Sunday, 28 March 2010

thank you, really ?

having received many

thank you's


it is but natural to wonder

what it means

is it a Praise

or is it an uneager cop out

out of having to do anything

more substantial

is it a form of gratitude

and if so it seems

quite hollow

just 2 words

& thats it

the word itself means

than-k you or

than cut(k) you

it is more of a rude

bye bye term

than any intent of reciprocity

another western/english phrase

for concealing rudeness

in garb of politeness

thank you is just another way saying

buzz off now

even when beings say thank you to god/divine

they just want to get rid of it

thanks for your help etc.

now can you just disappear

so that we can get on with it

thank you to higher/divine

is a cheap way

to get out of bowing

those considering 'just thankyou'
to be a first step
should gno that there is no
possibilty of any more steps
in that path
one will actually have to retract to
move forward


Stardolphin said...

In fairness I think it takes great humility to give - and receive - thanks, if both are meant genuinely. Obviously it is worthless if insincere.

Humanity has been locked for centuries in a mind controlled prison and I believe many people yearn to break out of this - so many aspects of our lives are so cunningly designed to serve evil (often reluctantly on many peoples parts) that it is not an easy step for many to break away from this quickly because the entire construct of human society is built around serving evil, where people feel lost, and flounder without practical help of how to escape it. I think this must be taken into account with understanding of the level of conditioning imposed on humanity, and the level of difficulty imposed so intensely on those who attempt to break out of it, increasingly so. Serving the divine is the only real way forward. I am not contradicting, I agree thanks without action is meaningless, but for many they cannot see beyond paying for the necessities of food and shelter, which is where the evil system has them in captivity for the only way to receive them is to be part of the system.

No good teacher expects a child to learn immediately, but thanks and appreciation are the first steps to true learning, and, if genuine, should not be discouraged.

PT - The Axis said...

lots of words but here is the simple fact -

if one is really sincere one will never just do lipservice/typing like 'thanks'

one springs into action for one is sincere about ... like people lining up at night clubs in the freezing cold ...
its beyond paying for their basic necessities as well :)

as far as being part of evil system is concerned they will have to serve divine first before they can get out of it ... they cannot serve divine after they get out of it ... if that were the case all the people with millions would be serving divine

PT - The Axis said...
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PT - The Axis said...

+ there are
manyfold attempts to teach here -

what a good teacher is, does etc etc

stardolphin is surely an expert on teaching

more than divine itself

PT - The Axis said...

from divine perspective there is no stupid formality like 'thanks' ... i already explained the meaning of the word which you refuse to understand

'just thank you' is never the first step ...
those who take this step will not be able to take any further steps ...
they will actually have to retract
to move forward

Stardolphin said...

my comments are always those of a humble learner :)

wasnt questioning your point about why saying thank you is wrong, which you have explained with clarity, just questioning why people feel compelled to say it (as Ive said to you before, its sometimes hard for many to find the words to express their appreciation and praise, and so maybe they use that word). But you are right, its action, not words, that counts.

PT - The Axis said...

smile ...
your comments are that of a teacher not a humble learner :)

people have no problems coming up with praises or appreciation ... the youtube comments on various celebrity videos are a veritable proof

those saying just 'thank you' are gnown to be capable of stringing up wells of praises for various beings/events

Anonymous said...

i bow.

Anonymous said...

again You expose the Truth behind the fake niceties that are thrown around in the western ways of this world. Your ability to burst bubbles of illusion with such graceful candor is Truly a Divine gift. Your ability to help one see they many ways one continues to lie to oneself is mind and heart blowing. the shedding of such thick societal sickness is a blessed release. i bow. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

P3AZ21 said...

Praise of Divine is always a true act
a right act that helPs in all ways
You are Divine !

PsingulariTy said...

grateful for Your Plogs !

You are The Benefactor

amaya said...

sounds so right. thank you seems to be a puny word. I bow

neelang tiwari said...

i bow

asha P arTi said...

You are always shedding so much light on words, Divine is so enlightening !

so clear why actions and not words are the indication of sincerity ! service attitude being case and PoinT ... hanuman didn't just say thanks to ram at all and probably never uttered those words ever in His whole existence being such a PracTical example of real humanity and sincerity !

so kind of You to help us get to the right attitude, the real attitude to approach Higher and Divine with ... it is all so logical and sensible !

its so clear why Gaia responds to only You !

i bow

Kritika Nath said...

One is shameful for having said thankyou when one should have shown the gratitude with proper actions/Praising. You are so kind to be always elucidating on the Terms/Phrases that we keep using. It is absolutely true that one just runs away from Praising/doing the actions by rudely saying thankyou and getting back to their selves without ever really meaning/feeling any gratitude.
You are so benevolent to always show what is right attitude/actions that stems from sincere acknowledgement/gratitude! Your words are so enlightening! Your Plogs are so profound and illuminating. Beings here are so fortunate to have you here, you are so compassionate to be always guiding us o the right approach to evolution!
I bow at your divine feets!

aastha pudasainee said...


Ujjwal Sharma said...

i bow to the divine PT avatar and i also appologize as i had used word thank one time earlier in my comment as i did not know the meaning.we cant see the words as you are able to see and so we should be careful of what we write so i appologize deeply. i feel very fortunate to have
found lotus ocean.i feel peaceful in being connected to it.

jganesh said...

You are so right ! what a great observation ! You are so impressive ! i bow

Swati Saxena said...

O Lord ! Please forgive me for my mistake, as I always say thank you for all your Teachings and Plogs as I am far away try to express how happy I am as I am learning from you, able to Praise and Bow to you.
As I am unable to show my GesTures of True humility but please forgive me. I don't wish to refrain from Praising, bowing and serving to you ever.

‘Dhanyabad’ is just sincere saying that I am 'Dhanya' full of wealth with your Grace.

But I would not use Thank you. I am so sorry about it.Please forgive me for such Stupidity.

O Lord ! ! bow myself in your LoTus FeeT.

Swati said...

O Lord ! Please forgive me for my Stupidity to say Thankyou to you.

I am really really sorry about that.
Me, a Lower Soul can never show gratitude towards you by saying thank you, Praising and bowing or even serving you. While I know very well that I am able to breath and able to see you. My whole exisTence is Grace of yours.

How a degraded soul has ability to express anything to Higher Supreme Soul !

There is no word in this entire MultiVerse which has ability to express graTiTude towards you. whole earTh, PlaneTs, MulTiverse are Grace of ShivNarayan.

I am unable to find words to express my happiness as you are far to show true GesTures of humility that is why I said thank you multiple times, I am really sorry for my Stupidity.

O Lord ! bow myself in your LoTus feeT.

Vaishali Thaker said...

Sorry & Thankyou are being taught in schools, but no one ever explained the original meaning like you do!! its so surprising that we have been using these words hundered times a day considering it as a humble response!! please forgive the ignorant beings like us for using these words in front of you.. i bow 🙏