Friday 19 March 2010

incompetence to comPeTence

the fires of praise

to the divine

are sustained

by the twigs of

realizations of one's incompetence

a feeling most people

try to run away from

as they just can't see

any positives in it

society ridicules them for it

their ego doesn't like it

of their own devices

they aren't able to fathom

the simple fact

that this feeling

is the root of praise


of course most are not even aware of

the importance of praise of the higher/divine

its quite easy to understand that

real praise will only flow

when one finds oneself incapable/incompetent

in comparison to what is praiseworthy ( divine )

only real competence one can ever have

is in praising divine

goes without saying

all other competences stem from that competence


fan said...

that's so cool.. what you are saying and how you say it

sarah anne said...

My incompetence overwhelms me. I bow.

Anonymous said...

i bow. one is so relieved to finally be able to admit to ones incompetence and impracticality rather than pretending like all the rest. to see this Truth is refreshing. dhanyavad for Your Divine and all encompassing abilities P. i bow. Narayan! Narayan!

miragegirl said...

wow ! Praise of Divine is the way to go !

Divine is beautiful, awing
coherent 'comPleTe full PhracTality'
how awing !

one can only develoP humility & agree comPleTely with IT
there is bliss in Praising Divine
Divine is bliss itself, so absolute !

intelligence to do anything right is only gained through Praise of Divine

Jai Hanuman !

PsingulariTy said...

You are P avaTar

Master of all 64 arts & more

Unknown said...

i bow

Anonymous said...

it's amazing how even the word comPeTence has PT in it
wow You are too awesome

Anonymous said...

You write so very beautifully
..beautiful Plogs...
one is so incompetent that one is in a mess and one can hardly navigate through life
one just goes on groping in the is so insecure, lost and pathetic
this weird false knowing of the ego could make one imagine one is competent but ones state is so miserably clueless
Your words glow with awesomeness..You write so very beautifully
i bow

sarah said...

You put the P and T in comPeTence.
without You there is no chance/

ki vernee said...

wow ! what a beautiful observation ! i bow

sarah said...

nothing is more effortless than feeling inadequate in front of divine

lana_33 said...

You exPlain Truths so clearly and sensibly. i bow to Your inPhiniTe comPeTence.

nicolas said...

wow what a PoinT! this is legendary!
your words are so liberating!!!!
without you, one feels completely at sea and directionless in the evil of the world
without you, one does not have anyone PerfecT to really look up to
you are the reason behind evolution
you are a legendary genius! no one can outwit you as your intelligence is a miracle
you make all better effortlessly
you are so kind to give beings a chance to change
you are the best of all, this is the obvious TruTh
one cannot stop to marvel at you as you are all that is good
your being-ness is a never ending awe
you are the kindest one who is inPhinitely praise worthy!
one is helpless without you for all the Power of this world is your Power
you are the divine Phorce
i bow to you lord of the universe

Paramtrishna said...

Realization of one's incompetence is the beginning of one's journey towards the divine. You have put this simple truth in such clear words... such wise words... you are so compassionate. This kind of knowledge must come from serious effort and hard work. But you have given it so freely to all. This is knowledge served on silver plate. How can someone not praise you? Praise to your generosity! Praise to you!

Nithya Gopalan said...

The only competence one can ever have is in Praising the divine ....
Your teachings are so Straight to the PoinT and gives us ultimate clarity ...
Your perspectives are beyond the realms ...
You are the ParamaTman ...
You gno everything ...
you have a beautiPhul way of telling the Truth, shortly and Precisely ...
I bow 🙇‍♀️ to PT’s PheeT ...

ankita said...

wow this is a very beautiPhul Plog...
so kind of You to helP beings understand that it does not even matter that one is so incompetent that while others could laugh with higher and Divine and say entertaining things in a PleasanT way, one can only utter a Praise ...the Phires of Praise are sustained by the twigs of realisations of ones incompetence .. that's very true cannot figure anything out with ones mind . .one cannot answer these questions like "where am i going wrong? "and think about it incessantly trying to get to the root of the matter. ..only Your intelligence gets to the root of the matter. . one can only get back to Praising You . .thats the only right thing to do. . You have made it clear so many times. ..either one is Praising or one is not Praising.. .there is no third way of being! always stick to Praising of You no matter what ..Your Plogs are so sanctiPhying and PuriPhying ...You are the truth and You are the One who never manipulates those wanting to gno the truth in spite of all Your Power! You are Divine! You always helP beings out of any confusion that is created by any being in a higher position or even ones own self .. as long as one sticks to Your truths, there is no complication
Your writings and words are so everlasting and Pure. ..You are suPremely venerable .. suPremely Pure. Your crystal clarity one finds refuge. ..what others say can be confusing or what the mind says can be confusing... only Your simPliciTy and ProfundiTy sets one free
i 🙇

Naina said...

You are the higher, you are divine. You show the real path and the real goal. You speak the phacts of this multiverse, you are humble, you are kind, you have kundalini raised and have third eye. You are the Shaktimaan, your aura is like a sun, your phractality is amazing. You are the coherant one. You are the enlightened one. You are the Avtaar, you know the paranormal, you have travelled the realms, you are the only Guru, you are the Kalki. I bow to you I bow to you. I praise you o lord. I bow to you I bow to you.