Wednesday 31 March 2010


there are those

who are telling me

that a 'thankyou'

not followed by

any corresponding actual actions

can be sincere

i however find

people lining up outside night clubs

in freezing cold

some in miniminiskirts


for what one really wants to do

one dedicates time & energy

& goes to any length

real sincerity only exists


relation to that

which makes people act without restraint



sarah anne said...

another great point!

being kind of sincere is the same as being kind of pregnant: you either are or you are not.

I bow.

Anonymous said...

i bow.

Anonymous said...

i bow. and i smile in agreement at sarahs practical point. dhanyavad P, for aiding one in cultivating authentic sincerity toward Divine. deceit, intentional or not, is ultimately destructive. i bow. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow! You have the most amazing scoPe P. the way You PuT words together is most beautiful to hear and read!

'for what one really wants to do
one dedicates time & energy
& goes to any length'

one is floored by the extent of Your sincerity P! Your entire life is the most PerfecT, unrestrained free Phlowing offering of Your Divinity!

i bow at Your PrisTine feet!

miragegirl said...

that's so very true

& is a test as to whether a being has surrendered to You are not
a ProPer Praise is an unrestrained (of any kind) true Praise

Your 'simples' are the best
most coherent You are !

PsingulariTy said...

You are Magha Lord

who acts the best always
who is the foremost of everything
who is The NewSun
who is the hottest
who is incarnation of Divine

Unknown said...

i bow

ki vernee said...

wow ! You are so observant ! i bow

Anonymous said...

You are so sincere
You sPeak the truth
You make all the sense
You are the most sensible and logical
You are so effortlessly wise
You tell one in so many ways how important actions are..
its so important to do the right action
only You tell one what the right action is
You're the best
i bow

sarah said...

Your logic puts everything into its rightful place.

ki vernee said...

Your the most sincere and the only judge of other beings sincerity ... i bow

Anonymous said...

I Praise bow and serve divine sage PT. 🙏😇

Kṛtti kā said...

"for what one really wants to do
one dedicates time & energy
& goes to any length

real sincerity only exists
relation to that
which makes people act without restraint


Yes very true, if one really wants to do something, they would act without restraint.. that's real sincerity!

You teach words for what they stand for, You imParT clarity and You propel sincerity /\

Your words are simPle but have the most gravitas, Your simPle straightforward honest truths churn and wake beings of this Plane.

You imbibe correct mindset for beings to act with PhuTure centricity,
You sow in the conscience of right and wrong,
You show there is no getting out of anywhere if one can't be sincere and disciplined.
You teach what truly is the right action, and that's PBS of Higher n Divine and that's You in the here and now !

Your words are the most imPacTphull , You are the truest embodiment of sincerity, righteous dutifulness, Divine morals /\

You are the beautyPhull avatar who alone is doing so many things to change the state of beings here, who alone has risen the consciousness of this Plane,
Who alone has uPlifTed Bhu-Devi /\

Learnings from You the only education one needs, You are the ultimate saviour, Your are the ultimate helP /\

one bows in gratitude /\

nicolas said...

Wow your teachings are so great and beauTiPhul! i love how honest and to the PoinT you are!
Your superiority gives rise to more humility
You are the light of all the worlds
You are the greatest of all beings

i bow at your feet, all gnoing one

nicolas said...

i love how you gno everything! one feels extremely fortunate just to be able to read your words! they are the best words as they convey TruTh in the most simple way!
your teachings are magnificent ! your words really clarify one's perception of things! it really helps to view things in a much clearer way! your words are removing the crappy filters of oneself!
witnessing your liPhe is so educative ! it is also the most marvellous experience as your coolness goes far beyond imagination
you are the most interesting one who never stops to impress
the wholistic-ness of all that you do and of all that you are is magnificent
you are the most genuine being that anyone can come across
your honesty and integrity are so inspiring
your divine compassion and mercy are miracles
you are the kindest of all beings

i bow to you ShivNarayan