Wednesday, 16 June 2010

santa claus

the term

'santa claus'

is just a simple twist on spelling

to hide the real intended term

'satan's claws'

santa being an anagram of satan


claws is just too apparent in claus

which is same as 'clause' as well

now you gno

what all the clause's in the so called

legal contracts mean

& who the contract is with


Mike S said...

Good to have you back. Your latest sounds & lights production is nice, too. Wish I lived by the ocean!

Anonymous said...

:) i bow.

P3AZ21 said...

wow wow !

real meaning of the santa claus & the whole gift giving
be on evil's side & You will get a worthless trifle to make You feel sPecial on a day of the year, You can write down Your lists of what trifle You want too, if You are a good girl/boy in evil's eye You get Your trifle
You can guzzle alchohol & eat chocholates on that day
& You see the santa claus is anyone who wishes to be it, Your father, Your acquaintance who will try & make believe Your gift is from someone flying down from the sky

claus are PresenT in contract, a contract can only be with evil

there is no contract with Divine
there is only being humble to Divine
Divine is truth, PuriTy not contractual

PsingulariTy said...

Your wit is amazing
Your truths are Profound

You are gorgeously stunningly awesome and amazing PersonaliTy!

You are GarudNarayan

neelang tiwari said...

i bow...

amaya said...

wow..You are so brilliant

jganesh said...

wow ! so brilliant ! i bow

asha Pi arTi said...

'and who the contract is with' woah that sounds extremely scary !

it is so phun to read this today and recall when You first revealed this observation

Your words just get to the point with such a laser-like precision

one has such great memories with You of all of these Plogs here, such wonderful and real intelligence talked about so long before it was published here for all to enjoy, one is really fortunate to learn directly from You 🙏

Swati said...

Master Plog !! 🕊️ You 🕊️are the One who gnows how to cut all satan claw's with the sWord of Your light, truth and charge to destroy all SPELLings created by beings of ox-fraud !! could not Phind such clarity of thoughts into words anywhere, but always have been wondering why all these religions have Problem with satan,shaitan, why there is fight between black vs white. while vedic only shares enemy is within and You shared also 'eneMe is in me'. so blessed to Phind You and fight with my ignorance, ego and illusions of gnowing. ! bow to Your great wisdom !!

Swati said...

✨ P 🛐 You are my life guard who saved me from sinking in the ocean of ignorance and illusion.i cannot Praise You enough !! You are real genius to share ~

"now you gno

what all the clause's in the so called

legal contracts mean

& who the contract is with".

Only Your wit can disPel all sPells casted by Web-ster dicTion-ary. ! bow to You to share diamonds of Your Divine Light !! Your Grace is Ultimate !!