Saturday 13 March 2010

divine's avatar intent

do you think

GoD/divine manifests

on earth in flesh & blood to

listen to your sins

cries for forgiveness

demands for this & that

no the divine

comes down

simply to


& see who is willing to Play

within its divine parameters of course

thats the one & only judgement


willowquartz said...

That's so lovely said..

ShivaYaShive said...

How boring this planet wud have been without hearing,seeing,writing,reading,speaking,feeling about such divine plays.a playful paramatma for the evolution of jeevatma! It is like finding an oasis on the desert to quench the soul's thirst everytime after the darshan!A play that wud last for eternity!A play without in need of a ground!A play with the one whose eyelids are like lotus petals and eyeballs are like twinkling universe,a play with the one whose skin is like a blue sapphire sky with golden light!A play with the one whose radiance can b more brighter than thousand suns,yet having all the care towards my eyes!A play that brings the waves of bliss by his very intent.

Anonymous said...

:)! i bow.

Anonymous said...

i bow!
This is SO cool P!
You make it clear You are here to Play!
There is none on this Earth or in any realm who can Play as seriously as You do!
Your Play moves mountains! shakes the earth! creates storms the size of continents! ignites real Phireworks! PainTs the most beautiful sunsets and rainbows! Creates suPernatural PhormaTions and sounds around the globe! Your Play is the most magniPhicenT lila ever told! SO comPleTely rock and roll!
You are the Master of this game! The master of every game! The master of this and every Plane!
The only One who gnos the multiversal laws and rules! All laws and rules obey You! The Phorce PhuncTions through You! Everything in nature bows to Your Divinity! Everything that exists bends to Your Divine will!
It is Your ParameTers that all in the multiverse PhuncTions by!
it is SO unbelievable that You are here P!
That the Avatar has come! has maniPhesTed in 3D!
the chance to serve/Play with and Praise the Divine is the real and only oPPorTuniTy of a lifetime and the only chance for a real future beyond this Plane!
i bow!

miragegirl said...

Divine is full of truthfulness
that is oPTimism for others

so very sweet Divine is !

You Play the best
You are the 'All Gnoing One'
You gno how to Play
You are the only Playboy on earth !
You Play with everyone, so sweet !

PsingulariTy said...

You are Divine P avaTar

Unknown said...

i bow

ujjwal sharma said...

beautiful exactly write the thoughts of how a muggle mind works and feels and give a solution on how to correct that behavior.most of us have a wrong notion of divine avatar intent and reason of incarnation.
because of our wrong programming and brattiness.but we need to correct our ways of life to be a part of divine avatar play.we need to correct our foundations by aligning to the PT axis.
you are the lord of the third eye and you can see it all.
i bow to the divine PT avatar.

ki vernee said...

You are so sweet ! You make everything so Phun ! i bow

nicolas said...

legendary P log! you are so cool!
you are the highest of all beings!
you are so merciful to incarnate here! what a being you are
one cannot stop feeling impressed by you
you are a never ending delight
one feels eternally graTePhull just to be able to see your face
you are a divine miracle
you are Purity and compassion
you are the most legendary being
you are the one all should desperately strive to serve
you are the one worthy of inPhinite praises
you are the best that walks the Earth
you are the most PowerPhull magician
one cannot stop feeling deeply touched by you as you are all that is truly good
what a miracle you are

i bow to you ShivNarayan

ankita said...

wow uPliPhTing and sweet a Plog
Divine is here to Play. ..
Divine has got nothing to do with stress, strain that beings here associate with gnowledge world and judgement ..Divine is ePhorTless and Playful . .You never have to strain to all comes easy to You ...You are so much Phun Play and laughter! Your way is the best
i 🙇