out another facet of what evil is!
to helP one clearly see that Divine's terms are the only terms!
'evil was nothing but
a refusal to Play
with the divine
on divine's terms'
Divine is SO kind to give beings here a chance to turn away from evil ways of being and back to the natural, real way and reason for being created!
To give beings here a chance to Play with Divine in this world and beyond!
to surrender to the only Phorce one can surrender to!
i bow!

miragegirl said...

what a grand Plog !
You exPlain that all creation of Divine is by definition to be humble to IT
& You PuT it in such a Phun way !

Divine is ever benevolent ! i wish to always move toward connection to Divine
i like Divine, evil is crazy !

Divine is enchanting !

PsingulariTy said...

only a sweet humble being could have exPlained so delicately

You are P avaTar
You have 'unlimited exalted qualities'

ki vernee said...

You are so sweet and caring ! i bow

Kṛtti kā said...

it is so humbling to learn about what one was created for ! & it really puts ones reason of existence into proper PerspecTive, and ofcourse it makes so much sense.. if Divine created this entire existence then that has to be for His enjoyment ! and yet the original creator~ the Source ~ the Divine is so comPassionaTe so magnanimous so sweetly benevolent so caring to give all the free will to do whatever they wish, to make any choice they want!
It is only sensible the hells that have come into play, if a child starts to misbehave and gets on the self destructive devoluting path, any real parent would want them to correct themselves and get on the right behaviour for its own good! Isnt it so comPassionaTe of Divine to keeP the life in hellish realms so short and much much longer in heavenly realms!
It is true love and nothing else, and Proof of that love is You ... coz You came down here to teach all, to reduce the suffering , to be that light that is visible to the blinds like us too, to guide us back to Your original abode!
You are just the most beautyPhull most tender hearted Being, so so suPreme yet so so very sweet !
Your actions are always for the best, for the ultimate good!
You make ones heart melt in awe and adoration of everything that You selflessly do for all the beings... from lovely Bhu-Devi to its tiny inhabitants and actually just every other being in the existence too!
What a beautyPhull gem of a Being You are, and You are The Only One !
Your are the most beautyPhull One with an unendingly beautyPhull Purely comPassionaTe heart of gold !
one bows to Your suPreme Presence , one bows to Your most beautyPhull lotusPheeT /\

Kṛtti kā said...

All one wants to have now is that integrity , humility and Purity to Play efficiently with You on Your terms. To make it as Pleasing as it can be for You, to be in Your useful service!
ShivNarayan <3 <3 <3
i bow to You who is The Most BeautyPhull One /\ /\ /\

nicolas said...

magnificent!!!!!! you are a genius!!! you bring it to the root core so beauTiPhully
one cannot get tired of you as you are PerfecT
you are the reason behind all evolution! you are the lord of the universe
you are the most amazing of all! playing with you is what we have been created for
one has to play on your terms as those terms are the basis of all the multiverse
one feels inPhinitely graTePhull for your existence !
you are Purity

i bow to you all gnoing one